Li Xiangfei | Hinako Shijou | May Jinju Lee || Before The King of Fighters 97 takes place, he is pestered by fellow high school student, Shingo Yabuki, to teach him how to create his flames. He sends me a messag [10] In the tournament's finals, he meets the host of the tournament and the younger heiress of the Yata clan, Chizuru Kagura. Kyo Kusanagi, the champion of both KOF 95 and 96, had lost his reason of fight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Brother of The King of Fighters Character Kyo Kusanagi Before The King of Fighters Tournament, Rikimaru Starts to Train with his Father, As a Kid, He was a good leader of Fireside Boys and He exercise hard for Work and Excitement. In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Kyo was voted as the staff's second favorite character, placed behind his rival, Iori.[7]. In The King of Fighters '99, two clones of Kyo appeared as selectable characters: Kyo-1 and Kyo-2. Sean Faris – Age, Parents, Siblings. A short while before Kyo went to search for Souji, Aoi and her brother had a fight. (vs. Athena): "You're getting to old for that outfit. The big thing this version of Kyo gained in 2002 is the addition of a bizarre counter move, giving him a new way to score a knockdown on defense without resorting to his much-less-safe DP. This time, Rugal also brainwashed Kyo's missing father, Saisyu Kusanagi, into attacking his son. The B Version is faster and has slightly less range than the D Version, but it can't juggle anything afterwards other than a C Version Oniyaki. He named the band after character Kyo Kusanagi in SNK Playmore 's The King of Fighters video game series. However, contrary to this, a piece of official art for King of Fighters 2002 shows Kusanagi's flames burning off the flesh on his arm revealing robotic musculature, suggesting he was in fact originally intended to be one of NESTS' Kyo clones. The first section of this attack, before Kyo strikes upwards, counters low hitting attacks and most crouching attacks. Kyo Kusanagi vs. Balrog. A really damaging Max combo that works mid-screen and in the corner. To save time, the project head then drew designs for Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 on the spot.[4]. She is a cousin of Kyo Kusanagi. Due to his clan's past, Kyo fights against the Kusanagi's enemies; his rival Orochi's soldiers. Goenitz || Also, in KOF 2002, he has a special intro with some characters that use weapons in battle, like Choi, Chang, Billy and Whip, being "Temae! Kyo Kusanagi (草薙 京 Kusanagi Kyō) is one of the main characters in SNK Playmore's King of Fighters videogame series; he was first introduced in The King of Fighters '94 as the leader of the Japan team. Kula Diamond. Reviewers noted him to be a necessary character to have in every video game from the series and commented of him to have the best winning pose. and he acknowledges him as if they both knew each other. The King of Fighters Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kyo: "A battle with a babe? Kyo Kusanagi's cousin, who has the Riot of the Blood. Kyo Kusanagi is on Facebook. However, Rugal's body was overwhelmed by the power's immensity and he was vaporized after his defeat. Video games reviewers have praised his design and fighting style as one of the best from the series. It functions as a poke that is an extension of Kusanagi's sweep. They renamed their family name to Yagami and their flames, previously red like their former allies, changed to violet from Orochi's taint. Before Fame. Vanessa | Seth | Ramon || Instead, Iori snares Orochi by the neck, and Kyo obliged his rival by crippling the great demon with one last deathblow, allowing Chizuru to reseal Orochi. At most, only omit the second dp+C. Many smarter players could guard roll the first flame and punish Kyo anyways so it's still not a smart idea just to let it rip. Here is a list of quotes for Kusanagi. Ura Sie Kensou || Having won KOF '94 through '97 and 2003, Kyo is the KOF character with most championship victories in the tournaments, having won 5 tournaments. Prior to the events of The King of Fighters 96, a mysterious man -later revealed to be one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of Orochi, Goenitz- challenges Kyo to a fight. Kyo appears to be strongly driven by his heritage, particularly a sense of justice (or at least a hatred or disdain for villains) and a bond with Iori (of the Yasakani) and Chizuru (of the Yata) - he, however, tends to see such things more as personal matters rather than being a part of his heritage. Kyo Kusanagi (草薙 京 Kusanagi Kyō) is one of the main characters in SNK Playmore's King of Fighters videogame series; he was first introduced in The King of Fighters '94 as the leader of the Japan team. Shortly after the completion of his training, Kyo competes in a preliminary held in Japan to determine the members of the country's representative team in the King of Fighters tournament. Kyo is first introduced as a cock-sure delinquent high school student who is the heir to the Kusanagi clan, who can use pyrokinetic powers. But he doesn't like popsicles. Ryo Sakazaki | Robert Garcia | Yuri Sakazaki || and translated in KOF: Maximum Impact as "I am... the champion! Iori is discontent about Kyo. After Kusanagi raises his hand, it counters most standing normal attacks that comes into contact with Kusanagi's arm. Kula was created by NEST to serve as the Anti-K. ... to serve as the Anti-K. She betrayed NEST and is now friends with K Kyo Kusanagi. Therefore, the Yasakani struck a blood pact with Orochi for more power. During the charge-up you have some invincibility (upper-body for the strong version, lower-body for the weak version). Yashiro Nanakase | Shermie | Chris || His extreme disinterest in studies has led to his chronic inability to graduate from high school (which has become subject to in-jokes, though he seems to have just ditched without graduating after KoF'97), and it also was how he met a fan and eventual student of his, Shingo Yabuki. Kusanagi has, for the most part, the same moveset as '95 Kyo; this means he's a well-rounded character with a variety of combo tools, great normals and a couple of strong reversals, essentially giving him all the tools he needs to win. Kyo Kusanagi: There's definitely no need for that. Kyo initially protested allying with Iori (though Iori apparently did not do likewise), but relented to form the Sacred Treasures team. This is my brother ha ha ha - Duration: 14 seconds. Leona Heidern | Ralf Jones | Clark Still || Rugal boasts his desire to fight powerful opponents and challenges them. The Rugal saga takes place in The King of Fighters 94 and 95. When they were nearing the end of their production schedule, staff members were indecisive upon which uniform the Kyo clone should wear ('94 or '95) when the project head said to just make two clones instead. The main one to use is the D Version for its juggle properties and ability to combo from Close Heavy Attacks. [6] Along with his rival, Iori, Kyo has been noted by several of the series' designers as being one of the most difficult characters to illustrate because of his popularity amongst fans. With this counter it causes hard knockdown upon hit. After capturing Kyo following the climax of the King of Fighters 97' tournament, they used his DNA to create thousands of identical lifeforms which possess his fighting style and some of his memories, albeit with somewhat differing personalities and traits. Somewhat safer on block since the three flames puts the opponent in large amounts of block stun. Athena Asamiya is a female pop idol who wields "Psycho Power." Sude de shoubu shiagare!" Win Quotes (vs. Andy): "Your problem is you had bad luck. King | Mai Shiranui | Kasumi Todoh || He advances into the finals, where he confronts the remaining "Four Heavenly Kings" of Orochi, Yashiro Nanakase, Shermie, and Chris. She has a younger brother that she takes care of. However, the growing presence of the Orochi (namely, the appearance of Magaki) caused Iori to snap and enter the Blood Riot state, and he trashed Kyo and Shingo in a berserk fit. Sho's design reappears as Kyo's unlockable 3rd alternate outfit in KOF: Maximum Impact and in the KOF: Maximum Impact 2 as Classic Kyo's unlockable "normal" outfit. cr.B > cr.A xx df.D (1-hit) xx hcb+K/qcfx2+K, j.B > cl.C xx df.D (1-hit) xx hcb+K/qcfx2+K. Shermie did what she asked, inflicting her with the same curse inflicted on the Yagami clan. The C Version is faster but recovers longer than the A Version, much like other sets of projectiles in the game. [13] Exhausted, Kyo passes out. You've just met your maker." cl.C xx qcf+D,D > hcb+K/run up rdp+D/qcbhcf+P/j.d+C/j.CD/j.D. Although it requires a bit of timing, it's the preferred ender mid-screen after Kai for the damage and hard knockdown. Kyo has also apparently known Athena Asamiya since childhood, a detail that has received little attention outside of some spin-offs like the KoF: Kyo manga. Ash escaped and Kyo swore vengeance.[15]. A black T-shirt with a white cross outline, a necklace, a black motorcycle leather jacket with red and white features, black and white full-hand gloves, greyish-black jeans, and white shoes with a pocket chain(sometimes referred to as Shin Kyo 2). Nameless || Krizalid || Ryuji Yamazaki | Blue Mary | Billy Kane || Wanting to disrupt their unity, one of the Hakkesshu killed the leader of the Yasakani's wife. Though he never knew Chizuru Kagura prior to the events of KOF '96 and does not appear to have actively befriended her (it's remarkable, though, that he now refers to Chizuru by first name, which in Japanese mindset denotes a noticeable closeness -- his girlfriend Yuki, his best friend Benimaru and his "student" Shingo are the only other characters he is known to regularly refer to by their first names), he became enraged over Ash stealing her powers, and swore to get even with him. Basic mid-screen combo that also works anywhere. In spite of his injuries, his anger and spirit from his loss drove him to invent powerful new techniques -this is the canon explanation for Kyo trading his ground-fireball attack for his now trademark flame-laced melee attack strings. The three clans decided to move its vessel into another location. Iori is a central character to the series' plot, and the initial enemy and eventual rival of Kyo Kusanagi.