True porceline, they say, is stronger tile and can stand more load but the grout lines can break. If not, attach a 3/4-inch auger bit to the drill and drill to a depth of 3 1/2 inches underneath the wall bottom plate on both sides of the rotted area. As suggested earlier screws them down and if you have some rough areas I would consider running a floor sander over those areas prior to putting down the cement board. Most circular saws will let you cut as close as an inch or two. The auger bit effectively acts as a saw to cut away the wood. Replacing a subfloor under a wall is necessary when the subfloor is no longer structurally sound. The experts show how to repair a water-damaged subfloor. I've done it in smaller transitions with good results) I'd screw down 1/2" exterior ply and cbu and be done with it if I wasn't so concerned about height that's why I was/am almost considering ripping down to joists and starting new. Next, use an electric sander to smooth imperfections in the subfloor and remove any traces of adhesive or paint. Follow up by laying 1/2" or 5/8" on top. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles will peel off. This is particularly important if your old sub floor has lumps and bumps in it. Replacement is done to bring subfloor up to code. How to Repair Glue-Down Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. You put cement board on top. I am remodeling another portion of our 100+ year old home. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 21, 2017. Should I screw planking down, 1/4" cement board, and then tile? We will be installing engineered wood flooring over an old tongue-and-groove plank subfloor. It will be meeting a 12 ft long room of hardwood and I'd like to have that as level as possible. Even if the floor is dry, don't rely on the peel-and-stick adhesive to hold the replacement. I guess I'm a little concerned about under building it. 9/16" or thicker Floating Engineered Wood Floors can simply be installed directly on When you remove the … If not, proceed to the next step. Simply lay down the plank and look for dips beneath it or raised humps. We really didn't want to replace the baseboards on the walls simply because it'd be more work and would have torn up the drywall. JavaScript is disabled. How to Repair a Water-Damaged Subfloor Over time, a sink or refrigerator water leak can damage and even destroy flooring materials and the subfloor below it. An entire 2,600-square-foot home can run between $85,800-$159,600. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. For 1/4-inch luan underlayment board, set the circular saw at the correct depth to cut only into the luan but not into any materials beneath it. Mark any problem spots you find. This exterior-grade plywood is a good choice for damp or occasionally wet areas because it can withstand a moderate amount of moisture without deteriorating. Practice on countersink so you don't bury the head. BC plywood over the old subfloor, using construction adhesive and driving 1-1/4-in. He snapped a chalk line to connect the layout marks, which were centered over a floor joist. Repeat all of the previous steps on the other side of the wall to free up the subfloor so that you can remove it. Problem with store bought threshold is that they are made to go over the uneven ends of the flooring. Contractor is trying to talk me into replacing the existing diagonal plank subfloor from when the house was built in 1950. Install a layer of at least ½” or preferably 5/8” ply over the existing planks. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. Tools . That kid is my kid.) By using The Spruce, you accept our, Remove Subfloor From Other Side (Optional), How to Build a Temporary Wall Inside Your Home, The Subfloor Is the Foundation of a Good Flooring Installation, How to Replace a Load-Bearing Wall With a Support Beam. Some floor coverings will lift off, while others will require cutting.