Thanks! (oh and the salad looks just delicious!). Larger bulbs can be tough, so select a medium-sized one that feels heavy for its dimensions. What’s the red colored julienne vegetable? Sincere thanks for the 101 lesson! If you’ve ever wondered how to cook Kohlrabi, and thought it might be daunting, this recipe is the place to start. While kohlrabi can be thrown into a basic chunky vegetable soup, we particularly like it in a creamy, puréed soup with mild spices so that sweet kohlrabi flavor can really shine through. Here's the best way to cook with it. Thank you so much for the tutorial on cooking kohlrabi! If you haven’t tried roasted brussels sprouts, n, Banana chips + cacao nibs + all the nuts + seeds =, Grain-free cashew cookie alert! An unpeeled kohlrabi can last up to three weeks in the refrigerator. If the leaves are still attached, remove and reserve for other recipes (you can cook them as you would kale). Real food creator. HOW TO MAKE KOHLRABI SOUP. I have never eaten this dearly misunderstood vegetable! Let me know when you’ve tried kohlrabi! Note that you can also steam the kohlrabi leaves, if desired. Cooking Kohlrabi Leaves. Turnips, on their own, don’t look particularly interesting. The name translates from German as ‘turnip cabbage’ and the mild, sweet flavour is somewhere between a turnip and a water chestnut, with a crisp, crunchy texture. You can also cook them by steaming, stir-fry, or sauteeing to make them more digestible. This odd vegetable is easy to grow successfully if the right variety is chosen. By Rochelle Bilow Mixed Lettuces and Kohlrabi with Creamy Sumac Dressing Kohlrabi is underappreciated and … yes! The texture is similar to jicama or radish and has an amazing crunch like none other. For a creamy sauce, dust 1 tbsp of flour over the cooking kohlrabi. Thanks! Cook kohlrabi on a barbecue grill along with meat, fish, corn on the cob or baked potatoes. Preheat an oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C). Bring two much maligned veg together in our Swiss chard and kohlrabi side dish. Parker’s Kohlrabi Slaw. How to Cook Kohlrabi. I don’t always keep up with fashion trends. Kohlrabi is found in three variations, green, white and purple, though they taste the same.  When purchasing,  look for firm bottoms that have fresh-looking greens attached and are free of brown spotting. Put lid on and shake vinaigrette. 2 egg yolks •. Garnish and enjoy! Preheat oven to 375F. I love a quick pickle – so easy and they make such an impact on so many foods! Let me know what you think! Continue cooking until slightly al dente, with a bit of crispness, and serve it immediately. Prepare a cup of chopped onion and two heaping cups of grated kohlrabi. We usually eat them raw—peeled, sliced and added to a salad or used for serving with a dip. Kohlrabi, also known as German turnip, is a member of the brassica family, which also includes kale, cauliflower and cabbage. That is a great way to eat the kohlrabi and get some variety of veg in! 1/2 tsp. Kohlrabi can also be added to recipes for This kohlrabi slaw is actually one of our favorite summer recipes. Looking something like a Sputnik in vegetable form, with a squat bulb and antennae-like shoots, kohlrabi is part of the cabbage family. Here's how to buy, store, and cook with kohlrabi, in season in December. Do you eat kohlrabi? Beetroot-cured cod with fennel & kohlrabi slaw. Take it to the next level and roast cubed kohlrabi to make into fritters, toss into a … Kohlrabis yield perfect spirals that are ideal for baking noodle or pasta dishes. Kohlrabi is native to Northern Europe and Kashmir but can be grown all over the world. 1 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard Place the kohlrabi in a bowl and add a few drops of vegetable oil. Kohlrabi tastes great steamed, stir-fried, added to soups and stews or dipped in batter and fried to make tempura or fritters. I hope you enjoy spiralizing it! Apple Fennel & Kohlrabi Salad September 06, 2016. melted duck fat, olive oil, melted butter or ghee, or oil of choice •. Kohlrabi stores very well for weeks in the refrigerator if you separate the leaves and stems from the bottom, which should be used within a few days. In a large skillet or Wok add the remaining oil. How to cook kohlrabi To roast, steam the bulb for 5 mins, then roast for 45 mins Kohlrabi are about the size of an orange, heavy for their size, with a bunch of stems sticking out willy nilly, and then often some collard-green like leaves stick out from the top (unless they were trimmed off). Admittedly, it’s confusing – it looks like a root but isn’t and appears fibrous and tough but it’s not. How can I prepare it? That has changed! Everyone will be coming back for a second scoop. You can also steam, boil, bake, grill, or roast them. Cube the kohlrabi and the stems. Kohlrabi greens are used much like any other vegetable green. Yes, I grew up eating kohlrabi, also known as a German turnip. Kohlrabi, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale are all cousins, so you can expect that any flavor that goes nicely with one, will be lovely with the other. 5 Tasty Ways to Prepare Kohlrabi Recipes Kohlrabi is a fantastically versatile vegetable with a taste and texture somewhere between cabbage and broccoli stems. I don’t know why I don’t spirilize those veggies more often! Kohlrabi should be trimmed and then peeled. Mix with shredded carrots, radishes and red cabbage for a delicious slaw. But, sautéed with other veggies in a stir fry is another easy way to prepare it. Let’s put all the confusion to rest! Served cold, it adds a pleasing crunch and mild spicy note to salads. Thanks for your comment, Mirlene! Whole30 and Paleo recipes for Spiralized Vietnamese Kohlrabi Salad included. Either finely chop the leaves for adding to the soup later or use them for making something else. 1/2 tsp. salt •. salt •.For the aioli •. Looking for a seriously impressive dinner party dish? Mix with shredded carrots, radishes and red cabbage for a delicious slaw. How do you like to cook it?I have to confess: I have never eaten or cooked kohlrabi. Cook and eat within a few days before it starts to rot. Hello – make pasta and noodle dishes, using kohlrabi! Kohlrabi is a versatile vegetable. 2 garlic cloves, crushed •. Kohlrabi & Beet Salad with Yogurt & Dill June 24, 2019. Sounds delish, and thank you for the tips! 2.Cut a thin slice off the bottom so the bulb sits flat. Go To The Recipe. Kohlrabi greens recipe. will yield the crunchiest results. And yes, despite what you may have heard, carrot tops are edible. To cook kohlrabi in your microwave oven, place a small amount of water in a microwave-safe dish. Step 2 Cut the kohlrabi into 1/4 inch thick slices, then cut each of the slices in half. Cut the peeled kohlrabi into evenly sized wedges or chunks. Combine olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Roasted cubes or wedges make a nice side dish. Kohlrabi is a rather versatile vegetable when it comes to how to prepare. One of the farms at my local farmer’s market always has some, but I have never been brave enough to try it. Recipe developer. This totally alien-looking vegetable is completely underutilized and desperately needs a marketing campaign to bolster its brand recognition. Thanks, Renee! Cut the kohlrabi into slices or chunks. The weirdly cylindrical shape, the skinny arms — what is this stuff? It’s a purple/red carrot, from a bag of mixed carrots. Boiled and steamed versions can be consumed with a small amount of butter, salt, pepper, and chopped parsley. What does kohlrabi leaves taste like? 7. Quick and easy to make, it’s a nice cool side dish to eat after a long, warm day of working in the garden, or at a sunny picnic under flowering fruit trees. I love herbs – can’t stop, won’t stop adding them to everything in excess! Try this simple way to cook them! I love lots of fresh herbs! In order to steam the vegetable, cook the kohlrabi pieces in a steamer or colander placed over simmering water, for around 15 minutes. Subscribe to From Pasta to Paleo’s Newsletter and get a Quick-Start Guide to Paleo Cooking for the Paleo-Curious including a 7-day meal plan for FREE! ©2019 - Leslie-Anne Weeks and From Pasta to Paleo, 2019. For a simple side dish, sauté the sliced kohlrabi in a bit of butter in a skillet. Home » Recipes » most popular » Kohlrabi 101 + Spiralized Vietnamese Kohlrabi Salad. Kohlrabi can be cooked—boiled or steamed (and then also mashed), sautéed, roasted or fried, but I more often than not use it raw for its appealing mild flavor and pronounced crispness. I love the crunch of spiralized kohlrabi – it’s so refreshing! Let me know what you think, Tessa! Add the garlic and cook 30 seconds. Once it begins to show some caramelization, season it with salt, nutmeg, and a little sugar for increased sweetness. Kohlrabi is equally tasty raw or cooked. In this recipe, we simply: peel the kohlrabi; add olive oil and season it; oven roast it to tender-crisp perfection (recipe below). Cut a thin slice off the bottom so the bulb sits flat. Lucky for us, kohlrabi isn’t alien at all but a delicious addition to summer salads and slaws. I love your quick pickle recipe too! Kind of like a UFO. The only kale 🍃 that has my heart is lacinato, Garlic Scapes 101 – How to Cook, Eat and Enjoy Scapes. The bulbous bottom has a flavour similar to sweet cabbage and the stem and leaves taste rather kale-like. It’s best eaten raw, so finely slicing on a mandolin (use the guard!) Swiss chard & kohlrabi with lemon sauce. Here, it's given a turn in the oven, then tossed with golden, thyme-scented hazelnuts and dressed with apple-cider vinegarand maple syrup. Kohlrabi is a bulb-shaped vegetable with a crisp, crunchy texture. The smaller bulbs tend to have more flavour. How to Cut and Cook Kohlrabi If the leaves are still attached, remove and reserve for other recipes (you can cook them as you would kale). Yes! This was a total education for me and I’m all about it now! They’re not kohlrabi or daikon (maybe Asian vegetables just sound more interesting?) In this video I prepare kohlrabi grown in my kitchen garden. Snip off the leaf stems, trim off the base and top, then use a potato peeler or sharp knife to peel it as if it’s an apple. Roasted Kohlrabi recipes deliver a powerful punch of natural sweetness in every bite. Cannot wait to buy + try this now! Cook kohlrabi or eat it raw. The ones that are harvested How to cook Kohlrabi Kohlrabi should be trimmed and then peeled. A crisp, juicy vegetable with a mild, slightly sweet radish-like flavour. In this Paleo-enthusiast. Be brave next time, it’s delicious! Roasted Kohlrabi recipes deliver a powerful punch of natural sweetness in every bite. Shred it on a box grater and mix with shredded apple. Stir the kohlrabi, then cook for an additional five to seven minutes, until the kohlrabi is fork tender. Serve as an appetizer with a garlic yogurt dipping sauce. Stir until the kohlrabi is lightly coated with oil, then sprinkle the kohlrabi with salt and pepper or a seasoning blend.