Hi, I was wondering why my images won’t stick and come out discolored (greenish) after I try and transfer the image. Using the clothesline will save energy and money. If the tee is made of high quality fabric, it is likely to be 200 … Softening Stiff Material Q. I am wondering whether any other reader could help me with softening 'stiff' material. Starting out I didn’t know to sublimate you had to have a 50/50 blend of cotton … THE BEST WAY to get rid of this is to sit in front of the TV and chew the armpit of the shirt, the enzymes in your saliva will break down the salt far quicker than any off the shelf product. If you like your shirt collars clean and stiffened, then you need to learn the technique of ironing a shirt to make the collar stiff. ... feet are sweaty and when they dry the socks get stiff… Wash the items in the washing machine, but do NOT add soap or detergent to the water. I purchased some 65% polyester 35% cotton yesterday to make a couple of dresses. Only add 1-3 cups (depending on … Remedy the stiff fabric by washing it with a couple of cups of white vinegar. I suppose the gel is getting into the fabric of the shirt… It takes a few extra minutes at the ironing board, but if you are going for that crisp and professional look, it is a must. You will get … Your button, but also the rivets, zipper, and the tough knots of thread around the fly can wear against knit t-shirts. I have all cotton shirts and poly fog to spray onto the fabric so the images will stick onto the cotton. I was … 100% cotton will stretch. Try wearing cotton socks and alternate shoes :) 1 0. The pinholes are usually caused by friction against the metal hardware on jeans. When opting for this type of T-shirt, remember that it will probably be slightly stiffer than it will be after that first wash but it is much softer than comparable tees. If you find that your T-shirts are too stiff, opt for pre-washed cotton tees that are custom-made. When excessive sweat gets into the fibres of the clothing whether socks, t-shirts etc, it will dry, therefore the fibres dry closer together causing the feeling of hardness. Another thing to look at in terms of the quality and softness of a T-shirt is the thread count. Soft cotton shirts are typically a sign of high quality. I have some button up cotton shirts that have gotten very stiff in the armpit (typically right side as that side always seem to sweat the most). You might need to practice a few times, but once you get … The most popular reason I have found for why we get such pinholes in our t-shirts is friction. Simply stressing it from everyday wear will cause it to stretch. Many people like the fresh scent compared with running a … I am curious how to rid the shirt of this stiffness. I have used gel anti perspirants (right guard, gillete) for years. Do you like the idea of line drying clothes, but hate how stiff everything feels afterward?