It is a top-flight production whose message of the importance of religious freedom has particular resonance for us today. I was very impressed by the movie, "For Greater Glory." or our successes, but the victories of God in the lives of the young people entrusted to us. debo plantearme y finalidades que deben orientarme. Anyone who saw the 2012 film For Greater Glory will recall the brutal, bloody martyrdom scene of a teenager in 1920s Mexico. How to use glory in a sentence. Languages: English and Spanish Subtitles: Spanish " For Greater Glory vividly depicts the difficult circumstances in which Catholics of that time lived - and died for - their faith. For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada subtitles English. Human translations with examples: people, tiene deen, para siempre,, ¡gloria a alá!, la gloria de dios. Reverend Michael Gaitley’s book, 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration, begins with a promise to disclose a “secret” form of knowledge based on Gnosticism. Accusations of offenses committed by Legionaries r... Let the one without sin cast the first stone. The Brother asked if he and the Monk could spend the night in their dwelling. Read more. A chronicle of the Cristeros War (1926-1929); a war by the people of Mexico against the atheistic Mexican government. Thus, they should make it a priority to understand how the precious heritages they each hold can direct and even impel them to work together for justice and peace, recognizing their joint goals and responding to the call of the One they worship and obey to, come together not only in a common word but also, Así, deberían dar prioridad al hecho de comprender cómo el valiosísimo legado que cada uno tiene puede ordenarles e, incluso, impelerles a que trabajen juntos por la justicia y la paz, reconociendo sus objetivos conjuntos y respondiendo al llamamiento del Único al que rinden culto y obedecen de, reunirse no sólo en la palabra común sino también e, It appears, from this letter, that our establishments in the Vivarais would prove troublesome to the episcopal administration, and that would be absolutely contrary to the aim of our society, which is to further the zeal of the bishops for the good of their dioceses, and to get along, perfectly with them, undertaking nothing and doing nothing without their permission, Según esta carta, parece ser que nuestras escuelas en el Vivarais molestan a la administración episcopal, lo que va absolutamente en contra de la finalidad de nuestra Sociedad que es secundar el celo de los obispos por el bien de sus diócesis y entendernos, perfectamente con ellos, sin emprender ni hacer nada que no cuente con su beneplácito. Basandomi su esperienze personali, la gloria maggiore … In addition, they make him see that it is one spirit that unites them, one and the same charism; they tell him this as they use the, Y más aún, le hacen ver que un mismo espíritu les está uniendo, un mismo carisma; se lo dicen al utilizar las, Estoy firmemente decidido a actuar de acuerdo con usted y, As Father Joseph Pielorz pointed out in his thesis: "His apostolic mentality enables us to discover the true, Como anota el P. J. Pielorz en su tesis: "Esta mentalidad apostólica nos explica también el, However, all along the way, we trusted in the Lord who. Why it's necessary to give equal time to prayer and praise. Character: Pulga 2018. Tasha Cobbs) by FIYA feat. Cambo nos recordaba el apego al Sagrado Corazón del joven vicario que se convirtió en superior de seminario, y luego fundador de congregación y siempre fascinado por esa devoción; Igon nos colmó de agradecimiento a Sta. "For Greater Glory" ("Cristiada" in Spanish) is must-see movie! ‎A Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of Heythrop College and of the Jesuit Educational Tradition This film … A Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of Heythrop College and of the Jesuit Educational Tradition.