... Salesforce: What is suggested approach to transfer VF pages to be lightning readyHelpful? Let’s complete the page header so it has room for some metadata. Build a Visualforce App with the Lightning Design System, Getting Started with the Lightning Design System in Visualforce, Create a Visualforce page that displays a list of contacts. Add the following code between the comments with the following: We now upload the file in static resource. Salesforce Lightning Design System is similar to other design systems like Twitter Bootstrap but tailored for building Salesforce Lightning look-and-applications. . To implement the lightning design in Visualforce page, Salesforce now released lightning CSS and guidelines to use … But it’s a lightning component. In the left sidebar, in the Quick Find box type pages. I used your code on a blank vf page and my component works fine. Please verify the file and I'll have a look. Apr 13, 2016 by William Yeh and John Belo, Salesforce Partner Program With Winter ‘16, Salesforce introduced Lightning Experience. Using the Lightning Design System Use the element to incorporate the Lightning Design System in your Visualforce pages and align them with the styling of Lightning Experience. In the sidebar, click Visualforce Pages and then New. Here, we are going to implement Lightning Design System in Visualforce page. The form contains interactive lightning design to submit information, The actual lightning style is done using