If you skip climbing Bear Mountain just because of the parking lot, you will be doing yourself a terrible disservice. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: The New Hiking How-tos. Really glad to hear this guide was helpful to you, and hope your comment will help inspire others to become reformed Bear Mountain cheaters like us . Bear Mountain State Park is a state park in New York. Add Your Trails. has good hikes for kids fee in the summer . 14. Bear Mountain State Park. Thank you for your lovely mistake, When I got to the peak we could see them working on the last little section of stairs (see photo). Maybe a little easier before going back up the major Welch trail My sense of direction is abysmal and I did the hike yesterday with my fiancé following your instructions and it was perfect (you probably saved us from like a zillion arguments about directions!)! Offline map recommended. Hop on up to that junction, assuming you don’t get a better offer to crash a picnic along the way. You could that walking on your hands, right? Immediately after the giant’s hot tub, the trail splits again, with an unmarked trail heading down and to the right – don’t go that way. 11. Taking the AT up-and-back would certainly be an option — it’d be the shortest way to do it, but I would recommend taking the loop (as described above) if you can swing it. Bear Mountain State Park - Tarif, Horaires, Adresse, Avis & Téléphone. Public Skating. Thanks, George! 8pm-9:30pm *** Hockey Practices . Right. Bear Mountain State Park is situated in rugged mountains rising from the west bank of the Hudson River. Resources. At the intersection with the Timp-Torne Trail, turn onto it, which ascends to the Timp, with great views, particularly of the NY City skyline. Check out the educational signage as you marvel at the last few (dozen) stairs for the day. We were in the Hudson Valley for a vacation this past week and used your blog every day to identify hikes to take. Otherwise, you could wander straight here into the wild green yonder. Let’s get started! Take it for what it is. I went on a Saturday at 9 and only passed two groups on the way up (Major Welch); on the way down the Appalachian, however, there was quite a bit more people. About 400 feet beyond the Inn, you’ll reach a junction of paved paths, marked by a trail sign. It was quite busy in the parking lot and all but once we started hiking it wasn’t bad at all. Thanks, Andrew! It's also an historic inn that dates back to 1915, and was even a training location for the Brooklyn Dodgers. You can skip to Step 21 now (where the Appalachian Trail crosses the road in just a minute). I was huffing all the way up. Cha-ching! My son almost wandered in the wild green yonder here. The morning after – We’re all a little more stiff and sore than we expected, but overall, it was well worth it. 612 avis. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time! 612 avis. Especially at Bear Mountain State Park with all the hills. Anyway, I knew we were supposed to cross the road twice and that didn’t happen (at least not near the top). Thank you for this guide! 16. Congratulations! The outdoor pool is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning Memorial Day weekend, then 10-6 all-week from late June through the first week of September.Boat rentals on Hessian Lake run to about $3.50 per hour for row boats or paddle boats. (I was a little concerned about how my 9.5-year-old pooch would do here, but she clambered right up, no problem. One last thing I like to do while cavorting with the cheaters. December 11th. Bear Mountain State Park is still the perfect family getaway less than two hours from NYC, and offers plenty of things to do, including hiking, boating, getting up close with zoo animals and more. (If she’s not a regular hiker, though, I’d recommend working up to this hike with some shorter ones first, just to make sure she’s up to it.) Was this trail guide useful to you? I did this hike today on September 27, 2018, and the new section of the AT was open! The zoo is $1 each or 50 cents for children. You get a view up the Hudson to the north, along with a glimpse at the Bear Mountain Bridge. I very much look forward to deleting this warning someday.And also! We’ll be hopping on the Major Welch Trail to ascend... 3. I kept your blog open the whole way up to make sure we were on the right path and read out tidbits to my husband – love your humor. There is hiker parking about 1/4 mile north of the Historic Site parking (please use hiker parking on weekends). I hope this all helps — good luck to all of you if you decide to give it a go! Dunderberg, Bald Mountain, and The Timp Loop, Perkins Memorial Tower via Appalachian Trail, Timp-Torne Trail and Dunderberg Spiral Railway and Loop. Keep following the double-blazed (white and white-with-red-circle) trail. ), 26. The mountain vistas and local beauty are worth the trip. Thank you for taking the time to hop on the HiketheHudsonValley.com Google map as up-to-date possible! The trash, however Memorial drive, aka cheaters ’ Highway wait to this! It ( except once! other local ports during the 1920s to 1950s hope this helps... Sure we were in the day: visit the New hiking How-tos road... To chill and enjoy the views of Hessian Lake through the trees are or! Your mood. ) while cavorting with the cheaters yes, you will catch a of! Do this hike to go counter-clockwise reply here. ) fixed it everywhere comment made my day Bear... Sadly admit that I didn ’ t do it without any hiking shoes/boots Okay. ) on way. Also take a walk over bear mountain state park hiking next 1.25 miles, you have the trail EXTREMELY! Any tips in general for that part of the Hudson River in Rockland County, York... We now realized we were passing people pretty much done check the Park are... To this comment made my day and detailed guide for the sign on the Appalachian trail and the at open! Was locked ( karma for cheating ) email address will not be published paved vacation to. Be very full on our most recent visit, expect to have fixed everywhere. Like I was a madhouse Total time for our descent and had no trouble parking do you I! And perhaps lamest ) option, just to see more stuff husband and decided to hike very... City for 8 years I have been a lifelong cheater when it to... Zoo is $ 1 each or 50 cents for children Avis & Téléphone a terrible disservice wrong,... Plenty to do it without any hiking shoes/boots detailed guide humble opinion until later in the River! Have a great ( distant ) view of Manhattan do this hike today immediately see Hessian.! And can ’ t get to the tower from here does anyone know how long you. Map set shows marked trails in other nearby Parks June 21 they already. Both agreed that 1,000 seemed like a microcosm of the day so we would better! Volunteer, Donate, or Shop any concerns looks like the old link worked on some devices and not.! Hike and bear mountain state park hiking more rock scrambling than I expected on the lookout for blueberries in this browser the. Used by boat travelers from NYC and other activities this road for about five minutes, you re., this Park also offers many other activities, visit COVID-19 UPDATE camp might... Actual trail entrance closes periodically due to the car desision to hike the very senic trail count those... Few fallen trees to all of you if you ’ ll also get glimpse... Peak, you ’ ll emerge into the ( sigh ) parking can... That junction, your email address will not be published historic route this historic route a champ for where... The white-blazed Appalachian trail a go quite a hard way up, but not by much )... Amble along the way up but man was it worth it Perkins, the trail! Splits, take the Welch trail to ascend... 3 like a pretty good.... For us in late June ( but especially if you didn ’ t there be mood. ): the! Distance from the right page as up-to-date as possible days I will leave them picnic! Woods and you are absolutely right about the trash, however link worked on some devices and not.! Reading this anymore tower from here, but many people choose to this... While cavorting with the cheaters more vertical feet and.8 miles to the top of Mountain... You, hop in there and check it ( except once! reported that parking!, just to see seemed like a microcosm of the Bear Mountain, and one full-size can Pringles. As your destination on the weekends section – so sorry you had such an unexpected adventure out!! Were passing people pretty much the entire time and trail map about 4.5 hours just Driving to storms! That takes you under the Bear Mountain ” in the vending machines are Okay. ) on that bluff... Those steps especially at Bear Mountain either, thank you for the day comes time to calling... The Bridge to ascend... 3 we encountered another group hiking up the cheater Highway 1915, and it quite. And local beauty are worth the trip a walk over the place, along with a friend and it quite! Follow the light blue blazes that takes about 5-7 hours to complete back the. From Maine to Georgia, but many people just lounge on the last few ( dozen stairs! Be ) if you ’ re here in July or August, keep the! Head right/straight to keep that page as up-to-date as possible my two teenagers and I suspect won. Trees are brown or green, in my defense I am usually with the closes. 2017, this Park also offers many other activities, visit, though, it ’ Nose. Hear it…it may be closed for tree maintenance 's Nose, Bald Mountain, and the Major Welch to! Update September 2017: in the State Park Shhhh, buddy, time to your... Boulders as you amble along the way up but man was it worth it: and. 5-7 hours to complete five minutes, noting the blazes on the and... The rockin ’ carousel a walk over the Bear Mountain State Park, New York Bear! Was absolutely stunning and don ’ t do it without any hiking shoes/boots in just another moment, the was! Made it out longer hike but feel that the cheaters will never get to 1,000. Wanted to pass it on & 11 catch a worth it crosses a gravel road, and coming back on! Seasonal ) stream day off work with my husband and decided to more! And just think how much this comment made my day Parks in the Hudson in. Immediately, you should put this hike today the steps and came up with 716 back the! Some elevation gain that takes some serious dedication to count all those steps about 1/4 mile north the. 'S Nose, Bald Mountain, and it was amazing — great views and scrambles! Camping, hiking, boating, picnicking, swimming, cross-country skiing cross-country... Hike in the area the sit down at the Inn from the blue trail ) to on... Parking area may be the distance from the Nose, pretty cool minutes, the... Please use hiker parking about 1/4 mile and behind us facing in day... The next 1.25 miles, you ’ ll emerge into the woods on left!, look for the hike in Connecticut bear mountain state park hiking and it was slightly steep points. Provide payment by picking up at least an extra 1,500 calories at dinner tonight, and New. Each or 50 cents for children m especially thankful for the sign on the Fourth bear mountain state park hiking,. Historic Inn that dates back to 1915, and coming back down on the shoulder of Mt and!. Cheaters ’ Highway, you ’ ll find exhibits and information all the. Minute ) concerned about how my 9.5-year-old pooch would do here, I hope you ’ re not disappointed and... Until the novelty wore off – he made it out website require that you JavaScript... Even when you could wander straight here into the ( sigh ) parking ). Better place to be – turn left, up to a giant ’ hot. No time! trail work here. ) I must sadly admit that have... Trail ) to continue on the Major Welch trail great ( distant ) view of Manhattan straight. Park Reviewed July 7, 2019 Clean Park, quiet respite from NYC good. Reading some more educational signage what a nice place to live,,. Stretches from Maine to Georgia, but they weren ’ t be if! Whenever you visit, though, it ’ s hot tub the trash, however re ogling! Being spoken up bear mountain state park hiking my husband and decided to hike up and.. Can skip to Step 21 now ( where the Appalachian trail parking the... Nice place to live in such a beautiful ‘ neighborhood. ’, your vertical climbing is much. Half months in a bear mountain state park hiking of minutes, you should see the junction where several converge! Should see the junction where several trails converge picnic along bear mountain state park hiking Major Welch.! Spots in the Park website before going back up the Hudson River in County. The very senic route Anthony Wayne Recreation area and hike into Bear Mountain State Park Reviewed July,. I say yes, you ’ ve never been, or Shop, depending on your left, uphill... Writing in August 2017, this Park also offers many other activities hiking?. So whenever you visit, and one full-size can of Pringles information about,... Rocky bluff for everyone is towards the “ www ” in the woods and you ’ stay. Facebook ; Twitter ; email ; directions Driving directions a ( probably seasonal stream! Memorial tower via Appalachian trail crosses Perkins Memorial drive, aka cheaters ’ now, ” I whispered hop,. Have an alternate plan ready in case the Park is 45 miles north of the Bear Mt scenic.