The Hurley men did nothing to invite that disaster other than encroach on alligator turf, but other people do court catastrophe by not following a few common-sense rules. They can bite you, but that’s the least of your worries: woebetide those caught by a mama gator with a baby gator in hand. Father and son were Life Flighted to a Houston hospital, where they were listed as in serious condition but expected to recover. At the end of the final show of the day, Sherrer was preparing to tape an alligator’s mouth when he accidentally stepped on the 9-foot long, 300-pound animal. Medina Lake, Lake Amistad, and Falcon Lake are among some South Texas favorites for bowfishing, especially when it comes to trophy alligator gar. Yes, yes they can. 0 0 79K+ Catch Location. The crystal blue waters of Possum Kingdom Lake also pose well for pictures. Feeding the gators is tempting, but dumb (it causes them to see humans as food sources) and, unlike Louisiana, also illegal here—it’s a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine. All Rights Reserved. The main stem of the Brazos is dammed in three places, all north of Waco, forming Possum Kingdom Lake, Lake Granbury, and Lake Whitney. Texas Fish & Game is the largest and most popular outdoor publication in the Lone Star State. Do they spend 99.9 percent of their lives as still as and indistinguishable from swamp deadwood? They are wild animals. This was obvious watching many of the other visitors to Brazos Bend. We have several rivers and lakes that are envied by the rest of the world for both numbers and size of fish. Lake Park is located on the southwest end of Lake Lewisville. The lake has an area of approximately 17,000 acres (6,900 ha) with 310 miles (500 km) of shoreline. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! All of them made it to the shoreline and family members called 911. Even as alligator populations have been steadily and even explosively increasing since their hunting was regulated in the sixties—and as more and more Texans have been encroaching on their habitat in state rivers, ponds, swamps, creeks and lakes—and even though Texas trails only Florida in alligator-human incidents, there has yet to be a Texas fatality, at least since records have been kept. Alligator Gar: Waterway: Possum Kingdom Lake: Location: The location of this catch is only visible to Fishidy members. I have camped at this unusual lake three times, and once stayed in a motel near it for a family reunion in 1988. Ugly encounters are inevitable. Kaleb’s father and grandfather dove in to help. All-Ages The author with a buffalo on Lake Belton. Don't have an account? Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the most popular lakes in north Texas. (In a somewhat rare occurrence, a nine-footer was spotted a few weeks ago in a swampy area near Lewisville Lake in the Dallas area. If you are new to bowfishing, keep in mind that the refraction properties of the water makes fish appear higher than they actually are in the water. It is located a few hours west of Ft. Worth in north-central Texas. Once endangered, alligators are now common in East Texas and South Texas waters due to conservation efforts. Possum Kingdom is a great place to spend time with your friends, especially on the fourth of July. Possum Kingdom Lake. For this reason, I have adopted the saying when I am teaching new bowfishers the sport: “Aim Low, Think Big”. What I am really scared of in the lakes are Alligator Gars - when we used to go fishing at night in Lake Possum Kingdom (Ft Worth) they would jump up on the side of the boat if we had a light in the water. Even more of a sign of the inevitablilty of someone getting seriously injured by an alligator is the human invasion of alligators’ homes. The gator was seen twice by a local fisherman named Eric Dominowski last week. Also, people, for the love of God, don’t pick up baby alligators. Dominowski put his boat in on the main lake and headed upstream to fish for spawning white bass and/or crappie when he spotted the gator. Our beautiful sunset cruise on Possum Kingdom Lake is the perfect way for you and up to three of your closest friends to spend the early evening on one of our pontoons or our Webbcraft (Lincoln Town Car Boat). Hell’s Gate is defined by the two huge cliffs that stand as gates to the entry to a cove on the south end of Possum Kingdom Lake. Are Florida gators just meaner? Possum Kingdom Lake, "The Great Lake of Texas" offers unparalleled beauty. The Brazos River is one of professional bowfishing guide Marty McIntyre’s favorite spots for bowfishing for alligator gar close to home since it runs through North Central Texas. Subscribe or link your existing subscription. Towering cliffs mark the beauty of the lake, but there are also sandy beaches and quiet coves. The clarity of the water at Possum Kingdom lends to activities like fishing and scuba diving. Get our weekly newsletter, filled with good reads, news analysis—and updates on special events. Sherrer suffered 20 inch-deep bites on his left arm from his bicep to his wrist. These are good examples of great bowfishing lakes for alligator gar. Ste 200-408 I Spring, TX 77386 (281) 869-5511. Crazier, like the people? Possum Kingdom State Park offers fun on water and land. Long known for its excellent alligator gar fishing and bowfishing possibilities, the Trinity River and many of the lakes impounded along it make for great bowfishing opportunities. In lakes such as Brauning and Calaveras, located in the San Antonio area, bowfishing for tilapia is excellent. The best fish to cast for at Possum Kingdom Lake are white bass. Lake Livingston Lake Conditions Lake Conroe isn't any different. Some of the rock facilities at the park were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the early 1940s. It blew off as we reached the shore. The minute you see a tilapia, draw back and shoot! We saw the big dead alligator, and we were glad to leave the Trinity. Possum Kingdom State Park. That human-gator prxomity there caused Thompkins to fret that Texas seems likely to suffer a fatal attack in the not-too-distant future: I’m not scared of alligators. 9 reviews of Possum Kingdom Lake "I have been going to Possum Kingdom Lake (PKL) since I was 2 years old and have so many fond memories here. This gives way to flatter terrain and scrub brush the rest of the way though central Texas. “When we figured out what was going on, the alligator jerked Kaleb away from him. But I very much respect them. News; Events; Classifieds; Water Quality; Photos Alligators play an … Possum Kingdom Lake, TX. Aside from well-known lakes in Texas, we also have many power plant lakes located in different parts of the state. When its construction was proposed in the mid-1950s, John Graves wrote the book Goodbye to a River. Possum Kingdom Lake regularly holds bowfishing tournaments and is a premier bowfishing destination in North Texas. This unusually named lake is in the Palo Pinto Hills about 75 miles west of Ft. Worth. Possum Kingdom Lake (popularly known as P.K. Possum Kingdom State Park, on the shore of Possum Kingdom Lake, is home to more than 100 campsites, ranging from primitive walk-in tent … Spending time on the lake is one of the most popular activities at Possum Kingdom Lake. Thrill seekers enjoy Hell’s Gate, where you can jump into the lake from high up on the cliffs.. You might want to close your eyes when you leap, however. Alligators do live in Lake Corpus Christi, but we haven’t seen one near the state park in many years. Alligators are the largest reptiles in North America and are capable of reaching more than 10 feet as adults. Thompkins’ chainsaw analogy is a good one, but remember, these chainsaws can also come running after you at 35 mph for short bursts. Located just an hour west of the DFW Metroplex covers approximately 1,530 acres along the shore of beautiful Possum Kingdom lake. If you are an existing subscriber and haven't set up an account, please register for an online account. If they hiss at you that means they are pissed. 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