Pros: It still looks beautiful in spite of infrequent cleaning with Microfiber-Chenille mop, don’t wax or buff (I am 82 years old and not a very good housekeeper). The original commenter already said they understood the warranty so why would you offer to send it to them? Fast forward to right now – Pergo Max is apparently discontinued (or at least the Nashville Oak was) so we were directed to Pergo Timbercraft Valley Grove Oak – bought 11 boxes and it was noticeably more expensive than the Max was. You’re getting a bargain considering that the average engineered hardwood is from about $4.00 to $7.00 per square foot, and the average solid hardwood is from about $4.00 to $10.00 per square foot. Please feel free to check the TimberCraft with WetProtect warranty on the Pergo website. Scratches are not covered under the warranty for Pergo Max Hardwood (if you need a copy of the Pergo Max Hardwood warranty, you can find it on the Pergo website). Loved it and with some knowledge and practice, we cut out the bottom of the door frames, slide Pergo under them laying flat, and then with some tapping or pulling would always get it to lay flat, lock well, and look good. Download PDF. Bissell Crosswave. I’m excited to see how everything holds up. Can you exchange the board of a different thickness? It does not and it does not stay. Download Warranty When I mop it with a damp cloth and water only, it leaves streaks and smears and dulls.”. I … On their website, Pergo offers a lifetime residential warranty for their LVP flooring, and a 10-year commercial warranty, which is about standard for this type of flooring. We looked at many different brands and have narrowed it to Shaw Pinnacle Port in Sable Hickory, Pergo Outlast, and the Frontier by Eternity. Pergo FloorMate is the perfect companion for your new floating laminate or engineered wood floors. Loose lay or floating are my choices with a gap for expansion and contraction. I read the CR also. I instalked approximately 350 sq. Not only does this simple fan fold underlayment making cutting and installing Pergo even easier, it also increases the quality of your Pergo flooring. Flooring is similar to anything else you buy. Since it has cut guidelines on it, installing it around areas could never be simpler. Wet Protect Technology. I will never ever go back to Pergo, they will not honor any warranty. It also smooths minor subfloor imperfections that help ensure your floor is laid correctly. The floor I installed in my kitchen used a special Pergo glue. Shop Pergo FloorMate 100 sq. Pergo was established in 1977 when they invented the first laminate flooring as a new application for high-pressure laminate. I am happy so far and it looks great. Also included on this page is information on the installation steps required to make Pergo Outlast and Pergo TimberCraft more waterproof. Pergo Foam Floor Underlayment FloorMate Flooring Cushion Soft 100 sq ft Premium. You must be doing something wrong with you installation technique. Certifications and Standards. the pieces simply do not lock. 2: Not 1 damaged plank in any of the boxes i ordered. Download Installation Instructions. I will never ever ever buy Pergo anything again. A nightmare. And here’s what a flooring installer from Ohio eloquently said: The quality of Pergo’s flooring is best described as variable. This certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of Pergo’s flooring options, just that you should purchase with care. Here’s what some Pergo customers had to say about the products they purchased: Some of Pergo’s customers are over the moon with their purchases, such as this customer from Elk Grove, California: “Bullet Proof Flooring. I am not able to find any type of comparison. Hi Laura In addition I have two 60lb plus Labs and have seen zero wear or scratches in the past 20 months. Pergo is well known since they invented the category in the mid 70’s and began importing to the US in 1994. Pergo Flooring Review: Pros vs Cons, Options & Pricing. Better off with anything else you can buy. Laminate tends to be more scratch-resistant and stands up better to moisture than solid wood floors. Pergo is proud to announce the results of a comparative lab test featuring our wood flooring. I have dropped some miscellaneous hard or metal things on the floor that made me cringe, but it hasn’t seemed to damage it at all. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Pergo Gold 100 Sq Ft Premium 3 Mm Flooring Underlayment In The . Find the best companies in Flooring and Tiling category: Bellawood and Pergo, Bellawood vs Lumber Liquidators, Pergo vs Lumber Liquidators It is not as beautiful as it was when it was first installed. When I checked at Lowes 2 weeks ago, they were not selling it yet. My oroblem is the smell that it is giving off. I apologize again for your experience. This stuff is total JUNK. We were sure to clean, sweep and vacuum. Think you will too. For the non-waterproof version, spills should be cleaned up promptly. I bought it from a picture as there was no sample of it at the Lowes and was worried about the shine as we are over 70 and did not want to fall on it, but no problems so far. Hello Joyce, I’m Laura with Pergo. Hello David, I’m Laura with Pergo. Pergo Gold 100 Sq Ft Premium 3 Mm Flooring Underlayment In The. Their long history in producing laminate flooring used to give them an edge in the market, but new technological developments have leveled the playing field. I’m ready to purchase the Pergo Timbercraft from Lowes. I’ve done several rooms in similar products, but this one looked the best, so I bought it. Report. In fact, there was a time when the name Pergo was synonymous with laminate. We had Pergo Outlast installed in our home a year ago. we loved our pergo floors, but 3 years ago we installed a new one and hate that one, it is not very resistive to water, or its defective on several boards, not much water lands and its usually dried right away it was very dissapointing. Is Pergo A Good Brand Of Laminate? If so, what do you think of it so far? It comes with pre-taped sides, so any small imperfections on the subfloor will be remedied by its thickness. Pergo Gold Reviews. We have DIY installed Pergo Timbercraft 12mm Brookdale Hickory in two rooms. Pergo laminate cost is $1.99 to $2.99 per square foot. Pergo’s vinyl flooring comes in 60 different designs, including wood, stone, and tile look. Pergo says their laminate is water-resistant, giving you a 30-minute window to clean up spills. Trying to make up my mind on flooring . Sign up to save favorite items, request appointments, and more. I will have to just stop and go buy another brand. This one is amazing. I was retired so when my kitchen dishwasher overflowed I was right there to clean up the water. valid 2019-01-01 - 2020-12-31. Totally agree. Project Contact Manufacturer Document Contributions. Installer says they would have to uninstall I/4 back to change it out but transitional piece will cover about 2 inches of it I so I hope it is less noticeable once they do that. Cared for properly, Pergo laminate flooring should last between 15 and 25 years. We wear our shoes in the house too. This is also an engineered hardwood but requires staples or glue to install. Just had timbercraft installed. I’m very sorry again for your experience. Just had Prego Extreme installed ,they still have rounds an transitional pieces to do. I’m renovating and definitely decided my flooring will be LVP, does anyone out there know the high quality brands? Here’s what Jane of the Woodlands said: “I purchased $6000 worth of Pergo Max hardwood flooring from Lowe’s. 250 sq. Excluding the cheapest and unheard of brands, it doesn’t appear that price is a reliable indicator at all. That is talking down to the customer and not a good sign of customer service. If you’re an engineered hardwood lover or you’re a sucker for solid, there are three styles you’ll be able to choose from: In case you’ve never heard of engineered hardwood, don’t fret, you’re not alone. If you drip water it is hard to find sometimes. We installed some Pergo American Cottage from Lowe’s 10 years ago. gail. Since then, Pergo has grown into a comprehensive flooring company, producing laminate, solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring, and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring. Pergo FloorMate is ready to be put down over a clean and level subfloor, and lays flat. USE one LAMINATE cleaner. This premium underlayment with moisture barrier included creates a more natural sound in the room and helps to reduce sound transmission to rooms below. 2 of the dogs frequently pee on the floor because grandma doesn’t let them out like she should. We are finishing our basement and leaning towards pergo timbercraft plus wet protect. Did youy end up using it? This article and review was so refreshingly helpful! It gets a little easier after you figure it out. Do not try this at home, kids. Local pickup (24 miles away) Posted 1 month ago in Household. Best offer. Hardwood flooring is still one of the most desirable flooring options on the market in terms of its aesthetics and lifespan, and as such it does a lot to add value to your home. Perhaps that’s why it is not mentioned . We just had our Extreme put in It doesn’t have any smell at all Have you tried damp mopping with vingar and water?