Below, the common Greek phrases are transcribed into the English speaker’s alphabet too. Halloumi is made to a specific recipe with the brilliant balance of cow, sheep and goat’s milk for the perfect squeak and great taste. The attractive logo design captures the sunshine and spirit of Greece with the brand name in mosaic style lettering in bright colours on a white background. It is possible that we could develop or source a product specifically for you. MENU. YAMAS! We use the words “yasu” and “yamas” a lot also as “cheers” (I guess you all … Saganaki is the Greek alternative to Halloumi, used for appetisers, it is great to add variety and interest to any menu. The YAMAS! YAMAS! They also serve gluten free wraps. Yamas restaurant is located at one of the most central spots of Rhodes town, close to Psaropoula beach and the Diagoras statue. Meaning of Yamas. I bought mine years ago and it was under three quid so it might be a bit more now. The enticingly squeaky texture makes this cheese a must for menus! Located in Pelham, NH 03076, we offer a wide variety specialty greek cuisine. but they are great at teaching you the basics - my hubby does not have a glass with his bottled beer and was very proud of himself each time they asked did he want a glass and he replied ochi potieri efharisto!!!! Salads Yamas Orektika Yamas Souvlaki Yamas Specialties Seafood & Steaks Pastas Yamas Pikelias Cheers – yamas. Anyone got any useful greek words/phrases I can use to help on holiday and show a little respect so not being a lazy Englishman please? or Ti kanete? Did you know ‘Saganaki’ literally means ‘little pan’ in Greek? Feta is made from a mixture of sheep’s and goats milk to give it that distinctively delicious and creamy taste. LOL. is a celebratory term used in Greece for “cheers”! A traditional Cypriot cheese that has high melting point, great grilled, fried or oven baked. They strive for fabulous customer service and consistency in their food quality. Feta is a white cheese with a distinctive salty taste and crumbly texture. YAMAS is the new Greek restaurant in Walla Walla and it is sure to please. The word in the Rigveda means a "rein, curb", the act of checking or curbing, restraining such as by a charioteer or a driver. I agree with all the above posts but I thought I might share with you the most useful Greek (bar) phrase I have ever come across: -, Give it a try - I usually find it very rewarding :-). Greek Beers Enjoy Fix & Mythos, the most famous Greek lagers! Cheers to Good Health. Halloumi slices are the perfect balance of taste and texture with the addition of convenience. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their time to answer travelers' questions. Loaded with natural protein and a thick creamy texture, this strained yogurt in the 1kg tub is perfect for creating a variety of menu additions. YAMAS! Yamas, means cheers in Greek and we offer a delicious Mediterranean Tapas and Meze dining in rich, warm, cosy surroundings. If you would like any further information about Yamas! I know Yamas = cheers. Information and translations of Yamas in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions … In this post, I’ll be taking you through the over Halloumi shaped into burgers is the perfect vegetarian alternative at any BBQ or on any menu. Futura Foods UK Ltd.The Priory, Long Street, Dursley,Gloucestershire GL11 4HR, Yamas! Yamas offers great lunch and dinner specials. YAMAS! To see more information about YAMAS! Good morning - kalimera (if you know the person a little) or kalimera sas (if you don't know them or want to show respect for an older person. The meats are freshly cooked and try any of the gyros or meats, you won’t be disappointed. A basic understanding of Greek can help you understand the vibe at Yamas. Perfect with a variety of dips and dishes. BOS:’ chosen name “Yamas!” is Greek for “Cheers!” or “to our good health”. please contact us. 7 years ago. The Priory, Long Street, Dursley, The greeks love it when you speak alittle bit of greek to them and will laugh with you when you get it wrong, ask me anything after I have been back more than a couple of weeks and I would really have to think hardbut once you get back to Greece and hear people speaking it just comes back and you find yourself coming out with it.