No one cares about the homeowners its all about the money for lawyers.

A replacement window was over $6,000… a nice Pella bay was $16,000!!!! I mailed a lot of documents for proof of (7) Pella Windows damage for this settlement costing me postage. If you are a current or former owner of structures containing Pella ProLine brand aluminum clad wood casement, awning and/or transom windows (including 250 and 450 Series) manufactured by Pella Corporation between 1991 and 2009, you may be entitled to cash for actual expenses necessary to fix damages caused by the product. I got a quote and part of the purchase is I waive my right to the class action suit. Spent numerous hours in depositions . I filed a claim in the Eubank v Pella class action. The Pella Corporation has agreed to pay nearly $26 million to resolve allegations that the Pella ProLine brand aluminum clad wood casement, awning and/or transom windows made by the company were defective and leaked. 42 windows junk rotted out paying every month lowes jackson mi let them set out in the rain for 3 weeks, lowes , sold em no instruction in trouble here windows falling out, someone please help me with this Now this is Wrong. status of any class action settlement claim. Let me just say thank you to Eubanks!! Top Class Actions is a legal news source So with the use of the screen door and wanting to close the glass door one has to open the screen to access the glass door. Unfortunately, we now discover they have been leaking. The Court approved the settlement on March 15, 2019. Could you please tell us what our status is. This is the eternal case from hell! Just noticed this week (5/2020)when I opened a window and tried to close it all the screws pulled out—totally rotted at the bottom—found two others so far—missed the deadline of course–mine were installed by my builder in 2004. What a joke. The varnish of the inside sash was completely gone but had no idea until window was opened to clean how bad it truly is. Finally, I called Pella to schedule replacements and Clay Stevens with Pella came to my home today. Why Pella did not inform customers for the defective products sold on the market? After new counsel was appointed, the case resumed in earnest, and the parties have now presented this Court with a proposed settlement agreement, as well as multiple conflicting requests for fees, costs, and incentive … Installed in 1998 haha the paint held up longer than the windows. So now I just have to suck it up? Nice to see this $35 milliion dollar judgement against them; but, clearly they have not learned their lesson. I can’t live with mold in my windows; it poses a huge health risk. They're also offered in many styles and shapes, so you're sure to find the perfect complement for your home. I had no idea this was a common and known issue. Some of them I have paid for replacements but they were still in the timeframe of the defective ones so I paid for a second set of defective windows. Further, the Pella slider in our master bedroom leaked terribly causing such extensive rot that we had to sister floor joists, and replace the entire end wall. I spent a lot of time with documentation and filling out all the paperwork with both cases. Type of Lawsuit Class Action. I sent in all kinds of information back in 2013 via registered mail. On March 15, 2019, a Chicago federal judge ordered the Pella Corporation to pay a total of slightly under $35 million for its faulty product. Checks will begin to be mailed at the end of October of 2020 and mailing will continue through December of 2020. Initially got long recording referencing website as information source; then got 5 options, last of which was referral to a service rep. drug injury lawsuits and product liability lawsuits. Our windows have blinds in between them and now due to the moisture I am having black mold growing on our wood and starting on the blinds. Unbelievable the run around we are getting from Pella with no interaction from them and no checks. Hello, What will be paid out in the Pellawindow class action lawsuit ? The door rots and they have the only parts to replace the rotted part. What lawyers have no mistakes, and still been paid their fees, especially the one whose father-in-law who sent in a claim and he had no Pella windows in his house. Canadians who purchased Microsoft PC software, such as Windows, Word and Excel, between 1998 and 2010, may be entitled to a cash payment. Although ALL Pella Proline windows had this problem settlement was limited to casement windows which are very easily replaced. I haven’t opened my 5’x5′ casement windows in 10 years. May 29th 2019. We had two large double windows replaced due to water leakage…i it rained, the water came in! Maybe Pella could reimburse me for all the towels and rags I used to stop the humidty and rain from ruining my drywall. Good Luck to all of us!! She checked on our claim and reiterated there is no specified time line for payments to be issued. is_redirect && ! We managed to have those two replaced by Pella at their cost – under protest, mind you. I wonder the same thing. Let me know how to get started. We purchased these windows for our home in 2004. I have Pella Windows that have never been opened and the wood inside is literally rotting. No mention from the Pella Team about the class action lawsuit… and the rotting issues. Join our email list . When our windows started to leak within the first year of use!!! i have to replace the door at a cost of $3,000. Your email address will not be published. I also went through the whole process twice. What can I do to take advantage of this suit? This is ridiculous. I now have to check all my windows to make sure the original seal on the bottom of both the upper and lower sash units is intact and chaulk all the windows against any further water infiltration. Contact Us.

As did the dealer know when they sold us the windows — he had a deal for us!! Now if I was so unfortunate as to have an intruder or even a wild animal charging my door- the precious seconds it would take to open the screen door and close the glass door especially with the rotting wood making it extremely difficult -could be a matter of life or death! I was told they had a life time Warranty and just found out that’s NOT true.