How do you use modifiability in a sentence? It will take less than three hours to make and test the change and … Total 3 2/3 2. The prioritizing of the health problems will just come later on in the process. 3. See more. Social Concern What is the meaning of modifiability? A sample modifiability scenario is "A developer wishes to change the user interface to make a screen's background color blue. This characteristic of the process of change may display variations. Preventive Potential Moderate 2/3 x 1 2/3. Modify definition, to change somewhat the form or qualities of; alter partially; amend: to modify a contract. Tactical design, that is, fine-grained design, depends on this architectural backbone. The modifiability of a software system is the ease with which it can be modified to changes in the environment, requirements or functional specification. Modify definition is - to make less extreme : moderate. Venger, A. and Gorbov, S. (1993). Preventive Potential. ), Ontogeny of human modifiability (pp.157-180). This change will be made to the code at design time. 4. Modifiability need not be similar in all areas. Salience A serious problem, immediate attention 2/2 x 1 1. Meaning, it takes the community as a whole and gives emphasis on all of its aspects, its strengths and weaknesses — everything. The meaning and understanding of software product quality has shifted and software product quality has been defined in the ISO/IEC FDIS 9126-1 standard to mean the many different characteristics of the software system. Jerusalem: ICELP. ... Modifiability of the Problem. Measuring modifiability in model driven development using object oriented metrics ... transformation definition. Modifiability Scenario. For example, dependability, data throughput, modifiability, or response time. Synonym Discussion of modify. What is the definition of modifiability? MODIFIABILITY OF THE PROBLEM 1/2 X 2 1 It is partially modifiable because if adequate knowledge from the health personnel is given, it can lead the family to be aware of the existing problem, which in turn will take immediate action. Nature of the problem Health Deficit 3/3 x 1 1. 5. Software architecture is the main step in mapping the problem space to the solution space as it covers strategic aspects such as Quality of Service as well as major tactical aspects such as reuse and modifiability. 4. In A. Kozulin (Ed. The relations between parent-child MLE interactions and children's cognitive modifiability. Modifiability of the problem Partially modifiable ½x2 1. Criteria 1. Inadequate nutrition. What are synonyms for modifiability? Psychological foundations for the introductory course of mathematics for six year olds. It is this very nature of the individual's modifiability that is responsible for the manifestation of deficiencies, as well as for the rapid modifiability that is evidenced through higher levels of functioning. How to use modify in a sentence. 2.