Brita products are flourishing the market, it is dominating the water filter industry because of its pure quality, and people are trusting this … You'll need to replace the filter after 40 gallons, or about every 2 months. Find Out, Why Soma Water Filter is better than Brita ? $56.99 $ 56. Many of the company claiming that their product is the best, but without proof, everything is just rhetoric. Pitchers and filters are sold at many popular retailers, including Williams-Sonoma and Amazon. Are there better alternatives? FREE Shipping. We've decided to stop using plastic water bottles (Sparklett's) and are wondering how the filtered water from our Kenmore fridge would compare with water passed through a Brita (or similar) filter. In the battle of Soma vs Brita, it comes down to your taste. Soma filter just goes in the first 2 inches of my pitcher and I fill it just like the carafe. Plastic water bottles take 450 years to decompose § which can result in harmful chemicals leaching into the ground and our water sources. In our review, we’ll explore the key features of the Soma water filter pitcher, filter information (including fluoride and lead removal), current owner reviews, a Soma vs Brita comparison, alternative options, and our complete review. According to all the information available, the Soma filter does not remove lead. We also put together a helpful buyer’s guide and reviews. Lead? We’ve reviewed a long list of water filter pitchers, and the Seychelle Water pH2O Pitcher does the best job of removing contaminants, including fluoride up to 90%. Brita has a longer list of NSF certifications and manufactures a slightly more powerful filter. So Brita wins because it has every factor that it needs to make it a top quality water filter. There are two products of water filter that are quite unusual in the market, the Soma Water Filter and the Brita Water Filter. Filter water vs. bottled water The other thing is Soma also lacking in the ability to remove contaminants from our drinking water which is worsened by the company which did not make any claim or statement about this problem. Most commonly today, they are known as the technology that Brita water filters or refrigerator filters use. In the end, all we can say that ZeroWater offers better filtration, but it is almost 3 times slower than Brita. Soma Water Brita Water Filter Water Pitchers Water Treatment Drinking Water Healthy Life Filters Good Things Pure Products. The answer is no. There is no directly comparable Brita filter, but the Brita Extra Large 18-cup Filtered Water Dispenser has a similar capacity so we’re going to use it to compare to the Berkey. Do you prefer drinking alkaline water? Performance In this term, Soma fails to deliver because they fail to mention how well it did for the NSF test and they are not claiming that this product can reduce chlorine like what we expect, it only improves the smell and taste. First let me state that there are a wide variety of methods to purify water. Does the Soma water filter remove fluoride? The filtered water that comes out of the Soma tastes amazing and better than the Brita I used to own. Click Here or the image below to view the current price for a 2-pack of Soma replacement filters at Amazon: Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s see what current owners are saying before we jump into our review of the Soma water filter. Read our complete EHM Ultra water pitcher review. Why we like it: Simply the best water filter we tested, as agreed by all our panel. 95. You can start it by changing you water treatment machine into the water filter which will purify your water into the quality that you need. A Brita filter is for reducing odors in your water and improving the taste but water from a Brita filter will have virtually the same alkalinity as it did before going through the Brita Filter. One of our favorite water filter pitchers is the EHM Ultra pitcher. £24.46, Amazon. They offer a range of different filtration systems between them, and they’re both most famed for their faucet filters and water filter pitchers.This PUR vs Brita guide will compare PUR and Brita’s most popular water filters, to help you understand the key similarities and differences between the two. Top 5 Water Filter Pitchers That Remove Fluoride, Top 5 Water Filter Pitchers That Remove Lead, reverse osmosis water filtration system with remineralization, Do Brita Filters Remove Arsenic? Activated carbon works by Adsorbing foreign materials to the carbon surface. The Brita Water Filter is probably the spotlight here, but Soma also gives a good reason why we need to consider Soma as a high standard water filter. Copyright © 2020 Brita replacement filters cost less and most likely do a better job of removing impurities. I also read that the Soma … The problem with all water filter pitchers is that none of them are perfect. We’re not impressed by either filter. Reverse Osmosis Carbon Filtration (Brita Filters) Carbon filtration is one of the oldest technologies out there for filtering water. Soma is definitely beautiful for its appearance, but does the quality is the same as its appearance? Averagely, Brita filters water at a range of the 40s per cup while it takes ZeroWater an average of 1m 50s to filter a cup of water.Both water pitcher filter has a recycling program that helps prevent many unwanted materials from ending up in a landfill. But the deciding factor in choosing water filter is placed on its quality and scientific proof. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All rights reserved.Powered by WordPress. Basically, you expect a water filter to have a certificate which proves them to be a standardized product. On pure aesthetics, the Brita nudges ahead as it’s available in a choice of five colors to complement the white - green, red, black, orange and all-white - while the PUR is only available with a blue contrast. Thanks to good looks, eco-friendly filters, and a savvy business model, the Soma water filter is everything your Brita isn’t. Aside from their units being very compact and easy to fit on a kitchen counter, they also use an LED indicator on their filters and are known for drastically reducing particles from 16 different contaminants. Easy-to-fill and featuring Soma’s unique filter made of coconut shell carbon and plant-based casing that removes chlorine and improves taste. Do you have well water? Soma Water Filter vs Brita. If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. The spigot for pouring is on the top and there’s no handle. Raise your glass with the Soma water filter. That’s compared to an average of 15 gallons for a ZeroWater filter before it becomes ineffective. Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know before you buy. If a pitcher is best for you, the pitchers in our top 10 that we linked to in the Better Alternatives section are all better options. Each Soma filter has a 40-gallon life (approximately 2 months at 1 full pitcher per day). That is because nowaday people are starting to realize how important a healthy life is. Tupperware You may associate them with their famous plastic bowls, but Tupperware also makes a water pitcher that uses filtration granules. Filtered carafe and water pitchers, Glass Water Bottles, Ceramic To-Go coffee mugs and Brew Bottles Brita has a well-organized company with the high standardization which is why Brita has been known widely in this world. Is the Soma filter worth the money and is it right for filtering your tap water? Another alkaline water filter pitcher, the $53 Invigorated Water pH Vitality, also did a good job, increasing the pH of my tap water from 8.61 to 9.36. This Brita filter will not remove fluoride, lead, chromium-6, or biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses. The problem is the number of options available, and the reality that not all water filters are created equal. If Brita is praised by its quality, then Soma can be praised for its innovation and beautiful design. Are you serious about removing impurities from your water? One that can help you get a healthy life is the water. Soma Water Filter is the next-generation water filter which is simply fascinating, it delivers crisp, clean water, and a minimalist good look. On the other hand, it also comes with a more appealing design. It is caused by air bubbles getting stuck in the filter and you need to hold the filter in a container of water and squeeze the filter to allow the air bubbles to come out. The downside, though, Brita is not developing well enough in the design term, Brita still using the same old-style design which is not attracting in many ways. These use a simple carbon gravel for their filter that will remove some chlorine. advertisement. All the Brita’s claims also have been proven by many researchers which is why we don’t need to worry about Brita’s overall quality. Invigorated Water pH Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher ... Brita Water Pitcher with 1 Filter, BPA Free, 5 Cup, White. Developed by Rubel. There are better options available for people who are serious about drinking clean, healthy water, which leads us to our next section…. So you don't want to use it to filter untreated tap water. The marketing material on the official website says that the Brita uses “cutting edge” water filtration technology to deliver great tasting water, day after day. 99. Brita® water filters & filtration systems deliver cleaner, great-tasting drinking water to power you through one more meeting, one more mile or one more game. In this section, I’ll share our complete Soma water filter review. Soma filters are designed and tested with sustainability and performance in mind, with each filter providing two months of clean drinking water. Welcome to our detailed Soma water filter review. It has a sleek design and takes the latest version of the Brita filter cartridges available in the UK – the Maxtra+. Soma Water Filter is the next-generation water filter which is simply fascinating, it delivers crisp, clean water, and a minimalist good look. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 3.7 out of 5 stars 22. Click Here or the image below to view the EHM pitcher at Amazon: Want to know more? In this modern era, you will find a lot of modern water treatment machine hanging around everywhere in the market. Check Brita filter prices now on Amazon: The Brita filter we’re using in this comparison article is the new Brita Style Water Jug. Sign up now to get instant access to our exclusive list of amazing alkaline herbs and spices plus where to find them! Soma makes high quality, sustainable hydration products. On the other side, Brita has proven to the world for its standardized performance. Welcome to our Brita Longlast Filter Review. If you’re serious about filtering well water or municipal water, it’s better to upgrade to a reverse osmosis system. On the other hand, Brita is also a water filter which is made by the Brita company which has reigned the water filter market for over 20 years. Coca Cola Test: What happens when you pour Coca Cola in a Brita filter? The one highlight is the filters are made in the USA, yet that doesn’t cancel out the lack of contaminant removal. Pur has marked itself as one of the top brands in the water filter market. Through the power of activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal, the Soma filter protects your water from Chlorine, Mercury, Zinc, Cadmium, Copper, and other unwanted tastes or odors. The Travel Berkey is a larger cylinder-style gravity-fed water filter that can sit on a tabletop or countertop. It is an undisputable fact that the modern era gives you many luxurious treatments which are why many people have a consumptive attitude. Conclusion If you live in a dry climate (to avoid the mold issue), have clean tap water, and love the thought of sustainable materials, then the Soma pitcher could be the one for you. I bought the pitchers at Bed, Bath and Beyond for about $5.00. It’s important to know if your filter removes fluoride, lead, and a long list of other contaminants. In this section, we’ll focus on the Soma water filter effectiveness and the replacement filters. The whole top of the filter area opens, but there’s a smaller circle where you’re supposed to fill the water area for filtration. This is an important question to ask yourself before investing in a water filter pitcher. Overall, I’m not impressed with the Soma filter, and I believe the company hinges on manufacturing a 65% plant-based filter with renewable materials. Tried Googling the subject but haven't really found much of use. They are made in Italy. Brita replacement filters cost less and most likely do a better job of removing impurities. Complete Analysis, Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher • (2020 Review), 5 Best Water Filter Pitchers for Lead • (2020 Reviews). $19.95 $ 19. Brita vs. They all come with drawbacks. ... Read the Comp[arison between two. To make it easier, I break the review into two parts: our likes and our dislikes. We’re fresh on the heels of our epic Brita vs PUR vs Zero Water Comparison, and we still have everything Brita fresh in our minds.During our analysis, we learned everything there is to know about the Longlast filter, and now we’re sharing additional details of what we found with you in a complete article. So if you are interested in learning more about these products, let’s see the comparison below. First difference: Zero Water filters can filter more number of minerals compared to the Brita filter. They also fit in the fridge door. In overall quality it is a complete win for the Brita Water Filter, however, in the design term, Soma is better. In the long run, you won’t pay much more for replacement filters since RO system filters last a lot longer. Of all the water pitcher companies I’ve reviewed, Soma is one of the least transparent I’ve come across when it comes to sharing its contaminant reduction rates and lab test results. It is more or less looks like the improved version of Brita. Why? Experiment how well a brita filter filters coke. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 24. Soma Water Filter – $79 with six filters ($60 per year @ 6 filters) A well designed “aesthetic” water filter. PUR A runner-up to Brita in name recognition, … A Brita water filter does not contain anything that will make drinking water more alkaline. Brita products are flourishing the market, it is dominating the water filter industry because of its pure quality, and people are trusting this product. Yes, we think so. New last year, this attractive glass water filter is a nice alternative if you care about looks and want to keep it on your dinner table throughout the meal. Our. On the other hand, Soma is an attractive water pitcher which somehow similar to Brita, but with some little improvement in many places. You might also want to consider installing a reverse osmosis water filtration system with remineralization. A dispenser has a higher capacity and can pour while it’s filtering, making it a better option than a pitcher for high-demand households with more than two people. Those “average” numbers are assuming a lot, though. PUR and Brita are two incredibly popular manufacturers of filters for water in the US. By the end, you’ll know without a doubt if the Soma water filter pitcher is the best option for you and your family. Overall, Soma water filter effectiveness is low compared to other options available for a similar price. Because these days powerful water filters are available at affordable prices. Soma water pitchers are best for people who value the visual appeal of a pitcher over the power of the filter. Overview Brita filters are basically and activated carbon treatment. 4.6 out of 5 stars 15,859. Click Here or the image below to view a reliable and affordable system at Amazon: The pitchers referenced throughout this article or a reverse osmosis system with remineralization are your best alternatives to the Soma water filter pitcher. Are Soma water filter test results available? They all come with drawbacks. If you have hard well water or iffy municipal water, you’re better off jumping to the better alternatives section below. You can count on Pur to make your water a little purer.Another bonus i… Saved by Homev. I was annoyed at how long it was taking to filter and googled to see if there were any solutions. In our opinion, Soma is targeting existing Brita customers who prefer a product made of renewable and sustainable materials. Brita rates their standard filter for 40 gallons, and the new Longlast Filter at 120 gallons. The Soma filter removes impurities such as chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc and cadmium. By Margaret Rhodes 2 minute Read. On appearance the two pitcher water filters from PUR and Brita look almost identical with a secure handle attached at both the top and the bottom and a two-tone design. It also comes with a Bri… Mavea The filters for these pitchers can be returned to the company for recycling via postage paid envelopes. The problem with all water filter pitchers is that none of them are perfect. On the other side, that’s the reason why the Brita filter has a longer running time. And for every Soma filter purchased, clean drinking water is donated to people in need through Soma’s nonprofit partner, charity: water. £39.95, Amazon. The Soma water filter doesn’t remove fluoride. If the only design flaw was the difficulty in getting the filter go sit flushly, then, like Brita, we could at least see the bottom of the filter itself to see whether the water was coming through or around it. With a simple switch from single-use plastic bottles to filtered water, you can make a significant impact on this global plastic epidemic. They do link to the WQA (Water Quality Association) website to show their NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI 53 certifications for aesthetic chlorine odor & taste removal as well as cadmium, copper, and mercury reduction. The problems are many, but the solutions are there. I do have to take the filter part off after the water filters. When we compile our key points from owner reviews, we identify trends to give you the best idea of what to expect before you purchase a product. Soma Water Filter Replacements 3-Pack. advertisement. ZeroWater vs. Brita – Conclusion. For example, this will remove 97% of chlorine, 96% of mercury, 87% of zinc and many more. On the other hand, Brita is also a water filter which is made by the Brita company which has reigned the water filter market for over 20 years. ... Soma 6-cup water filter pitcher. The Brita filter can, therefore, give you water that tastes better at first. In the battle of Soma vs Brita, it comes down to your taste. Brita filters are certified by the NSF International; it includes the NSF Standards 42 and 53. Fluoride removal typically requires activated alumina or a reverse osmosis water filtration system. BRITA Style filter jug. One of the advantages of the Soma pitcher beyond its visual appeal is the cost of the replacement filters. ZeroWater vs. Brita water filters are definitely interesting rivals to compare.