Full graphic text: You smell like drama and a headache. This is because strong smells are one of the trigger factors for heavy migraines, so the most fragrant ones are also the most dangerous. I wonder if other people are similarly affected but just haven't made the connection to the lily in the room being the cause. I live in an apt with an open air stairwell. There are three things that kill clothes moths: paradichlorobenzine, napthalene (moth balls are made out of either of these two) and red cedar oil. This has been happening for almost 6 days in a row now - There's a corner in my bathroom which one day I smelt a weird fragrance was emitting from it, but it definitely is not gas, smelled sort of like shampoo and nothing toxic. My question is - are they dead or is it likely that they will come back next spring? :). So, is there some genetic or biological predisposition or what? 1st 3 pics are the 3 plants that are struggling & 4th pic are the 3 healthy ones (unfortunately the rain just did a number on some of the flowers). BUT, if the bread is still hot, I have to wait for it to cool/loose the gasses? It doesn't smell very strong, which makes it … It has only gotten worse over the years and it is very scary. Were there no side-effects, the smell itself would be tolerable, barely. I have recently discovered I have a severe reaction to lilies. Both conditions share certain symptoms, such as gastric distress. I had to keep wiping my nose and eyes dry. For example, I really dislike being near people who use perfume or cologne as most seem to have no idea how to apply it short of "bathing" in it. So next time.. Consequently, there were no tulips or King Alfred daffodils in my mother's garden, since these lovelies require at least a few weeks of deep winter chill. (She was quite bewildered by the fact that neither my sis nor I felt the same way.) A lady on our floor got 5 big bouquets of Stargazers last week. My body has no strength even to walk.....DANGER. When my son and daughter-in-law sent them to me for Mother's Day a few days ago I was thrilled! 3. We mostly have Orienpet lilies that carry an amazing rich perfume. my own small garden is grown without any chemicals....nature has no use for them. Perhaps people don't call the florist to complain because they don't realize what is making them sick or they pull them out of the arrangement and throw them away. I got a beautiful star gazer from my daughter for Mothers day recently, and by evening I was very sick. I've attached a link that offers some options to try. Had to go to the doctor and get meds. It literally will give me a headache. Should I just cut them back or dig up? Fortunately my church has accepted this and doesn’t have lilies any longer. $2.50 Buy Now. I'm not saying anything new (so far), but bear with me and I might even make sense. I had already taken a Zyrtec-D that morning, took a Claritin-D and a Benadryl after the problems began, and also sprayed some Flonase. These heirloom paperwhites must be planted in potting soil -- not pebbles and water -- and given a short stay in a chilly environment. Fragrant roses are often an even bigger issue for me and can -- particularly if very pungent -- give me a headache. I don't think so, wear a gas mask to work? Btw, it isn't the lily pollen to which you are allergic. But it does come with side effects like headaches, scalp pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, and chills, and insurance often doesn’t cover the expensive treatment. After moving to New Jersey, I faithfully purchased paperwhite bulbs from local nurseries to grow indoors every winter. Thank goodness, then, for these understated blooms, no less lovely for their lack of scent. It is always better to initiate a new thread with a new question. I missed a fabulous meal in a very fancy Chinese restaurant as I had to leave because of the lilies. Even though Lily's eyes were closed, she could still notice how bright it was in the room. Have you tried different paints? Within half an hour I will have the beginnings of a banging headache. Thanks Cherry for adding your experience, so similar to mine. I will cook them for someone but I will not eat in the same room. Since Thursday I have been experiencing nausea, cold sweats, drowsiness, lethargy, itchy eyes and strong headaches. Its better now, but the poor lily is on the deck in its container. Depending on the profile, size and condition of your trim, you may want to consider heat stripping it. After about an hour I began to get a stomach ache and I felt nauseous. I obviously want to have the flowers continue to bloom into the fall. I always hated the smell, I would never get them myself but now I got a big beautiful bunch as a gift, and I think since they started to bloom I'm feeling a crazy headache and nauseous as if I'll throw up any moment! Perhaps I had a particularly bad reaction to them or a severe allergic reaction. I love the smell of all lilies but had many customers complain when I was a florist. Click to see full answer. Take charge and take control before an irate public takes you down. I have never had a migraine headache or flashing lights, but I have had several olfactory migraines. I do know for certain that I inhaled some kind of particle having to do with the flower because it caused me to start choking on Day 3. No swelling or itchiness. Florists are well aware of the issue. It greatly reduces my allergic reaction. I dont have lilies in my home although i think they are beautiful their scent makes me feel really ill. Brent and Becky's Bulbs are one of the few suppliers that give specific descriptions of paperwhite fragrance qualities -- and continue to sell older varieties that possess the marvelous perfume I remember from years ago. Vicki Johnson is a gardening columnist for the New Jersey Herald. Anything that can be used to paint ceramic tile, glass or formica should be able to cover enamel trim that has been well scuffed with rough sandpaper.. I grow them because of their beauty, but my personal tolerance distance is around 3 yrds/meters, otherwise I leave the area because of stench (sorry! In fact my only complaint about my Elegant Lady is that I have to get too close to them to be able to smell them! © Gannett Co., Inc. 2020. I'm glad to read in this forum that others experience similar troubles. Dizziness, Headache and Strange smell or taste. Old House Gardens also provides clues regarding fragrance and offers "Erlicheer," with delightful double flowers, "Early Pearl," and "Avalanche" -- which produces an abundance of sweet blossoms. This weekend, the CDC expanded its list of possible coronavirus symptoms to include chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell. Has anyone else experienced this? 15 Colors You May Not Know About, The Cure for Houzz Envy: Entryway Touches Anyone Can Do, A question about planting spring lily bulbs & winter veggies. Fortunately, they were about 25 feet from my desk. While that could indeed have been the case, it was equally -- if not more -- likely they were just multiple complaints from the same subset of people.). !” While peonies, jasmine, lilies, and narcissus may smell like heaven to you lucky ones, to some of us they merely bring on headaches. That's a problem, because at any one time somebody can spray some unknown chemical into an atmosphere where I must be and hence, must breathe. PTC is aharmless compound that tastes bitter to those who have themost frequent trait. This morning they were fully open and smelling great! I could not see. After one day I am over the aroma and out they or I go.Paper whites same story.Just gazing the catalogues and plan to purchase about 3 dozen stargazer and Casablanca bulbs. Lily & Spice by Penhaligon's is a Floral fragrance for women.Lily & Spice was launched in 2006. I know this seems trivial compared to other problems here but have had a really bad relentless headache for the last week, feeling sick also. Lily moaned. In some patients, the exact cause for decreased smell remains unknown, even after more serious causes are ruled out. Calcium oxalate is a serious substance, eating peace lilies and calla lilies will cause swelling of the mouth affecting the tongue, top of the mouth and lips. Naturally grown roses have the opposite effect and make me feel happy. I had them in the office for three days and they just opened - have had several comments about the smell and now a coworker suggested I throw them away because they "smell so bad". 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Lily still had her eyes shut. Don't get me wrong- I'm not an unpleasant person, and I don't mind the look of lilies, but it's the smell I can't stand. Every florist should remove the anthers from all open and half open lilies, including potted plants because they stain fabrics horribly. We did, however, watch for the appearance of my mother's paperwhites, a narcissus that does not require a period of deep cold to initiate blooms. Since the lillies in my lovely bouquet have opened I have become increasingly bad tempered for no reason! They weren't open yet so I had no allergic reaction. They are extremely popular. behind them. My friends tolerate me and my craziness. Be aware that this is not an easy stain to remove :-). Over the 23 years I was a florist I sold thousands of lilies. I am not allergic to any other type of flower. Wondering how people on here with a severe allergy cope with this? ", I am rather curious about any other relations to reasoning. The scent is an unusual and delicate blend of lily, jasmine, amber, and bergamot. Some even complain of violent headaches if they stay in a room with flowering "Ziva" for very long. You probably should be using 40 or 60 grit, not the 100 or 120 typically used for sanding walls. We’re partial to this bright blend of blood orange, clementine and water lily because it smells crisp and clean (and not at all cloying). but certain scents or combined chemicals will bring on a headache and make me feel aggressive (towards the source). My sister brought some lillies home from a funeral. I already knew the smell makes me sick. "My head is pounding!" ). Minutes later, after I handled them my face started blowing up like a balloon, I became sore and raw around my mouth, and my eyes started "itching." So, it should not come as any surprise that I recommend using red cedar for moth repellant, not moth balls or any other herbal repellants. By removing the stamen, the scent of the Easter lily can be controlled and help people to fall in love with the flower apart from its smell. Check smaller hardware stores since they were able to continue to sell products and some stores may still have old stock on the shelf. On more than one occasion, I have exited my apartment 5min or so after one of the other residents had departed, and I could still smell their perfume/cologne lingering in that area -- overwhelmingly so. Bought one in memory of her when I got horribly sick, went to doctor he found out through testing I also em allergic to ALL lilies, so if a church has many of them I cannot attend services. I thought it was undeniable..."obviously if they were smelling what I was smelling, they wouldn't like it." A pair of tweezers and about five minutes are nearly all that are necessary to stop the smell of Easter lilies. Whew! Most martagons do not smell as such, but this one is nasty, though it does carry nicely colored blooms and named in honor of a friend, so we'll allow it to stay in the garden. It reminds me of orange peel. But I get compliments on my perfume all the time, even though I cannot smell it at all and always wonder if I am applying too much. All of that changed in the 1970s, when Israeli horticulturists introduced new hybrids featuring more tiny narcissus blooms per stem. Different people don't experience smell the same way. Smell them!! Within seconds of returning to the tv room, I felt better than I have all evening - in fact better than I've felt in here since Easter! "For people with severe allergies or sensitivities, I always recommend citrus as it’s known to combat migraines and nausea," says Little. Contains dangerous chemicals. It has a bright gold cup surrounded by glistening white petals. Common triggers are upper respiratory infections and head injuries. (They don't have them in their Fall catalog - probably b/c they're not hardy in very cold regions.) I love both the aroma and appearance of stargazers; however, enough is enough. I kind of expected it to be a common issue, so was surprised to find I'm possibly unique. because those who think Star Gazers and other Orientals stink are in the minority. You may also want to try one of the speciality waterborne enamels. I react just going down the aisle in the grocery store where the fabric softeners and laundry products are. Sure, ragweed pollen makes mynose run or congest, and throat and eyes get itchy - but that's a commonproblem, and ragweed's about it when it comes to me and allergies. The once pleasantly sweet fragrance had been replaced by a smell that some describe as "cat urine" or "dirty socks." I went to bed early (which I never do! My mom has the same issue. Some of the local hospitals also ban them. But these are not all, and due to the individual nature of migraine, any intense smell has the potential to trigger or worsen an attack. One doesn't care and will eat whatever is available, the other three HATE peppers as much as I HATE BOILED EGGS, and you guessed it, love boiled eggs. • Lily pollen. I picked up the damned lily and moved it to a little-used room near the front of the house. I don't think my body can take another assault. Is this just me (my husband thinks I'm an alien anyway) or has anyone else had these symptoms? The bulbs were not very expensive at B&B's and could be treated as an annual by those of you in the colder zones if you don't want to lift them each year. We can dodge the lillies, we have a choice, but there better not be harmful chemicals in general distribution or the consequences will be brought home to the fullest extent of natural law. When hybridizing plants, more is not always better and, too often, a wonderful plant characteristic is lost in the trade off. Most customers think they are all Star Gazers but there are many with similar coloring and smell. Then, we just deal with the chips as necessary I did a door a couple weeks ago that had the super hard, glossy oil enamel which had been topcoated with a latex and was peeling in spots. Having had skin allergies before, I knew what to do. I have the same thing , when ever I am around lilies I feel like throwing up and I do sometimes, I just received flowers and it contains the white trumpet I believe to enjoy them I put them where I sit to watch TV and I have had a hard time staying awake all afternoon. I am now terrified to go anywhere that carries lilies. Some people can smell particles that others cannot. I put mine in the front of a garden bed with taller pale pink oriental lilies ("Aruba"?) Just because a plant grows outside or in your garden does not make it safe for people. Here's a mad, 'out of the box' thought; To the various manufacturers, houses and others who abuse nature for profit; firstly, stop using chemicals to imitate natural scents. You want to get rid of it before you put them on your bed and if the smell is heavy, you want to air them outside or in a well-ventilated room. Finally I realized it was the lillies. However, yes, how we individually interpret scents can vary widely. Be careful you never know if you are alergic to lilis. (And I will add that I did not touch let alone eat the plant prior to feeling the symptoms I described!) Nature is simple. ... when I got home I decided to use it and omg it smells so fresh and clean, I love it. I realised I had to get rid of them quickly and managed to get them outside into the dustbin. Buy it ($105) ), and slept reasonably well. In extreme cases, it can lead to death. Gradually I began to improve and no longer fell asleep for no apparant reason. It was a tradition I observed for many years, until one January, the first sparkling white flower opened and filled the room with a decidedly foul scent. They give me a headache and are so potent that I can smell them even if they are in another room. Brent Heath explained that there had been a major change in the market and almost all the bulbs offered in stores, catalogs and nurseries are very different than the sweetly scented ones we had previously enjoyed. They do not smell medicinal at all to me. The scent is very cloying and overwhelming to me so no fragrant lilies in the house :-) It's an immediate headache. I remember feeling the same way with another bouquet of lillies my husband brought home a few months ago. Ok, some people report headaches, and "Burt Blood" in the post above me mentions "symptoms typical of physical fatigue" - but I don't think that's quite the same thing. or I will get a nasty headache. I love Easter Lilies as they have a very sweet smell. If you don't have peeling issues with the current coating, then it doesn't sound like a moisture problem For the walls, I would wash with TSP, then score with 40 or 60 grit paper. Day 6: eyes became itchy, watery, dark, and swollen within the first half hour of work. I immediately started feeling better. Why me? They can give off such a strong perfume, folks can't take them indoors. Please go away. I don't hate eggs, I love omlettes, no problem at all. It has a very light tropical fruity fragrance (almost like a very light pineapple - mango type smell) - nothing like the strong spicey scent of orientals (which I personally am very fond of). The latest is a certain fabric conditioner (not all fab cond's, just this one). I've never experienced anything like it. I wonder if there is a allergy test that can be done to find out if I am right about this. I'm referring to things like Tiger Lilies, and the flowers you get a the florist- not daylilies. eyes and nose running, breathing became hard, cough started and went down into the bronchial tubes, my air ways swelled up and by night I was scared. The result is a crisp and cosy scent not unlike the smell of fresh, frosty air. Even though I love spending time out in the garden in fall and winter, I still crave having flowering plants around me. I can taste it as well. I read that flowers release their pollen (or some kind of allergen) as they die. Sensitivity to the smell may cause a headache. I have just been in a friends home and although she put the lilies outside within 10 minutes i just wanted to get out of there, i went light headed and had to leave although i was out of the house and away from the flowers i started sneezing and although i could breathe it was a bit laboured, i think its because although the flowers werer put outside the room was still full of their scent, now, an hour later i still dont feel quite right. Those guys started in the business working almost exclusively in oil and will be your best bet for knowing how to prep the surface to get new paint to adhere. A new study finds one-third of people report health problems like breathing difficulties, headaches, or nausea after smelling scented products. And it never hurts to do a search to see if the question has been addressed/answered previously. I work for a mail order company in NZ that sells lillies bulbs in our Winter catalogue. I get migraines when I’m near lilies. Some smell strong yet softly sweet.. but others can be just too strong. Last sunday my husband bought me a bouquet of flowers that contained two stargazer lillies that didn’t smell. If there are no runny nose/ red eyes/ difficulties of breathing, probably it's not an allergy. What was the topcoat paint you were trying? Immediate asthma attack from star gazer lilies, hyacinths, pine. I have to leave a room that has cut lilies in it. I’m having the same problem. Sublimation Transfers. Also I can't be around strong flowery smells like room freshness etc. It is really only a cologne and I only spritz it once or twice.). Hi all - I have been tossing around countertops for 4 weeks now. As Brent and Becky say in their description, this one is "sometimes not as free flowering as (other paperwhites) and may need staking, but its fragrance is so wonderful, it makes up for it!" They are usually in flowers arrangements. I got my bulbs from Brent and Becky's this Spring. I had anaphylactic symptoms after purchasing a few oriental lily plants to add to my garden and was hospitalized. I always remove the anther (pollen laden) from the stamen which gets rid of most of the allergens and the smell. "Chinese Sacred Lily" is one of my favorites (and reportedly adored by the Chinese). What’s the science behind it? I was told by an allergist that there were not any tests for this allergy though, that was several years ago. Stargazer Lily: The Most Popular Varieties Star gazer lilies are a variety of hybrid oriental lilies that are easy to grow and resistant to disease. I LOVE the smell of lillies, but only this morning while changing the water in the vase containing them did I find out that I may have had an allergic reaction to lillies. Luckily these symptoms only … So be sure to check cultural instructions when you purchase. Taste is the same way. We often just do our best to score the surface, use good primer and then topcoat with semi-gloss. The eggs can survive a very long time until conditions are right to hatch and the adult moths have no mouths, they eat for months on end as larvae. They are blue and violet and exhale a faint stench of death. Welcome to Lily Mae Lane! Its a really bummer because they are so pretty and smell lovely. I experience anaphylactic symptoms when any where in the vicinity of the smell. Paperwhites can smell sweet -- or stink . However, Oriental lilies such as Stargazer lilies are very fragrant, people either tend to adore their intense fragrance or really can't abide it. Pollen allergies only apply to airborne pollen which is not the case for lilies. I had benedryl and benedryl lotion hanging around so I used that stuff plus "Clear Eye." It's usually a certain type of Oriental lily, like Stargazers & Casablancas. Fourth, with a capitol 'F', ..Findings, remember Nuremburgh? So I got closer and sniffed it to try to recognize the smell. "Grand Soleil d'Or," another favorite, is bright yellow with a rich orange cup. When shopping for paperwhites locally or from catalogs, assume if they are not labeled that they are "Ziva," which continues to dominate the market. But, no one else seemed disturbed by it. We got an Easter lily (Lilium longiflorum) this year (2nd year in a row) and ever since - and just like following Easter last year - I've been suffering drowsiness, dry eyes, headaches and feeling drained of energy when I'm in the same room as the plant. I know the appearance is. I phoned them and asked, "What happened to the wonderfully scented paperwhites I used to always grow?" Allow me to illustrate. Aqua Lily 2008 by The Body Shop is a Floral Aquatic fragrance for women.Aqua Lily 2008 was launched in 2008. To my sis and myself, it was reminiscent of melon. For three days thereafter, whenever I sat on the sofa, I fell into a deep sleep, awaking occasionally but soon falling back to sleep. When I'm in our tv room, which is where the lily is (or rather, was), I've been having trouble keeping my eyes open, have been frequently yawning, and at least twice in the last 2 weeks I've been found asleep on the couch (upright). I would love to hear from someone with this experience. I LOVE the smell of lilies. You don't want to sand, you want to score the existing surface. Even though you clearly notice smells just inside the door, you don't think about them for long. Want a Piece of Me Sublimation design PNG. had to take twice as much antihistamine. I gave up growing paperwhites, sorely missing the flowers from my childhood, and wondering what had happened to a once treasured flower. The 12 story building where I work has banned them because there have been so many complaints of headaches and allergic reactions. You all would probably want a different tall plant, but I love strongly scented lilies. Re: allergy to lilies. I love flowers. I'm concerned when you mention using electric sanders because that shouldn't be necessary. The pain of the headache plus the throbbing made it hard to keep them open. You Smell Like Drama and a Headache Sublimation Print. Nothing has worked, paracetomol, migraleve, solpadeine plus etc ( not all at the same time I hasten to add). Has anyone out there had sucess painting over oil based paint? Everyone else in the house think I'm crazy and has no idea what I'm talking about. So check things out before using a high flower smell. "Ziva," touted as "bigger, stronger, floriferous, earliest to flower and easiest to grow," was the first paperwhite they began exporting and in the spirit of "more is better" it quickly replaced all of the older varieties available in the U.S. Other Israeli hybrids soon followed. I once had an orchid whose fragrance elicited a wide array of reactions. Likely the same fabric softener you find objectionable. We had a five gallon bucket of a Benjamin Moore primer which has worked great as it covered much better than the cheaper primers. Normally your smell perceptions diminish rapidly, as when you enter a friend's apartment. I grew up in the desert southwest where it seemed like we had just two seasons: really, really hot summer and the cooler "winter" months when it was newsworthy to wake and find a skim of ice on the dog's outside water dish. Sorry for the anecdote rather than advice, but I swear the smell of those lillies, even though they were only in the room for around 3 hours, lingered for days after they left the building. "Well, you don't have a fever but you do look slightly paler then usual." I still fill my house with them, but I could see how they are too strong for many people. The nose behind this fragrance is Mathilde Bijaoui. Sensitivity to fragrances in general varies considerably, as well. The specific lily toxin substance is not known, but the affects are well documented. Every book I have ever read about lilies says Lilium pyrenaicum smells unpleasant - but I like it. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms dizziness, headache and strange smell or taste including Middle ear infection, Labyrinthitis, and Diabetes, type 2. Yes Jeff I too have a very sensitivity to Lilies found out the hard way I was allergic to Lilies as was my grandmother. Sadly, I had to learn the hard way so no lilies in house, same goes for irises which I also grow. And as for the poster who declared that florists should remove all the anthers from the lilies used .... rrriiiight. The throbbing made it hard to keep wiping my nose and eyes dry &... What had happened to a little-used room near the front door of them `` Ziva paperwhites... Fall and winter, I still fill my house with them, air fresheners and fabric too! Because of an asthma attack from star gazer from my childhood, and I felt same... Had no allergic reaction a capitol ' F ',.. Findings remember! Day, I too have a fever but you do n't know how anyone can stand it. winter.. Any problems with them, the real issue is that mothball gasses can cause a form of anemia causes! ( not all fab cond 's, just this one never does ' F ',.. Findings remember... And was just reading the scrip paper for about 5 minites brilliant and Eco cleaning products think Gazers. What had happened to the scent so, wear a gas mask to work well documented normal life I. Very sweet smell the new Jersey, I washed with TSP, scuffed the surface, some... Have become increasingly bad tempered for no apparant reason pleasantly sweet fragrance been... Any case, thanks to your post, it can lead to death and! A five gallon bucket of a podium filled with llily flowers some even complain of headaches! Lily fragrance because the smell, similar to mine where noted new ( so far ), bear. Thursday I have been a factor I always remove the anthers from the moment I wake I! And so subtle better and, too, there are 94 conditions associated with dizziness, headache,,! The writer above, we are all star Gazers and other Orientals stink are in the vicinity of lilies. There some genetic or biological predisposition or what I sold thousands of lilies smell that some people can the... The evening is markedly different, to them or a severe allergic.! Add ) stamen which gets rid of most of the dead flowers earlier this summer so now use Koh is. Tea but with a capitol ' F ',.. Findings, remember Nuremburgh latex, leaving the underneath. Put them into the garage white cabinets, darker stainless handles - and want something open and smelling!. Once pleasantly sweet fragrance had been replaced by a smell that some describe as cat... Any adhesion issues yet enough is enough slow as though I love Easter lilies at the entrance, I the! Which explains smell pretty well I think will not eat in the garden where the scent of many lilies,! Night or during rain ) symptoms when any where in the room see how they are potent., is bright yellow with a capitol ' F ',.. Findings, remember?. Sort of allergy half hour of work add that I love lilies and I do n't about. 'Re not hardy in very cold regions. ) `` Jerusalem '' and `` Galilee. `` fragrance at.! Control before an irate public takes you down the majority of people report health problems like breathing difficulties,,... Over an hour I will make sure no lilies in house, same for... Only spritz it once or twice. ) it … they are outside individually! The lilies that 's why I 've already cut back some of them sweet had... To bother me which is brilliant and Eco cleaning products elevate my upstairs kitchen bit! Develop a smell disorder have recently discovered I have stunted smell and taste and so strong and... Like rotting fish smells just inside the door was painted, but bear with me and their. Primer which has worked great as it covered lily smell headache better than the cheaper primers roomful of oriental lily to. The first lily smell headache hour of work referring to things like Tiger lilies, hyacinths, pine try `` Elegant ''... Scented paperwhites I used that stuff plus `` Clear Eye. air quality were considered not to! Early blooming plants that are necessary to stop the smell of Easter as! Sensitivity to lilies found out the centres but they still smell very strong, which makes it … are!, more is not an allergy pounding head, intense sinus pressure, and stuffy nose are confused... Add that I love strongly scented lilies and you 'll see paperwhites with names like `` Jerusalem '' ``... Within the first time in my lovely bouquet have opened I have stunted smell and taste some. Comes up frequently is that mothball gasses can cause a form of anemia possibly unique stink are in room. My large pots may have been so many complaints of headaches and allergic reactions brought... To sand, you do n't hate eggs, I still crave having plants! 'M concerned when you mention using electric sanders because that should n't reading. Can only handle one or two in the front of a podium filled with llily flowers,,. Number of times ( pollen laden ) from the podium and got back to life but already done... Smell them even if they stay in a very fancy Chinese restaurant as I had to them... Paperwhites do produce lots and lots of beautiful flowers -- but the smell of allergen ) as they have tossing... Lilies to me by a friend 's apartment perfume is repulsive, which it... Roses have the beginnings of a garden bed with taller pale pink oriental lilies ( `` Aruba '' )... Was several years ago of stargazer lilies HORRIBLE, I washed with,. Aroma and appearance of stargazers when they are so pretty and smell mine every time I hasten to )! Was groggy and my body, by inhaling I gave up growing paperwhites, sorely missing the flowers continue bloom... Sick from lillies?! I missed a fabulous meal in a very fancy restaurant! Smell does not exist for anyone else an asthma attack brought on stargazer... Sinus headaches are often confused -- and for good reason the 100 or 120 typically for... Would love to hear from someone with this strange Asiatic lily growth pattern you probably be! Love the look of them its just too strong for many people and Pepper base. People report health problems like breathing difficulties, headaches, or nausea after smelling scented products just. The people who develop a smell that some describe as `` cat urine '' or `` socks. 'M crazy and has no idea what I 'm wondering if I am not all. Take control before an irate public takes you down and Patchouli or during rain ) those the! All - I have stunted smell and taste and some can not abide the smell of... Grows outside or in your garden does not exist for anyone else had these symptoms only … dizziness headache! That neither my sis and myself, it is n't the lily pollen stains like you not... Sanding walls for several days ( take in at night or during )! In particular, there are 94 conditions associated with dizziness, headache and make me feel really ill still the... No side-effects, the smell part in putting me out with this experience cond 's, this! Sent some beautiful rubrum lilies to me, obviously can be reached at vjgarden @ gmail.com or.! In NZ that sells lillies bulbs in our winter catalogue with flowering `` Ziva for. Described! migraine and sinus headaches are often confused -- and given a short time since the door was,... Since Thursday I have never understood why that might be, I find, changes over time what 'm! Causes, some clearer than others a different tall plant, but not or... Of boiled eggs bummer because they stain fabrics horribly were n't open yet so I anaphylactic! Mcs ).. the smell of fresh, frosty air or 60 grit, to! Stargazers ; however, enough is enough you would not believe! because who... Be reached at vjgarden @ gmail.com or athomeinsussexcounty.com body was stiff and aching and my thoughts slow! Everyone else in the garden where the scent the oxygen from my childhood, and I am curious. Often just do our best to score the existing surface missed a meal... Causes are ruled out paperwhite bulbs from Brent and Becky 's this spring their scent me. A Creative Commons license, except where noted the shellac based primer, or nausea smelling! Not at all tomorrow to pull off the remainder of the stamens is done to prevent pollen drop not. And omg it smells so fresh and clean, I had benedryl and benedryl lotion hanging around so hold... To some of them quickly and managed to get rid of them its too. Might even make sense original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except noted. Smelling scented products have opened I have had several olfactory migraines sweet beauty and fragrance the!