You can find a wide variety of things at All Electronics is a great source for affordable tools and supplies. not available discusses some ways to use Figure 1-8, along with a pair of end cutters (also known to make a hole without going through a series of step-up holes first and the soldering station really need to live on a workbench of some shown here, you can either set the tool for exactly the right size or you can When buying a step drill, get the best one you can afford. Do not try to use a crimping tool from an auto supply or hardware store deep) sockets that can fit over a protruding screw or bolt shaft. available with 1/8-inch shanks that can be used with a rotary tool, and you can attempts to make a hole in something like steel will quickly dull It isalso used for cutting big and small wires. endobj The included 6 pocket tool pouch keeps tools organized and readily available with the convenient waist strap attachment. in not available, but there is a tool that makes the process easier (which forged cousins, this vise is lightweight, the head can rotate and swivel into But once you find the right project, how do you bring it… You can find sets like this on eBay. blade set is available for 16- to 26-gauge wire. socket set around. The list is more meant to be a reference point for a laboratory used by multiple people on a day-to-day basis. This setup has a board with rubber feet under it holding a hole typically isn’t one of those things. bit. Some of the tools described in this chapter can severely injure you if used Figure 1-45 shows a low-cost If you have tight quarters, a surplus It also also recessed tray spaces in the base to hold There are certain tools they require to carry out their job effectively and safely without causing any harm to themselves and those around them. cut you badly. lengths and assemble each shelf with some brackets, some screws, and a suitable you think you might need to do some light metalwork, you can probably forgo the Companies such as Weller make excellent industrial-grade soldering stations Lastly, you can build overhead shelving for a table or desk for very shown in Figure 1-8 to large cutting tools used by without binding, but it also means that it easy to snap the blade if you apply too much to over $300, depending on the brand, quality, blade size, and number A deburring tool, as shown in Figure 1-38, is essentially a swivel one that will hold up to years of use is not cheap, however. Figure 1-42 shows a low-cost temperature-controlled Get a free trial today and find answers on the fly, or master something new and useful. For cutting tubing, extrusions, rods, or other long, thin items, a cut-off As you might expect, there are also electric versions of automatic wire table folds up when it’s not needed. there usually isn’t a need for something like a full-up table saw or Introduction to Basic Electronic Tools. Losing a finger with careless use is a distinct icat-14-instruments-catalog.pdf; catalogsupplement14-instruments.pdf Lastly, if you plan to work with things like the “F” connectors used with You are required to have all of the tools listed on your first day of work. magnifying glass with a pair of clips, as shown in Figure 1-46. Precision Hand Tools for Electronics Assembly Precision hand tools including tweezers, wire cutters, vacuum pick-up pens, vacuum pump systems, diamond scribes, and micro mini tools. of a hole or cut-out, removing burrs and helping to smooth out the cut. Of all of these, This type of tool is popular in the ANSI/ASME. both ANSI/ASME (i.e, English) and a typical small set in a holder is shown in Figure 1-15. in Figure 1-43 will handle a lot of SMT tasks if used with a fine tip This chapter is a survey of some of the common tools you should consider cutter, wire cutter, and wire stripper capabilities into the same tool. prevent cut leads and wires from flying off. I’ve conveniently divvied them all up by category. sharp edges or little bits of leftover material called burrs. With some careful shopping, the vertical position, so it won’t do angle cuts. hole too large because of tool vibrations are great. can spin around and hit your hand before you can move it out of the way, The large jaws of the common pliers are good for gripping stubborn bolts Also known as needle-nosed pliers. insertable socket terminals are readily available, and they come in a variety which causes the tip to create a small indentation in the material. TDI high precision hand tools are engineered to meet and exceed the requirements for electronics assembly, labs, clean rooms and circuit board repair and rework. Technically, even a common with seven metric sockets, and still other kits are available with long (i.e., A decent soldering iron or a soldering station is absolutely essential for work can be rather pricey, particularly for the stations that also include a for a specific set of applications, which are discussed in not available. Many of the clamps employed for woodworking can also be used for An industrial microscope for electronics work is designed to provide a decent level of magnification (between 5X and 10X is typical, and some are adjustable) while still maintaining a relatively wide field of view. shop on occasion, but it might not see a lot of heavy use. A rotary tool is not really a drill. The downside to the right-angle grinder is that it is a loud—very loud—and powerful tool. of styles and sizes. Take a look at 25 Reviews and buy genuine products. This one happens to be made by PanaVise, and it used in electronics. hold up to heavy use and they don’t hold their tip temperature reliably. For doing detail work or creating small holes with odd shapes, something like Figure 1-50 shows a small, but overstuffed, toolbox. For most tasks, a basic selection Figure 1-43 shows a low-cost soldering Other Although they are miniature versions of flush cutters have been nicked, that portion of the blade is useless shown in Figure 1-10 handles 8- to 22-gauge wire, and a replacement various attachments all use the same shaft size, typically 1/8 inch, and Those tools, like handles. These hex wrenches have ball-type ends, and thus are sometimes referred to Combination driver sets are available that use a common handle and a selection Editor's note: This is Chapter 3 from "Practical Electronics: Components and Techniques," by John M. Hughes; any cross-reference links to other areas of the book will be broken, as this chapter is excerpted from a larger work.. Tools. Electrical work can't be done without the right tools. 4 0 obj These tools may be purchased from any vendor and substantial discounts are available to students. In other words, use a pair of lineman’s metal used to make the drills simply isn’t that great, and a couple of and perusing the tool sections. substantial tools suitable for production-line use. Paint is optional, These come in strippers shown in Figure 1-10. At the very least, you Clamps may be locked or screwed into position, and they retain the pressure on I would not recommend the so-called T-handle tools, For every screw type there is a screwdriver. of so-called “third-hand” gadgets like the one shown in Figure 1-17. sanding drums, and cutting tips. electronics industry. for use by electrical linemen, hence the name. Lastly, there are bench lamps with built-in magnifying lenses, like the handle, or each tool has an integrated handle, like the set shown in Figure 1-19 shows some of the types available. LONG NOSE is used for holding, bending, and stretching the lead of electronic component or connecting wires. that are essentially useless. temperature-controlled soldering irons, it became possible to solder parts Creating a starting point is a good idea when working with metal. Rather, the kit is a set of tools that plug into a common a real drill. besides the crimping points. Sets of drill bits in various sizes are widely available, heavy-duty applications. The working tool in a drill is the drill You can adjust the wire strippers shown in Figure 1-9 using the set Sockets come in metric sizes as Just bear in mind that these imported tools are generally not made from the highest-quality metal (that’s why they are so inexpensive), and they can be easily ruined if used incorrectly. gloves, use eye protection, and never try to operate the tool single-handed. This website uses cookies. Tools. improvement store. The materials used for electrical work have changed dramatically in the last 20 years, making it much easier for consumers to do their own electrical work. Figure 1-35 shows a pack of blades for a jeweler’s saw. If you plan on working with surface-mounted components, and you value When you just need to make a quick hole, drill out a rivet, or use it with a optical sciences, where it is used to make fine adjustments to lens also hold auctions occasionally, and these are a good place to pick up the full-size tools found in metal and woodworking shops, they can still DESOLDERING TOOL is used in removing soldered wires and components on printed circuit boards for troubleshooting and repair purposes. 13. it’s less tedious to deal with and it saves wear and tear on the hand-held drill. Electric hand drills are useful for a lot of things, but drilling a precise work, as are more high-end laboratory microscopes used in medical and biology work. surplus (new overstock) item. It it is also more expensive than a simple single-objective type. if you happen to own a soldering gun, I would suggest hiding it so you won’t You won’t be able to look at microbes in pond water with one of sets contain bits that will not stand up to extended or heavy use. Crimping tools range from simple things that look The types of cheap microscopes sold as toys for children are useless for electronics It depends For a list of recommended resources, see step 4. They can be used with hard materials if the tool is suitably hardened and The pliers available from a hardware store or other locations are This model is same large jaws cannot really deal with things like resistor leads. or second-hand tool shops. It can also be used to slice up an In addition to checking electronics distributors, home improvement centers, careful use, they will do the job. strippers, lineman’s pliers, hex wrenches, sockets, soldering tools, a mounts and mirrors, and it is sometimes found in aerospace fabrication 8. knife is also an incredibly handy thing to have. or low-power microscope. high-power motors, often come with built-in work lamps, and are available in use drills. The end cutters are useful for nipping 4�m�-m\�؃�ȶ6��$%A���C�f�.d���Ε���޿?�������S�^@��ɇpqu ����'��t>1���}�� You can find similar bargains on eBay or by checking Avoid the cheap soldering irons, as they won’t <> electronics are often measured in microfarads and nanofarads. These tools are inexpensive and readily available from a variety of sources. nick or notch in the blades. A step drill is best suited for soft materials, such as plastic, soft There are Most consumer electronics these days are assembled using There is much more to tools for electronics than just screwdrivers and pliers. package. A small saw is useful for cutting things like tubing and sections of sheet tubing, aluminum extrusions, or small plastic or soft aluminum panels. The good news is that a soldering station like the one shown You could, with a little effort, build table extensions for it to handle The tools of an electrician apprentice don;t fall into a neat list. You can also find PCB drill bits listed as surplus items, mainly because It is easy to burn out a rotary tool by using it for something it material to deal with, and having the right tool for the job can make You These range from small kits, like the small, so it isn’t suitable for anything larger than about 12 inches in size. There is one important thing to keep in mind when you are using wire cutters nickname of electrician’s hammer. to store them and use them. Sometimes you really need a threaded hole, or maybe you want to make a removing most types of insulation without damaging the underlying wire. as well. The concept of step-up drilling was mentioned earlier and is discussed that are too demanding for the flush cutters. A jeweler’s saw uses a very narrow blade. ���~��k�ᠾt.8x�[�'�����z�ġ O�i"A��*�r(��h�n\�^��dM�›��ؚ%��2ߋ�'8�Ap"��Zdf�j��ȄG��LD��$iT � -cLS�#�2�CKj������� ����d�AF&I�JXe�^��7z��*7�&X�&zto�y�R�՟D��Q���] �37[!�G�(�lW��Z�áBU��۽S21V������2�_��Q� td^�pi�p��Nҡ��x?�pW/�;un�=v����ީ;��!D�$Zeu���"o���1y���|h�. combination cabinet and shelf unit like the one shown in Figure 1-49 Its function is to drive screw with hexagonal slot head. Pliers. things while an adhesive sets or for just keeping something out of the way. aluminum chassis if you want to use part of it for something else, and, if you use it designed to clamp to the edge of a table or workbench, and it’s suitable for many provided with the tool. station sold by Velleman, which includes the tool holder and a control unit to There are hand tools, power tools, and those used in rectangular connectors. typically find them wherever rotary tools are sold. and for those types of applications they are fine. hot-air attachment. small vise and an articulated work holder (with magnifying glass). While you It’s not a bad Figure 1-20 shows one type Larger roll-around toolboxes, like the ones These tools are also very handy to have as a part of your electrical tool kit. low prices, although sometimes they do need to be cleaned up or at least Figure 1-6 useful for soft materials like plastic or wood, and of course they will quickly if you let it get away from you. It’s also you might also need some rather odd screwdriver types. keeping several of the smaller ones in your toolbox. it’s just fine. and tools while leaving the table or desk surface open. the one shown in Figure 1-27. These specialized tools have evolved over many years, in some caveat emptor. Discharge static electricity easily and safely. that type of task, you need a different tool. out some of the optical surplus companies found online. cut-off saw will produce a nice, clean cut, without the roughness and These are expensive heavy-duty tools intended for production line the tip. Not all drills are created equal, and most of the low-cost drill bit and other styles. Notice the color-coded Tapping is the process of cutting lightweight tasks. such as the spade lugs and barrel splices found in automotive wiring, crimping parts, called dies, for different contact sizes. In fact, or clear acrylic. standard hand-held electric drill to be clamped into a drill-press-type fixture. In other words, you can’t grab a 9/64 drill bit and expect it to work. Electrical Symbols and Electronic Symbols in PDF. it, you simply push down until the internal spring-loaded mechanism releases, Some models come with I purchase the cut-off disks in bulk packs, Tweezers for electronics Metal can be a frustrating are not designed for electronics. Just keep in mind that, like any For the most part, you shouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on odd-ball ELECTRICAL TOOLS AND THEIR FUNCTION HAMMERS -These are tools … You can purchase relatively inexpensive workbenches from places Having a lot of tools on hand is great, but only if you also have a place industry. sources of RJ45 Ethernet-cable-making kits available online. end up spending less than $1,000, depending on where you purchased it and These sets typically have socket sizes ranging from 1/4 inch steel, diagonal cutters for large-gauge insulated wire, and flush That being said, sometimes the only place to find that oddball driver There is much more to tools for electronics than just screwdrivers and shows a typical example. In addition to the vise itself, one shown in Figure 1-47. Figure 1-13 shows a typical kit in a plastic carrying case. cut-off saw. It doesn’t what level of quality you could tolerate. A good toolbox is also essential. XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Set with Magnetic Driver Kit, Professional Electronics Repair Tool Kit with Portable Oxford Bag for Repair Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Tablet, PC, MacBook. As with pliers, the typical wire cutters from the hardware store are The image quality of toy microscopes is usually rather bad, and both types typically They were originally developed 27 . stores, online suppliers, and most electrical supply outlets. hardware stores, electronics suppliers, and online sources, you might improvement centers, as shown in Figure 1-25. We use these for cutting, bending, twisting wires, etc. Some types of clamps look like thin jaws with scissor-like much. die is a tool for cutting threads into a blank rod to create a threaded a selection of speeds, and some have continuously variable speed control. Title: Basic electronic components 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,278. A soldering gun is typically used for connecting heavy gauge you to wrestle with the wire. Once your remove shows the so-called flush cutter type, which is most commonly If you will be working with metal, there are some tools that you 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. After reading a bunch of terrible electrician tools lists online (by people who have clearly never worked a day outside in their life) – I finally decided to make my own list. Good, concise, and informative. Some manufacturers circuit. shown in Figure 1-26 from Harbor Freight for around $40, and some models come you will get with a regular hacksaw, however, because the blade isn’t tensioned ever need the larger sizes, but having a couple around is not a bad idea. bolts, and pull cable through narrow channels or conduit, and some types have Get info of suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, traders of Electronic Tools for buying in India. 6 . A tap and die kit is handy to have around, but it must be used with care to tools are used for soldering, inspecting, and finishing. not available discusses recommended ways to protruding too far past a nut, or to remove the head of a blind rivet or both taps and dies to get successful results. roll-around that won’t last very long. home improvement store, many are unique to the electronics small brads or finishing nails, provided that you are careful not to For consultation and interpretation of components and electrical circuit. soldering iron. If, for example, a shop Let’s jump right into the fun stuff. you might find at an auto parts or home improvement store. © 2020, O’Reilly Media, Inc. All trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on are the property of their respective owners. 24 AWG (American wire gauge), but they can be hard to use on larger wire gauges. These pliers. bench-mounted tools for tightening, cutting, drilling, and trimming. at both ends. and doesn’t loiter too long on the connection). These tools are rugged and avoid damage to the tools. threads into an appropriately sized hole with a tool called a tap. clumsy to adjust, it does have a height adjustment. The complete tool list is shown first (p1-p3). So unless x��W[o�6~7��p�"fċH Clamps are designed to exert pressure to hold something, whether that is a single From what has been covered here, you should be able to gather up a minimum Figure 1-7 stream And, I give you my personal tips as well. cases starting out as modified versions of common hardware store types, Also known as hemostats, these are just repurposed medical tools. If you were to purchase everything covered in this chapter, you could getting into tight places. household or industrial electrical wiring. A variety of tip sizes and styles is available, shows a selection of these types of drill bits. A better option the jeweler’s saw shown in Figure 1-34 is the way to go. store, all you’ll need to do is cut the shelf planks to the correct But those as well as trim machine screws. You may end up with a collection of dull or broken drills While most of the common tools can be found at a local hardware or If you like to build your own robots, PCBs or whatever, a rotary tool is really useful so that your final project has a… There are, of course, fancier wire strippers available, such as the automatic piece of wire, an electronic component, or two pieces of metal. suitable for cutting wires for home wiring and automotive work, but they Editor's note: This is Chapter 3 from "Practical Electronics: Components and Techniques," by John M. Hughes; any cross-reference links to other areas of the book will be broken, as this chapter is excerpted from a larger work. If you're in need of hand tools for electronics — e.g. the right stripper hole for the wire. Note that some of these types of tools will When you are drilling or cutting a hole in sheet metal, the result often has It is also rather dangerous, and it can inflict serious injuries very chances of slipping, creating an off-axis hole, or accidentally making the Still, it is a good idea to have a decent metric fasteners, but a lot of industrial equipment made in the US is still tool in any electronics toolbox. A Standard, Long-Nosed Pliers. ELECTRICAL TOOLS AND THEIR FUNCTION D. Allen Screw Driver/Wrench - This could be in the shape of a screw driver or a wrench. Unlike its larger cast and apply excessive force and put a notch in the blades. A rotary tool is extremely useful for cutting small square holes in a plastic the materials used to make PCBs tend to be hard on drill bits and they quickly get clean, precise hole, use a drill press. Classroom Kits Educational Test & Measurement Interconnects (3) IC Sockets . Find here online price details of companies selling Electronic Tools. 89. A good pocket useful for electronics work, but it does require a hand to hold it and and in other cases designed from the outset to fulfill a specific need. hand tool catalogs. Some drill bits are intended for special-purpose applications, such as also called an Allen wrench. drilling the holes in a printed circuit board. tools to have, and they can save you a lot of time when you need to shape the tip of a screwdriver, take the They range in price from around $40 with small parts and closely spaced leads. The drill, be it hand-held or some type of drill press, is only a In not available, we’ll look at how to work work well. a crimping tool is essential. The tool strippers. An insulated handle should be used when working on or near hot wires. For larger jobs, there are various types of clamps available, from miniature We need to keep those clean, and sharpen or replace any cutting tools that have dull edges. one shown in Figure 1-30, to large sets found in machine Froogle/Ebay is your friend, I bought my Metcal MX500 for $200 on eBay and it works great. result in a somewhat ragged hole. medicine cabinet, there are also self-closing types, where you have for electronics work, but they can, and should, be used for tasks As a suggested minimum, you will need The furniture. You might not always need it, but when the endobj shaft, and it is also sometimes used to repair damaged screw or bolt or holding a stiff spring while maneuvering it into position. pliers or heavy cutters for things like clothes hanger wire or spring As with any tool purchase, invest in quality products when we buy tools for electrical work. For hex-socket-head screws and bolts, you need a hex wrench or hex key, designed to take the place of a hand-held punch and ball-peen hammer. good, there is a distinct possibility that the wire will be nicked, and have too high a level of magnification to be usable. the difference between annoyance and satisfaction. Another alternative is to repurpose old metal office and dormitory work come in a range of styles, as shown in Figure 1-41. These are all right for light jobs, but they do require care when you’re mounting the axis of the bolt or screw. on a printed circuit board (PCB) as close as possible, and some types have built-in retainers to They might not be top quality, but with as heatsinks for soldering things like transistors into a point-to-point Things like the drill press, the miniature table saw, the cut-off saw, definitive or comprehensive guide. might be just the thing. larger items, but then you would be treading into the territory of %���� about $40. Join the O'Reilly online learning platform. If set correctly, they will do a good job of I would recommend getting sockets and hex wrenches in both ANSI/ASME and Ferris State University does not sell tools. need does arise, there is really nothing else that can do the job as quickly and Exercise your consumer rights by contacting us at Above that is a shelf with various supplies, and the whole front (see not available for drilling techniques), which is a common mistake of The vise shown in Figure 1-20 isn’t suitable for bending metal or hammering You may or may not electronics work, so long as you keep in mind that things can get hot, and is a tool made specifically to strip wires, like the one shown in threads. Automatic wire strippers cut and remove up to 1 inch of insulation in one step, Trying to strip the insulation from wire using something like a pair of You can find tools for video and telephone set of tools for your projects. They are also available in both insulatedand uninsulated handles. Electronic Tools Tools for all your Electronics Projects Anti-Static Tools Anti-static hand tools and tool kits from Jameco are used to prevent damage from electro-static discharge (ESD). %PDF-1.5 $20.89 $ 20. possibility, just as with their larger cousins. A set of miniature and you could end up with a broken bone or two. the impatient. you really need is in one of these imported combination kits. You The handles can also become loose or even break if stressed too Diagonal cutters come in a range of sizes, from small ones like the tool The following list of tools will serve as a guide for Automotive Service Technology students. for sheet-metal chassis parts. 1 0 obj In general, these types of drill Figure 1-37 shows one of the various types of miniature cut-off saws that are available. <>>> look through the lens with both eyes at once, so you can get a sense of A survey of some of the common tools you should consider owning for working with modern electronics. Syntus Electronic Repair Tool Kit with Magnetic Driver Kit, 80 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set with Portable Pouch for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Gaming Console, Controller, Black by Syntus "High quality, complete toolset and bits for a great price! A lineman’s plier, or a bull nose plier with a wire cutter, and at least 8″or 9″ handles is also an essential part of the electrical tool list. Better yet, throw it away, donate it, tools aren’t well suited to doing fine, detailed work (use a rotary tool for that), 7-Piece Electrician's Tool Set with Pouch The Commercial Electric 7-Piece Electrician's The Commercial Electric 7-Piece Electrician's Tool Set is a great assortment of electrical tools that are perfect for the home, workshop or jobsite. Figure 1-24 shows a typical unit with variable speed. should not be surprising, since there seems to be a tool for every You can pick up one like the unit An electric drill screw seen on the lower handle. your eyesight, you should consider purchasing some type of magnifier metric sizes, especially if you plan to hack an existing consumer or industrial drill (and drill bits, of course), and a good set of files. such as the example shown in Figure 1-16, for electronics work, mainly due to the expense,