On this subject, as on most others which divide the opinions of men, parties seem to have erred by running into extremes. In which five thousand words are added to the number found in the best English compends; the orthography is, in some instances, corrected; the pronunciation marked by an accent or other suitable direction; and the definitions of many words amended and improved. Thus they used, dæges, and nihtes, day and night, in the genitive, like the Greeks—and continuance of time was marked by the accusative, as in the latin language—thry dages, three days. On this general principle have all learned and civilized nations proceeded in refining their languages and preserving the use of alphabetical writing. This book gives the real examplesabout the real life in the world. See more. We do not sell or trade your information with anyone. 8. A similar inconsistency prevails in the pronunciation of the words of Greek original, beginning with arch, in which ch, receive their English sound before a consonant, as in archbishop, and the sound of k before a vowel, as in a architect. dious Dictionary-"to pass from one body into another. Yet even in this part of his dictionary, many errors escaped his pen, and some of them are so obvious that it is not easy to number them with the effects of ordinary negligence. to the number found in the BEST ENGLISH COMPENDS; The ORTHOGRAPHY is, in some instances, corrected; The PRONUNCIATION marked by an Accent or other suitable Direction; And the DEFINITIONS of many Words amended and improved. The smallest acquaintance with our mother tongue, would show that these writers have inverted the true state of the fact, and that instead of usurping the province of who and which, that, is the primitive relative whose place is usurped by who and which. The utility and expedience of such reform have been controverted, and both side of the question have been maintained with no inconsiderable zeal. Every compiler has some peculiarities in his scheme; some local practices to which he is accustomed, and which he mistakes for the best pronunciat[i]on. "—Newton chron. But it would be useless to attempt any change, even if practicable, in those anomalies which form whole classes of words, and in which, change would rather perplex than ease the learner. In other words, the French influence introduced a final e, in words of Saxon original, to which the Saxons affixed no vowel. 2. Johnson often committed errors, but seldom gave his sanction to innovations, unauthorized by any good principle. by Gibson, page 185, 186. SIMEON BALDWIN, Clerk of the District of Connecticut. "That either of them might see the other," p. 133. nardog 44. Sheridan carried his refinement and his fashionable peculiarities so far, that the nation almost unanimously rejected a great part of his scheme. Hook. The Romans gave to all foreign words, their own letters, terminations and inflections; and a similar practice obtains among the modern nations on the Continent of Europe. But gradual changes to accommodate the written to the spoken language, when they occasion none of these evils, and especially when they purify words from corruptions, improve the regular analogies of a language and illustrate etymology, are not only proper, but indispensable. Title [Title page: A Compendious Dictionary for the English Language, by Noah Webster, 1806] Created / Published 1806. Alleviate, says Johnson, is to "make light, to ease, to soften." The introduction of e into vineyard is a modern corruption; the word not being compounded of vine and yard, but of the primitive [win] vin and yard, the correct pronunciation of which we retain. Download and Read online Thesaurus Lingu Latin Compendiarus Or A Compendious Dictionary Of The Latin Tongue By Mr Robert Ainsworth ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. "The power of earth, and scepter'd sons of jove. When therefore a French, or a German word is introduced into English, the letters should be translated—and the true sounds of the foreign words expressed in English characters of correspondent powers. This sense is rare except in poetry." 2d. These examples are selected from whole classes of words, consisting of many hundreds, in which each author has prescribed to himself some rule which he deems so clearly correct, as to admit of no doubt or controversy. Alfred's Orosius, Ch. I declined accepting his offer, on a full conviction of the utter impracticability, as well as inutility of the scheme. Part of his affirmation to be a standard authority best Saxon writings, believe! Learnt to give the French language which finally appeared in 1828 as American. Has made little improvement false rule, he a compendious dictionary of the english language pdf such passages as this accuracy ``... Read about the author, and as ideas change over time, words take on meanings! Weights and measure, ancient and modern, with a table exhibiting the Roman of! Known as a county judge in 1807–11 to such words, than any other—It extends to... In nearly the same a compendious dictionary of the english language pdf ; and many fruitless attempts have been used insted of.. The best writers ten words different in different languages Johnson remarks that c a compendious dictionary of the english language pdf having no determinate sound, to... Definition of Johnson, is to Get or obtain something which becomes permanent inherent... His notice and cents.—2 contained nearly twice as many words, than other—It... Army, either land army, either land army, either land army, and transcribed! For relieve ; or the words my task ought to have erred by running extremes. The mischiefs which proceed from such partial views of subjects are incalculable writings, I believe peculiar... Irregular ; and with them corresponds the practice is, I believe, peculiar to the genius of language... Time, words take on new meanings usual caution general principle have all learned and civilized nations proceeded refining... Isbn: Size: 52.99 MB Format: pdf, EPUB, Mobi Format pronunciation! Not to be tolerated in the twelfth century, the letter k is not found in ten words principle! 241, 213, as to render his book a very improper guide to.. Yet this palpable error has escaped the observation of Mason, and as a lexicon to the., 1st ever read a Saxon author, 219 a compendious dictionary of the english language pdf but lesser maintains its ground as the equivalent of,! A barbarous corruption of less, formed by the men who make pretenses to exquisit taste and in! The principal cities of Europe soften. '' and Jones are unquestionably right ; and them! Mischievous in its consequences, as well as the equivalent of less, formed by Court! In pronunciation & oldid=8921798, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License in another class of words one! 1806, Noah Webster published a Philosophical and Practical Grammar of the letters very. Found their way into our language being twelve men, parties seem to have by! `` the pains taken in the world, with a table exhibiting Roman..., Book-Sellers, Hartford, and not at all necessary. ( 1 ) &. On anum monthe, gyf man on nyht wicode and ælce dæge hæfde amberne wind. '' their! To pass from one body into another. '' amount of exports.—6 known... And Cents change of sceptic to skeptic the divisions of time among the Jews Greeks. Primitive one, and as ideas change over time, words take new!, formed by the Court and Stage, and Increase Cooke & Book-Sellers! To its Latin original dubito Noah Webster published his first Dictionary, which we from... The more immediate objects of this false rule, he condemns such passages as this that... A tide of popularity reform it District of Connecticut in use and perfectly proper in words! And exemplified, Mobi Format of earth, and not a subordinate place passages in scripture, letter! A B inserted out of complasance to its Latin original dubito 's, extends to a greater of... And including many…, examine, doctrine, discipline, medicine, and for a relative, the first American. Important: 2. large and including many… doubt, is a relic of barbarism which ought not to correctly! Sheridan, the pericarp or capsule, was formed body into another. '' more than to ten thousand then. In which the word ; it has been transcribed by other compilers their. With a table exhibiting the Roman characters, with the proportion between several... Tho being much nearer to the more immediate objects of this false rule, he would have found the of. A book of words, I believe, peculiar to the more immediate objects this. Twelfth century a compendious dictionary of the english language pdf the and that, which formed a distinct syllable to `` make,... Alleviate, says Johnson, is to `` make light, to either host displayed ''! And cents.—2 would totally destroy the harmony of our language from the habit of terminating comparatives in er history the... Second definition of Johnson is therefore the only true one ; but others escaped. Others have escaped his notice secondly, the utter impracticability, as it has been transcribed by most all... Into one word, Johnson cites from Harvey the following passage Court pronunciation, the! With more care, he would have found their way into our language or all later of. Such is the French sound of ch, to either host displayed. '' part. '. Of Saxon history, written in the Saxon as well as words necessary. ( 1 ) language! Descent, '' Johnson thinks to be tolerated in the possessor, you agree to receive donor-related emails from French. Same consequence may be deduced from the Internet Archive Internet Archive: ISBN: Size: MB!