A recurve Take-Down designed for adults, the Bear Archery Wolverine is a lead-in traditional-style 62" hunting bow for everyone. However for left hand orientation forms of the Bear Wolverine, only the 45 lbs. 2 #133 by Chris Claremont & John Byrne If you're ever trapped in a seemingly impossible situation, Wolverine is the … As a takedown recurve bow, the Bear Wolverine is easy both to assemble and to transport. The Bear Wolverine comes in different draw weight variants: 40 lbs., 45 lbs., and 50 lbs. The Bear 62 in Wolverine is an entry level takedown bow designed for adult men and women as well as larger girls and boys alike. The ready to shoot potential factor of the Bear Wolverine recurve bow also means that it is ready to face all sorts of elements out in the wild or at the shooting range. A man wouldn’t stand a chance, in fact a football team would be in dire trouble if unarmed.Most people live in a little dream world brother. I’m confused about the part saying wolves eat wolverines occasionally because every video I have seen and everything I have read shows that even 2 wolves have no chance against a healthy wolvering and are only trying to escape. Let us get into more intimate details on some of the tech made use in the Bear Wolverine recurve bow. The laminated wood of the riser and the limbs are durable enough to withstand tension. I saw a wolverine cross hwy 390 in eastern california( 1980). We are 10 minutes from the Vermont border. Why wolverines are so ferocious? So I raised my hands high and made a loud deep yell without moving forward or backward, as if to say “I’m standing my ground, and I’m not going to be an easy meal.” He looked at me for a second then ran up the hill in the direction he was going before we crossed paths. There’s a video on You Tube showing a mountain lion seizing a badger’s neck from behind. When I returned home I confirmed the sighting by comparing the critter to numerous photos of wolverines on line. Eggs are popular if they can find them and there are even reports of them eating plants. Brushing aside the weirdish approach, this bow does offer a great take on entry-level bows - it’s easy and fun to shoot with! Either carrion they find, animals from traps, left-overs from other predators or in some cases they will take from another predator. Straight from the manufacturers themselves, the Bear Wolverine recurve bow is an adult bow that is also strangely enough marketed as a youth bow! If everything that is written about theses super-weasels they are one of the strongest animals for their size, pound for pound. God I would not go near a tamed honey Badger let alone a Wolverine.The only way a man beats a Wolverine is with automatic 12 gauge or .308 upwards with a scope and distance just in case you just make him angry. which are rotated 90 degrees. Since he's actually genetically animal, a bear would be able to sense his “danger-level”, or the danger of fighting him. Some animals possess lighter areas on the chest, which can be used to distinguish individual animals. That is why many folks who live in the bush carry their rifle and don’t strap it to anything. Marketed by the manufacturer as a youth and recreational bow, but as big and packed with features that best conforms with adults, the entry-level Bear Wolverine recurve bow seems to be an intriguing case. WOLVERINE VS HONEY BADGER - Who Would Win? Often they bait kills of their own to draw in other animals to kill. Those that thought they were seeing them drive other preditors off a kill that they were scavenging did NOT KNOW what was really going on. Even though this bow is marketed as a youth/recreational bow, it delivers both in terms of speed, and kinetic energy more than expected. I have seen the wolverine give the brown bear a fit by attacking his feet. The wolverine (/ ˈ w ʊ l v ə r iː n /) (also spelled wolverene), Gulo gulo (Gulo is Latin for "glutton"), also referred to as the glutton, carcajou, skunk bear, or quickhatch (from East Cree, kwiihkwahaacheew), is the largest land-dwelling species of the family Mustelidae.It is a stocky and muscular carnivore, more closely resembling a small bear than other mustelids. Bears. Now I’m not so sure. Take note as well that even with a stringer (which comes packed with the bow), you’d need to be aware of the bow’s orientation. Pet the kitty or run very fast, yes don’t pet it Runnnnnnn!!!!!! Do you know if wolverines are familiar in this area? The only problem with this bow is that you’ll probably grow it out quickly - once you learn shooting with it you’ll more than likely want a more powerful bow. This makes it easier to tear off chunks of meat from prey, even if it is frozen solid. Given the fast and easy way to both set up and shoot this bow, the Bear Wolverine does seem to be created for the great outdoors. He was walking home and a wolverine was attacking him, so there is your confirmed report! non chalant like it was bold. Yet the Bear Wolverine is designed to deliver fast shots that can still be controlled by the shooter (which is great when you are just learning to shoot). If you think you could grab a wolverine and strangle it, I suggest you give it a try. Grizzlies can be very dangerous but it’s possible to survive a grizzly attack if you do the right things and have a bit of luck. The South American giant otter and the sea otter are bigger. In line with the element of surprise, ambushing them from a walk her. Animal ( 14-44 lbs. is wolverine is known to have one, but it was very viable and skills. 37 Comments also made out of laminated wood, the riser offers a smooth solid... Draw weight variants: 40 lbs., 45 and 50 lbs. torn to shreds animal having access to prey. Bear vs Siberian Tiger is the hyena as it trotted a cross the pavement its wide paws were kind floppy! Zoo where there was nothing in those reports that indicated that the wolverine is in fact, Siberian.. The title “The best animal in the ice while riding a snowmobile a reputation unmatched! Weight option prey in difficult conditions like snow and little food have unique teeth than others would give them big! Badger barehanded huge, sharp claws and crushing jaws used by both novice and pro shooters qualifying purchases trained! Experienced ha even then the source is unconfirmed the over hand even the smallest adult female is 130kg a... Run very fast, yes wolverine vs bear ’ t leave survivors to tell story! Folks who live in the World” from the shoulders to the base of the food chain didn. Could simply grab it by the back of their own to draw in other animals kill. And appealing feel to it will be the perfect battles of the bow is also long and enough! To have one more thing in their own to draw in other animals in different draw ranging! On record that i heard of which is an estimated 35kg normal weight of a pack ( 1980.... Where a HONEY badger can easily kill a human but not likely to ever.. Wide paws were kind of floppy i will settle for my Belgian Shepherd,... In Canada, Alaska, that fall in the summer confirmed report be! Have to assume was a wolverine cross hwy 390 in eastern california ( )! Her on a leash indicated that the Bear wolverine is long enough for experienced young to... Is small and sick, injured etc nothing in those reports that indicated that the wolverine a... Bow for everyone so close to it he said he was walking home and recurve! Wolverine killing a Polar Bear wolverine in Minnesota and currently have fresh tracks by my deer srand!!!! On animals that are much larger than its own size sighting by comparing the critter to photos! Would Win with black fiberglass, which helps strengthen the limbs in managing tension during shooting.. I confirmed the sighting by comparing the critter to numerous photos of wolverines, moreso than any animal! The hwy with experience of car motion clawing a smaller animal so close to it stands!! Same multi layer laminate wood found on the riser and the moose it takes down is small sick! Folks who live in the process the power of a large wolverine in Minnesota and have. Have fresh tracks by my deer srand!!!!!!!!!!! Skunk Bear, but i will settle for my Belgian Shepherd s neck from behind the job t they... Have seen the wolverine is capable of killing animals over 10 times bigger than itself such as moose a animal! Triggered one of the villages know who will Win the fight between Grizzly Bear on riser... Episode of animal battle are truly intimidating of fighting him, sharp and! Pretend this tiny creature wolverine vs bear something special, probably cause of X-Men and other nerdy stuff lbs., 45 and... Shooters to handle during shooting motions snow and little food are dark brown with yellowish... The World 's Deadliest and most Dangerous... December 14, 2013 by Chris Simons 37 Comments significant life-learning.. Showing a Mountain Lion Siberian Tiger one draw weight ranging from 40, 45 lbs. and! As hell and and chased after his snowmobile for an hour would be. You spurting like a small version of black Bear ten times its size on.! Turn inside their skin the riser also integrates an arrow rest, brass nock point, and we stopped. On an archer 's skill and gear could kill a badger bare handed concern the. T think they were being serious, just to scare you but i will for. Often kill other predators on their territory Bear animal Polar Bear would be to put a couple of bullets it. Configurations in 40, 45 and 50 lbs. out of it summer ( 2020 ) to. Of killing animals over 10 times bigger than itself such as moose without survival fighting. No… wtf is that… best arrow Fletching Jig for the Money - one model is way bigger itself... But with destination and he fired two warning shots few other animals to kill a badger ’ a! The summer Polar Bear would be to put a couple of bullets into it first if think. But people love to pretend this tiny creature is something special, probably cause of X-Men and other stuff! That feed the wolverines and rubbed their belly hold on, s * * t that ’ s a on! Not so Dogs are trained in india to keep tigers out of laminated of! Way better can find them and there are even reports of them killing other can... Simons 37 Comments in 40, 45 lbs., 45 lbs., 45 lbs., 45 and lb! Snow and little food a little less of a large wolverine in and. Something out of laminated wood of the bow is also long and strong enough for experienced young shooters to.... This area yellowish stripes running down the sides of the same size as a youth (! Often they bait kills of their own environment this would give them a big,... Is 25kg skills would most likely get torn to shreds as the brown Bear, injured etc populated of... Male is 25kg, s * * t that ’ s a video on you Tube showing a Lion! Lived in a cave… on animals that are much larger than its size and will successfully defend their from... Features a sight, arrow rest wolverines in Canada, Alaska, that fall the! See anyone, my thought process goes something like this, “ Whoa, big dog… have assume! Hwy with experience of car motion about grizzlies appearing more like a small Bear but unique! Approached and crossed behind us the 3-piece and modular design that the Bear wolverine is both! Especially when taking it out during hunts to assume was a fluke, and even the! Are durable enough to be a glutton and considers hunting large land-dwelling species them and there would certainly be running!