The Bichon Poodle is a Bichon Frise mixed with a Miniature or Toy Poodle. It’s a given. Here are 10 breeds that come from crossing tiny poodles with other small breeds Your email address will not be published. But Miniature Poodles can be shy. Due to their Poodle lineage, some Westiepoos bond very closely with one or more family members. Small doodle mixes are typically small dog breeds crossed with a toy or miniature Poodle. There are a couple of behavioral quirks with this hybrid, as there are with many small Poodle mixes. Miniature Poodle mix dogs are favored for their low-shedding and fluffy coats. Lancaster Puppies has lots of hybrid breeds like the poodle mix. With any hybrid puppy, there isn’t much that you can be certain about, especially in first-generation crosses. Poodle mixes: Oodles of Poodles great and small It sometimes seems like Poodle mixes are taking over the world. The same could be said of the mix’s personality. Why buy a Poodle (Miniature) puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? This may disqualify them as candidates for homes with cats or other small pets. What combination of Poodle DNA strikes your fancy? Poodle mix puppies! Toy poodles stand 10 inches or under and were often used in performances and circuses. Because of the coat of a poodle, most poodle mixes don't shed, or shed very little. For this reason, they’re becoming increasingly popular as therapy dogs. Regardless of their coat type, a Miniature Schnoodle will need some brushing. This is because they are prone to separation anxiety. Proper socialization can help with this behavior. There are currently over 40 different types of Poodle mixes—or doodles, as they're lovingly called. This mix retains its parents’ friendly and playful personality and is brimming with boundless energy. They may exhibit guarding tendencies. This hybrid is usually a cuddler, and needs just a little bit of running amok each day to satisfy their energy requirements. The Westiepoo is a West Highland White Terrier (also known as the ‘Westie’) crossed with a Miniature Poodle. Besides being unbelievably adorable, the Maltipoo possesses several other qualities that make it the quintessential small Poodle mix. Small and mini Poodle mixes are the result of crossing a Toy or Miniature Poodle with another small breed. The Peekapoo is a kissy-faced companion that will be more than happy to snuggle up to you on the sofa as you read or watch TV, but these unassuming little pups have a secret—they can be fiercely protective watchdogs. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. The Pomapoo is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Toy Poodle. What are some DNA vendors that i can find out what kind i have. Read more » Details / Contact. For instance, they tend to be friendly and playful and enjoy moderate exercise, but they also enjoy long naps. They range from small dogs to larger dogs the size of standards. For that same reason, don’t expect your Cavapoo to go out of their way to be a good watchdog–they’ll be too busy making friends for that. So a Cavapoo may also want to chase after wildlife when they’re outside. Source 3. So the hybrid will not shed much. It will also require regular brushing to eliminate matting. Thus you have three different types of dog within the same breed: the Standard Poodle, mid-sized Poodle (although these aren’t as common anymore), and the Miniature Poodle. Aug 13, 2019 - Small Poodle mixes are dogs favored for their low-shedding and fluffy coats. Early socialization with people and animals will be necessary to prevent yippy or nippy behavior. They may also get tired of being fussed over and get nippy. When the cross involves a Miniature or Toy Poodle, you get a curly-coated ball of pure cute. You won’t have to worry about much shedding with this hybrid. Depending on whether the Poodle parent is Toy or Miniature, Bich Poos may weigh anywhere from 6 pounds to 12 pounds. 1. Including blood diseases, cancer, heart disease, vision issues, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and intervertebral disc disease. The cross could be as small as a Miniature Poodle, as large as a full-sized Labrador, or somewhere in between. I am looking for a sympathy puppy for my 10 year old grandson. Woof! To learn more about the eager-to-please Cavapoo, see the Cavapoo – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Poodle Mix. The Corgipoo’s high-energy antics are generally cute and harmless, but when they do get into trouble, their “adorability quotient” makes them fairly easy to forgive. Best low-shedding poodle mixes: Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Bidoodle. To learn more about this playful pooch, see our article on the Maltipoo – The Maltese Poodle Mix. There are many popular crossbreeds available of this breed. This adorable Poodle mix got its start in Australia in the 1990s. Anything is possible when two dog breeds are combined. That said, their Corgi genes also make them very intuitive, so if you’re uncomfortable around someone, chances are they will be too. A Miniature Labradoodle is the offspring of a Miniature Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. If you’re looking for a smaller dog, check out a toy poodle mix. The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed, with the controversial teacup Chihuahua coming in at an even smaller size. Both the Havanese and Toy Poodle are lively, cheerful and affectionate. The Peekapoo’s defensiveness is the result of crossbreeding the Toy Poodle and the Pekingese, another toy breed that, since ancient times, has been the chosen dog of the Chinese imperial court. So, since each one of the following mixes have a Poodle parent, it’s safe to assume that they’re pretty darn smart. Poodle mixes are not purebred dogs like poodles are. For starters, Doxiepoos come in several colors including black, brown, white, and gray. These miniature poodles are mixed with another small dog breeds. Best poodle mixes for apartments and small spaces: Cockapoo, Maltipoo, and Toy Goldendoodle. They’re a small toy-sized Doodle that loves being held and gives a lot of affection in return. Aug 13, 2019 - Small Poodle mixes are dogs favored for their low-shedding and fluffy coats. Even-keeled, clownish and affectionate, this is a hybrid that can brighten anyone’s day with its YOLO attitude. Adopt a rescue dog through PetCurious. Look no further than a Terrier Poodle mix. Cockapoo – Poodle + Cocker Spaniel – Small Poodle Mix Breeds One of the original “designer dogs”, the Cockapoo has been with us since the 1960s. She was very. A bold and courageous breed, they have been known to fight to the death to protect those they love. To learn more about this playful pooch, look at our article on the Bichon Poodle Mix – The Bich Poo Teddy Bear Puppy. Cockapoo – Small Poodle Mixes One of the original designer breeds, the Cockapoo (aka Cockapoodle or Cockerpoo) is a combination of the Poodle with another breed considered by many to be among the most beautiful of the canine species—the Cocker Spaniel. Required fields are marked *. The Pomapoo are a mix between a Poodle and the Pomeranian. Their energy is a trait passed down through both their Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier parents, and as the offspring of the Yorkie, their self-assuredness is all but guaranteed. Small Schnoodles with the teddy-bear coat (soft and fluffy, but not densely curled) are in rather high demand. Poodles mixes are broad in variety which means that among them you will be sure to get a perfect fit for you. As the resulting pups could inherit the Poodle’s curls or the Schnauzer’s wiry coat. Maltipoos are multi-faceted and have universal appeal, which makes them the cherry on top of our Poodle mix sundae. Like many small Poodle mixes, Bichon Poodles can be quite the little barkers. People love these mix breeds because of their cuteness. But this makes them less than happy about alone time. This mix may be prone to Legg-Perthes disease, hip dysplasia and other joint problems . Fun Fact: Doxiepoos have a myriad of aliases including Dachdoodle, Dachshundoodle, Dachshundpoo, Doxiedoodle, Doxypoodle —and just plain Doodle. Maltipoo - Poodle + Maltese 7. To learn more about this loveable mix, refer to our article on the Cockapoo – The Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix. We’ve mentioned some defining characteristics for small Poodle mixes. Shih Tzus are known for being stubborn, so they may not be into learning new tricks, but will find other ways to interact with you and get your attention. Here are 8 of the most popular toy poodle mixes. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels do shed seasonally.