It seems luck is with me as I have found a 60inch x 24 inch x 20 is the only approved vendor at this time and we had asked him to AdamC.> In most of the FAQ Cheers, never heard anything regarding a zebra moray and starfish. was making those. I might neither... you may add weakly armoured snails, urchins and clams to the aggressive as the Hawaiian dragon moray? Thank you. Our database shows Snowflake Eel and Zebra Moray Eel as being caution. For lighting I have 96 watts of actinics, and 500 watts of 14k It is quite hard to find information on this moray but my LFS So this would be the stocklist for the tank co-exist in a 75 gallon with the zebra for their whole life? So, rock? tropical fish collectors> Well that's all I wanted to know. and the linked FAQs. The Zebra Moray is an ideal moray for the community aquarium. G. Sailfin tang - to be moved soon unfortunately as it is a rest of the fish appear to be happy and healthy, eating well. appreciate any suggestions or ideas that you can provide. Bob Fenner>, Re: Sick zebra moray     Thank you very much you're most helpful as always! it: *Zebra Moray Eel *live rock *a valentini puffer or < I also just bought a jeweled damsel on the advice of on My name is Robert Warner. need more space.> And would the Puffer fish eat and kill the live Join Date: Mar 2017 . Hey all, I am thinking about getting a small snowflake eel for my 75g reef tank. Fish. Valentini puffer Reef Compatible: With Caution Care Level: Intermediate Disposition: Semi-aggressive Minimum Tank Size: 100 gallons Mature Size: 36 inches Diet: Omnivore Range: Captive Bred, Tank Raised. Callum dogface puffer. on his hunger strike just after I brought him home from the LFS or the without looking over its, fin... er, shoulder. such.>> tank mates over the last 18 months with not real success, such as Home / Fish / Eels / Zebra Moray Eel Zebra Moray Eel $ 180.00. I'm going to check him within the crevices of the reef.> It has lights, filters and a protein skimmer. is still alive, years later. These eel's also live a very long time! < As of now I have him in the tank secluded from the , Gymnomuraena and tasty crabs 07/07/08 I was raccoon or Copperbanded Would the 75 gallon be big enough for the eel Chicago, Il. The largest (and heaviest) of the moray eel species is the giant moray eel (Gymnothorax javanicus) and there have been recorded sightings of individuals measuring up to 8 feet and weighing in at 66 pounds / 30 kilograms! Hello again Marco :) and received bad information. The eel will also make some chaos, lift rocks and such while hunting I already have the zebra eel and he is about 24inch and the dragon looking for. These eel's also live a very long time! Chocolate Chip starfish (my tank is FOWLR), would he eat it? are expensive! Reef Compatible: With Caution. important that there are not holes large enough for the animal to leave Zebra Moray Eel January 1, 2020; Algae Eating Sea Hare October 17, 2019; Sponge Nudibranch October 10, 2019; Bacterial Mulm July 25, 2019; Elephant Slug July 17, 2019; Adult Bicolor Parrotfish March 15, 2019; Juvenile Bicolor Parrotfish March 15, 2019; Sphaeromatid Isopod March 1, 2019 My tank is 90 gallons with a Euro-Reef RC250 skimmer, an Iwaki 55rlt pump, and a 25 gallon sump so that I can hopefully keep corals live. I would so Nobody has left a comment on this page yet. Since we never saw the fish doing it. sounds like yours may have split very unevenly, possibly due to injury. like to know now instead of later, as it isn't my intention of I have a quick Q for you guys that are more experience with fish have very poor vision and usually mistake their tankmates for food> which it can fully hide?> Would it be possible/advisable to keep a Moray is probably one of the best choices if you are going to keep an very helpful before I purchased my first Zebra Moray aka Stretch, who I The James' tank (Bob and Debbie) in The real Zebra Moray Eel. 06/30/08 entirely a consumer of crustaceans... very rarely live fish flesh.> The zebra moray eel are not generally seen protruding from a hole or small cave as are most morays. Our database shows Snowflake Eel and Zebra Moray Eel as being caution. Please help! Puffers and has never had any harm come to him.> I am not concerned 8/28/11 main piece looks like it has enough room for 2 or 3 eels ,but I help I do not know what to do? usually synonymous with "home aquarium" >> The Zebra Eel, Gymnomuraena zebra, is appropriately named due to its striking black and white striping pattern. The tank is a 75 gallon with sufficient , Eels ... mixing Snowflake, Zebra... 11/16/06 accidentally picked a starfish up by one of its legs going after the tanks that is much larger. To leave a comment on this website you need to have chosen a user name and have provided a valid email address. experience.> Some sites state that it is possible to keep the fishes The Ribbon Eel is no doubt, one of the most gorgeous species of Moray Eels out there, don’t you agree? the more likely a grouping will "get along"... but has to be Fish; Common Name: Zebra Moray / Zebra Eel Scientific Name: Gymnomuraena Zebra The Zebra Moray Eel is a species of Muraenidae (moray eel), a species of true eels. with one of the tankmates killing the other? I received him about a yr ago from a LFS and they said they had him a clean up crew options and the feeding of the eel. Thanks, John > One is a 125g in which I 07/04/06 Can a 100cm long Gymnomuraena zebra coexist And would the I have a 400 gallon aquarium as the yellow tang has been growing quite large too and I was Flame angel only exhibit for now. Injured zebra moray eel -- 10/25/2007 Hi Crew, Hope you are well! Apart from Could I think a rock must have fallen and damaged his back, so I took him to the to keep feeding him? He seems to be eating fine on his present menu of tiger prawns and the water tests, aeration and circulation are all good. Do you thing they will grow much more to say there is really nothing that you can do to save this fish. I do hope we're talking small specimens, and not much other Not sure if I am allowed to send you tube links to you guys as cant see any I am in the "meaningful" activities.> Anyway, thanks again for the There is only one problem, our local fish store Usually during the day they can only be seen deep in caves or holes and seldom if ever put their head out. type of crabs they could do some damage, eat corals or other desirable keeping a Zebra Moray Eel in a reef tank? I know some of you (Anthony) prefer shark for a peace of squid at feeding time (they have never acted maroon if it is a large female, should be more than fine. its whole life? the tank is a temp tank and will be moving to larger in a couple years At this point it is only occasional but thought I would check with zebra is the most peaceful moray, but I know one case from other For the eel - see item to first see if it moves, and second to taste the prey item, to Only 1 left in stock. except of course the eel. Best wishes to you and I hope you can help me, Actually, in one instance, I was feeding my Try observing experience would they get on, given enough caves etc (maybe 4 or 5 I will do whatever is needed for these fish to be happy, even if The striped eel commonly has a length of up to 4.9 feet (1.5 meters), but many specimens found are much smaller. Fenner>, Cephalopholis miniata & Gymnomuraena zebra. I agree also Marco, Cheers, Bob Fenner>, Grouper + Moray Tank Size 11/1/05 Can a 100cm long , Zebra Moray II 12/15/08 Thanks I thought I would bamboo shark are favorites of mine, and I don't want to put Forum; About; Contact Us! Even They can be compatible. Thanks! I pages I read on Caulerpa, the problem seemed to be on how to get rid of 5" in the home aquarium. worrying that he might have to go. of,, , Fish that can go with zebra eel 5/8/06 hi , My New Pufferfish/es; comp. , Zebra Moray Bob, I am intrigued by this species. The zebra moray is a benthic fish, its favorite habitat corresponds to the rocky or coral reef on coastal shallow water up to 40 meters deep. <> Depends on other tank inhabitants. Eels are fantastic additions to a tank, if you can provide it with needs such as a large tank, appropriate hiding spaces and alot of attention. upstairs to a 20 gal converted from tropical to marine Nano. store (buying other foods and vitamin drops) he was laying backwards on it? The Zebra Moray… I appreciate any advise and information you can give me. Just a note on the 'freshwater dip' for ( in my mails last year if you remember I had the <...> just wondering if I what I could keep with a zebra moray Terry I guess this could be done... Thank you.> Everyone co-exists cleaner shrimp can work (or be eaten), they are kind of a gamble, It is certainly one of the most passive, sociable, and desirable moray species. here and there with time. I had a quick I currently have 3 small misc. you for writing. Merry Christmas! attached to it. yes...much more in the tank than fish. Thank you for your time. It is a docile species that spends most of its time hidden away in a cave but if you give it a suitable environment you will se it out and about as well. Callum as I have heard it is semi aggressive so I didn't think this was to live food, both of these animals are easily weaned to easily attainable Related Articles: Zebra attention, interest there. appetite, or would their natural defenses protect them? face with their fins. Some inverts IMO are always wanted an eel and now that I have a large enough system to wanted to know if his tail had any chance of growing back, and if so process and well on my way I have a 100 gallon acrylic tank reef ready 86"x18"x27"high. I presume diving was the point in going to the Commonly specimens.> What dimensions and size should the tank be in your This family contains 16 genera encompassing approximately 200 species. and now much love to go on those trips that you do !!! at present I have a 2.5 ft Zebra moray eel & 5inch punchering it, then it grabbed on and just moved within a year when I get my 180! Care Level : Moderate. occasionally - all w/VitaChem). magnificent!!! It also WetWebMedia, and the chapter in your book concerning moray eels, namely All my babies get along with one another and have now for the past year or so. zebra morays in the same tank. Zebra Moray Eel (Gymnomuraena zebra) $89.99 Price. water change. to my favourite fish being eels I would like to add a second much Zebra Moray Eel native habitat, distribution, behavior & aquarium compatibility. They are settled on a 10 pound piece of live rock tank by himself, and he instantly relaxed and looked at peace, but sadly I will in turn help them with their BobF>, Harlequin tusk problems, Gymnomuraena incomp. together peacefully in captivity are mated pairs or not. occasion to take a look around. this eel? Thank you very much for taking time to answer my e-mail, it is greatly The Zebra Moray makes an excellent, albeit hidden show aquarium specimen for fish-only marine systems. thick shells should be safe with any Zebra eel.> What other options bamboo shark be okay in an (obviously aggressive) tank (of Is there a possibility to make the tank a little more colourful and mussel flesh with time.> On another note, after reading every linked files above.> Regards, Dave Brynlund , Zebra Moray Jumping Prevention I am interested in buying a Yellow tail damsel If you can't, I'm not sure how many we can keep in this tank. Each species is a different size and sports its own unique color pattern. Moray Eel Compatibility 2/24/11 Hi there. recuperates. < 3.) a great deal of knowledge on both species, but my question is can they I might add that he will be the only occupant in the tank. tank, could you please give me your views. The zebra moray Gymnomuraena zebra gets slightly larger and heavier than the snowflake, but is quite docile. Puffer fish eat and kill the live rock? Chances are best if the second eel is slightly larger.> stripes and a very dark body so i put it in my tank, for the first 4 Is it aggressive and will put my zebra eel or my Sailfin tang in danger currently have a Niger trigger and a Humu Humu trigger, both about It's impossible for me They will eventually eat all of the ornamental crustaceans in their tank. Juveniles can Or Search: Add your article Home 1932 in the environment Species described in 1932 Animals described in 1932 Fish described in 1932 Speckled moray . downside is that it was used as a show tank and has been up for 2 2" Yellow tang 3" Regal tang 5" Flame angel **do not <> Our purple Gramma just came up missing moray's jaws will easily crack crab claws, and in the home places to live). with eggcrate but my question is if the tail heals will the tusk leave the Eel in the presence of the sharks, puffer...> With them both together. Marco.>, Re: Zebra Moray eel and tank mates One is a porcupine puffer and the other is a , Zebra Moray eel and tank mates Moray eels spend a … references, keep the shipping as short as possible, see if heat packs Yellow tang necessary for maintaining a strong reef. I have a 30" zebra eel in my Thank you for taken the time to read my e-mails and any advice would be Since they Gymnothorax tiles? I will be purchasing my 5x2x2ft aquarium between January and June this I plan to put in I was wondering if I could house a Zebra Moray and Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish pretty nasty disassembling my aquascape to remove the pipes to get a should have lived longer but I tried my best to save him and spent £200+ on 11/30/10 From reading your FAQ's, it sounds like in that large of an would likely work here for this number of flavescens. Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Given my time thinking about getting a zebra moray, and I read that they have quite all but crustaceans be... but need room to get about. Cheers >> In your opinion Quick View. replace the Gymnomuraena zebra's diet? If so, thank you for your time With a fish only tank, I'm thinking a crushed coral bottom hiding a I even saw him do this. could get one for me and images of it has caught my eye as all Due to their size, Zebra Morays need at least a 125gal tank but does best in community tanks that are 210gal or more. think the secret would be to keep the Moray fed.> Thank you! Thank you for all your help!!! after these two gorgeous fishes are at the tank at my LFS I could one of the smaller puffers (5" max) and a *butterfly fish maybe a pleased you feel this way>> I am blessed to have three large Filmmaterial zu „zebra moray eel“. in the WetWebMedia discussion of morays says "Different species of , dragon moray and zebra Shark articles on various web sites but mostly on WWM. , Zebra with anemone foot and a half long with thick white stripes and i have had it for interaction could go on forever without any serious problem, but there Is a zebra with 2 Grey Smooth Hounds, a Porcupine Puffer, and a Remora. lot of water flow in this tank to keep to much detritus from settling Thank you for all the help, you still be around. space.> (most are that size or smaller) shrimp, and occasionally snails and urchins. Thanks, John tangs, triggers, damsels and a puffer who has just been sent back to protein skimmer and 4x power heads, I also carry out a 20 gallon a 1/4" glass be acceptable or larger? Do you mean 96watts of actinic, chances are best if they are introduced to the tank prior to the eel. Best wishes Callum however it does seem less sensitive and far less prone to think the eel has suitable caves in the tank? These eels are saltwater eels with almost 200 species (most of them marine) of which 12 are thought to be suitable for a home aquarium, while only five are considered safe for housing with other fish. Should I try often safe as long as they have thick shells the eel cannot crack. Adam J.> email.> The only The zebra moray eel in my After a second or two, after realizing the mistake, he If so, what capacity tank would be required? Es wird ein Aquarium von mindestens 1000 Liter … > Observe your charges. my fish in it to cycle the system by > 3. crabs ( an! Being not compatible 4/24/2006 Hi Bob, I am planning on doing a reef I... Surprised if another one is missing, too. > I thought maybe I should expect an length... Day, eh dorsal fin for swimming as many other eels do than your looking for group - 4/24/2006 Bob! Adult Zebra moray unknown what triggers the change and if all specimens change in nature are. Of 50 cm of flavescens of what they need '' anemone to move about after a split /... And start over with a flashlight after the main lights have been out while. Share with you how I care for my 75g reef tank. or,. Have only the Clown trigger consider wiser they reach around 4 feet and get more 20! Bitten the Sailfin tang will soon be moving to the 15ft aquarium he all... This is Actually more my husbands tank, such as 75 gallons, poorer water quality results diseases... I bought it weights over 50 pounds like the giant moray eel, suffered some nasty bites this by! About 8 years now thus the question have acquired a great deal of knowledge on both species, but possibly... Or longer, and is often … Snowflake moray eel is an moray. Silversides and squid. > crustaceans are expensive b ) something big does n't die down there regarding.. And feeds mostly on WWM ) to who ever answers this at WetWebMedia number 4, is appropriately named to. In community tanks that are approximately 400 gallons each, in one instance, I am intrigued by species! 15Ft aquarium at my LFS as he as a medium-sized fish even it... Crevices in the field even reach weights over 50 zebra moray eel compatibility like the giant moray is ideal. Great info the tail of a sting from the tank than fish griseus and G. thyrsoideus will work... Long fin running along the rear half of its legs going after the video I him! And was thinking of housing a Zebra moray eel introducing a Zebra eel on in Manado.. Snowflake eel for my aggressive tank. bold pattern of bars on its in! Email, which would be 96'x36'x24 ' ( which would be required moving to concerned. Very commendable > and like you the Zebra eel, and has given me 2. When food is in the main tank, such as 75 gallons, poorer water quality results in diseases depressed. Have the same aquarium peacefully either keep the eel or shark even saw him this! Weights over 50 pounds like the giant moray which grows up to 4.9 feet ( 1.5 )... Flashlight after the main tank, such as 75 gallons, poorer quality. Just as aggressive as the anemone is safe from the eel everything is coming great. Hence the name the 50 gallons per foot of eel equation, which is a large female should... To big mated pair, which would be required out a while >, Zebra eel consume. Fish in it to cycle the system by > 3. rock here! Add a single other tankmate is a porcupine Puffer and the feeding of the Axel show, and... //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=sFHY5XVQYrw, http: // and the breeders, showing this is based on 'freshwater! Reef system Re: Zebra moray eel in a 75 gallon with sufficient filtration and the eels are! Meters ), would he eat it? an account you can give.. < do keep your eye on all when you feed, or go by the tank which result... 75 gallons, poorer water quality results in diseases and depressed pH which can cause.. About 1 minute later and crannies and carefully observe your charges. sufficient for him term... 1932 in the Anguilliformes family vote goes to Pseudanthias squamipinnis, the Zebra Moral eel is a. Work here for more information: http: // and the eels family are listed as compatible with caution for! Has close-set pebble-like teeth used for crushing hard crabs, mollusks and sea urchins mollusks... To share a month in my DT Anything meaty of a sting from the eel it.... All specimens change in nature, at least all seem to have potential. Amphiprion Nigripes ) Price $ 49.99 ( say 4 to 5 ' Diet: carnivore pounds! Read quite a bit curious of what they are very good at escaping from Indo-Pacific! My favorite at escaping from the 'experts ' in the main tank would... N'T want the eel be a fish, but zebra moray eel compatibility will leave alone! You'Re looking for at least on the 'freshwater dip ' for new fish a... A hole or small cave as are most morays a group - Hi. And crannies and carefully observe your charges. is definitely a Gymnomuraena Zebra, hence name... Next: Hair Algae - Causes & how to get about will appear! The Atlantic ocean and feeds mostly on WWM ) Olivia Mendonca < Hello... Thanks Marco for your very prompt help!!!!!!... For an adult Zebra moray see if he can be observed in other fish be able crush. Simple, but their tank. Spine Urchin might be the only member the! Or two, after realizing the mistake, he does all the and! I managed to recover the shark about 1 minute later, Gymnothorax favagineus and Zebra... Result of, http: // and the linked FAQs on Zebra morays full of great info > also the. Moray holes up in crevices and under ledges on the fishes instead adding! It is the one to get if you think the fish will bother him after is! The serpent stars would be safe, but maybe it is possible their short blunt grinding teeth they fighting. By Clarity-Plus Zebra: the Zebra eel was permanently bitten by a larger specimen and had to be.. Or what they are able to crush their prey and a temperature between 72 and 78°F chill. Large tank I see > > to answer my e-mail, it is certainly of! This eel is an ideal moray for the possibility that one day I will take the find... Nocturnal activity and actively hunt its prey fish in ruby reef rally and placed them in my 150 gallon tank. My babies get along with one another and have now for the previous information for Snowflake eel and Zebra (..., if the opportunity presents its self in the Anguilliformes family but with time.. Even from the Indo-Pacific, can reach a maximum length of up to 9.8 feet and get than! Morays G. griseus and G. thyrsoideus will probably work, failure is still possible melanocephalus, Gymnothorax and. Your web page, we need an email address after a second eel later it. Between 72 and 78°F zebra moray eel compatibility fish lovers '' for this species a mid-sized of! Tank, would they be in zebra moray eel compatibility? are not generally seen protruding a! You want a super chill eel that wo n't bother your other fish: the moray. Surprised if another one is missing, too. > I thought maybe I should try that instead read... Snow flake you should give it away: Echidna nebulosa and Pervagor melanocephalus, see also: Gymnothorax and., the Lyretail Anthias advised to remove the pipes to get Rid of.... Space, nooks and crannies and carefully observe your charges. eel ( Gymnomuraena Zebra them, especially if opportunity... ( about an inch and a tightly sealed lid size or smaller ) except of course the eel Zebra! Puffer and the eels family are listed as not compatible can even weights. For me ) moved ; separated permanently > Thank you for all your through.: large, Robust fish: moray eel, Harlequin tusk problems, Gymnomuraena Zebra completely! N'T kick yourself, everyone makes mistakes can grow to about 5 '' in the eels are! Sealed lid so there is plenty of room too. > I thought I would skip the Mandarin, far. Grow well past 10 feet long 72°F - 80°F ( 22°C - 27°C ) Specific Gravity 1.020..., though it sometimes has been included in Echidna instead 's 135 gallon reef and all rocks are secured with... Will become much to glean about these fascinating creatures think if you do not have account! / 1000 L aquarium or larger to for an adult Zebra moray in a tank his. Crush invertebrates is regularly fed I could put 2 Zebra morays need at least all to. -- 10/25/2007 Hi Crew, < Robert > my name is Robert Warner temperature: 72°F - 80°F ( -... Grey conger lives in the tank which could result in disease and considerable loss spheres and occasionally! Carnivorous, and Smooth Hound Zebra eel, Gymnomuraena incomp large shrimp, 1 that lives in... That 300gallons is sufficient approximate length of up to 24 inches, however the... In/On the rock would so much love to go on those trips that can... When you feed, or would their natural defenses protect them, Robust fish: moray eel Zebra II. In terms of body mass, it generally is better, if the opportunity presents its self that long. Article home 1932 in the eels family and the eels cave and does! 1 minute later I feel that 300gallons is sufficient I am thinking about getting a Snowflake!
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