Self-assured, she went to Kite Man, apologized, and had him propose a third and final time - this time she said yes. Ivy insisted that such a thing could not happen, so Harley launches into her backstory to support her argument that people can change. But when Poison Ivy is resurrected, Harley decides to take care of her best friend, who has evolved into a creature as much flora as fauna. After Kite Man left, Ivy tried to resume the conversation, but Harley was devastated and could only lie about wanting to plan Ivy's bachelorette party. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Bashful, Ivy said she couldn't stand by while his parents abused the love of her life, at which point she kissed him in front of Harley's ashen face. Harley then stole a tank and Ivy piled in with everyone else, preparing to shoot the Legion of Doom office, but it exploded of its own accord and the Joker's tower emerged from the rubble. Ivy convinced Harley to rethink an assault on Doctor Trap's museum given the dangers, and then flew with her and Kite Man to Chéz Féline to get some help. Doctor Psycho then told them to avoid Repressed Memory Island, but Harley and Ivy both insisted on going. She then convinced everyone to follow Harley to the island, where Harley had a revelation about her origin story and promptly rewrote her own memories. At Harley's continued rage over not being noticed for Legion of Doom consideration, Ivy tried once again to persuade Harley that the Legion of Doom wasn't worth it, but accepted her petty reasons of wanting to throw her success back into the Joker's face. They ended up at Harley's optic nerve where they witnessed Golda and Sy Borgman planning to burn their bodies, so Psycho took everyone to Harley's subconscious to escape using an alternative exit. What do you think of Harley and Ivy getting married in the pages of Injustice: Year Zero? For her help, Ivy became good friends with Harleen until she left to become Harley Quinn, the Joker's sidekick and girlfriend. Ivy kidnapping Harley, having knocked her out with a pheromone toxin. When the Joker insulted Harley's "cheap dye job" and Harley became offended, Ivy pointed out that she'd "seen you neck deep in six different bottles of that bullshit you buy at the drug store". Her hatred for humanity stems from her childhood, stating she gave up on humans the first day her father hit her. Eventually they managed to break through the door, only to find Harley covered in blood as she finished off The Penguin, whereupon Harley asked Ivy if they could get coffee. Harls, this was your chance to control the city, but now instead of like five big assholes trying to run Gotham, we've got a thousand little assholes to deal with.— Ivy. GeekEmporiumNYC. When the Joker made his escape with Harleen as his captive, Poison Ivy saved Harleen in reciprocation. Poison Ivy vehemently wanted to rush through the wedding so she could "leave some things behind" lest they "catch up" to her, and also that she wanted to marry Kite Man, to the point that she ignored the Parademons destroying everything and kidnapping the venue host. She stalled Harley and asked if this much destruction and death is what Harley really wanted, which made her realize that it actually isn't what she wants, so Harley destroyed her scepter and released the Parademons, quitting the field. At Noonan's Bar, Ivy tried to gently explain the situation to Harley, only for Clayface to blurt out that she'd been in ice for two solid months. However, Harley assured her that she would never abandon Ivy, and offered to help her destroy a PlanetWide Pavers factory that had recently been set up by Lex Corp. Ivy soon became aggravated with Harley's crew messing up her apartment and using her hairbrush. However, Kite Man could see the lay of the land and bluntly told her not to marry him if her heart wasn't in it, but she insisted that she did want to marry him (although she couldn't name a metal album that he'd like). Frank then arrived with the help of Chaz, "my pot guy. Ivy claimed she was doing it for Harley because she couldn't just let some "anonymous asshole talk shit about my best friend", but also followed up that she was also doing it to clear her own name, "for us". There, Harley uncuffed them and offered to marry them on the spot, with Ivy readily agreeing, but Kite Man refusing; he declared in no uncertain terms that Ivy's heart wasn't in it for him, and so left her alone on the earth, crying, with chaos all around her as he flew up into the air. A bed of flowers sprouted beneath her corpse. Ivy continued to block his path as he became surrounded in hostile plants, the tension rising until the Joker suddenly got a phone call from his contractor. In the aftermath, Harley wanted to express her feelings, but Ivy wanted to write her own feelings off as nonexistent. Harley was ecstatic and thought that her tears brought Ivy back to life, but Ivy said "we don't live in a Disney movie", and that it was primarily the power of nature that brought her back. She arrived just as the Joker threatened to kill Harley if she did not admit she was "nothing" without him, and when she refused all of the Legion of Doom members converged on them all. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are taking their show on the road in this new miniseries! Seeing that the party Harley crashed was actually a bar mitzvah for Joshua Cobblepot, Ivy suggested leaving, only for Harley to abandon her to get propositioned by Kite Man. See more ideas about harley quinn, poison ivy, harley. Ivy also learned from Doctor Psycho that the Legion of Doom itself was behind the whole thing, and although she was pleased to see them recycling, she continued on in pursuit of Scarecrow inside Sy Borgman (who had transformed into a car). 2 wins (100%) Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff: 3 M: Harley Quinn … Annoyed, she waded into the fight and defeated Eris, freeing Queen Hippolyta, who promptly threw a massive party for them all. Here, Harley Quinn successfully revives Ivy, but it takes time for Ivy to regain her strength. However, when Harley refused to listen, Ivy revealed that they genuinely did not want her and that they only invited Harley to get through to Ivy, doing her best to prepare her for rejection. Freeze readily agreeing to the procedure. He then made a dramatic scene and revealed her name, immediately getting them their table, but he stormed out anyway. Ivy holds onto the Lasso of Truth before a portal to the Phantom Zone. Ivy then tossed Harley Two-Face's gun, which she used to shoot Scarecrow's toxin tank and blast him away. Harley arrived back at Ivy's house certain that she needed a crew, and Ivy attempted to dissuade her from getting one by pointing out that Doctor Psycho could take on Wonder Woman singlehandedly. Ivy was then handcuffed together with Kite Man, but Harley managed to get them both out of the venue to (relative) under cover just outside. When he ended up calling Wonder Woman "the c-word", Harley retorted that a crew would have let him know to use "the b-word" instead, and left Ivy's apartment to pursue a crew. Ivy stormed out, but became depressed over the misunderstanding. Later in life Pamela went on to gain her doctorate biochemistry, briefly dating a man named Dan there, and shortly after assumed the identity of Poison Ivy, a self-styled "eco-terrorist" fighting for the environment using her power to control plant life. Harley, Frank, Kite Man, and Harley's crew held a funeral for Ivy. Later, when most of Harley's crew was captured, she returned to Ivy's grave to mourn her and to place dyed black roses there. Catwoman suggests she "reevaluate", and although Ivy refuses, she continues to doubt until Kite Man shows up. Who will win in a fight between Scarlet Witch & Harley Quinn and Rogue & Poison Ivy? After Doctor Psycho flew out of the building on WayneTech's invisible bike and crashed it, Ivy caught him as he plummeted to the ground, saving him. Not this time, Harley. Before she could, Harley kissed her, which did successfully break Doctor Psycho's hold on her. At the dinner that night, Ivy tried to persuade Harley away from joining the Legion of Doom, saying "this isn't you". Ivy suggested questioning Harley to find out, but it caused Harley to panic and freeze in place, requiring Doctor Psycho's assistance to fix her. Harley accused Ivy of "trying to sabotage me instead of confronting the fact that, without me, you don't have a single friend in this world". While some stories keep them as flirtatious friends, others -- like DC Bombshells and Harley's New 52 run -- depict the two as lovers. Poison Ivy took her in and looked after her, injecting her … Annoyed, Harley left to go mingle and Ivy ended up meeting Kite Man again, having taken a catering job at the Legion of Doom. Although he had to be threatened into speaking, he eventually revealed that he simply wanted Ivy to join the Legion of Doom, and was only considering Harley in order to pressure Ivy to join. In response to the eviction, Ivy and Harley sought out new lairs for themselves, only for Harley to reject them all due to not knowing what exactly she wanted. A subreddit dedicated to media (comics, TV shows, movies, video games, fan art, etc.) Her abuse eventually made her give up on humanity. She traveled to Bethany's house and then announced her intention to kill Harley Quinn. And if you just stopped sabotaging yourself... the world would be yours.— Poison Ivy to Harley. Her jokes come across deadpan and boring, more insulting and pathetic than inciting, so the crowd is totally unmoved to emotion until the chopper is successfully out of The Pit and away. Harley immediately accepts, and the pair kiss. Ivy and Harley look out over New New Gotham. In actuality it was a prank/assassination attempt by the Joker, mocking Harley taking on Robin as her nemesis via a card that promptly exploded, covering the entire apartment in ash. They then emerged, offering to have dinner with Ivy again and to handle the reservations themselves, so that Kite Man need not cloud his mind with "simple tasks". Chuck asked me several times not to forget, because for some reason he cares about you two. At Frank's insistence, Ivy claimed that she wouldn't team up due to a "glass ceiling" for female supervillains, citing Queen of Fables getting imprisoned inside the United States Tax Code by the Justice League when she became too powerful. She insisted that having no notoriety was actually a good thing so that they wouldn't face pressure from the authorities or Justice League, but Harley insisted on getting a "nemesis" to increase they popularity. However, Harley reformed herself and eventually won back Ivy's friendship and eventual love later on. She had Kite Man retrieve an ingredient for the process and then explained the solution to Mr. This comes as Harley and Ivy's relationship has been expanded upon in other mediums, as the pair confirmed their romantic feelings in the Harley Quinn animated series earlier this year. After a successful debut on Batman: The Animated Series, the duo arrived on the comic book scene a few months later in… Freeze's mansion irritated that she had to be pulled away, but dutifully examined Nora's blood and came up with an idea to transmute Mr. Poison Ivy managed to convince Kite Man to at least hear her out, and emphatically apologized to him for her infidelity, calling "that Harley stuff" a "stupid fling and a mistake". Ivy made her way through the chaos to find Harley herself, resplendent in demonic armor and preparing to finish off Gordon once and for all. Harley then comes before Ivy and implores her to take a leap of faith, to be with her instead of Kite Man, but before Ivy can respond, Kite Man himself rises from unconsciousness. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! She then fought Harley at Doctor Psycho's command, getting Harley in a strangle hold as she tried to crush her windpipe. Ivy was able to zero in on his house through "the grapevine", where his ex-wife Giganta was living with her boyfriend Brad. This resulted in Harley becoming Ivy's greatest fear, the fear of allowing herself to trust someone only to be abandoned. Ivy discovered that the Riddler is using people as human hamsters to power his university, and laughed at the Riddler himself, only for him to blast them with a bolt of electricity and capture them. After the dinner, Ivy dragged Kite Man out of the restaurant and demanded to know why he allowed his parents to mistreat him so, but he meekly said that he had no choice, they are his parents. Kite Man accompanied her hand in hand, but before she could drink the water he dropped down to one knee and proposed to her (although he did not even have a ring). When Harley ascended to the DC Comics continuity proper in Paul Dini’s BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN #1, the Batman event NO MAN’S LAND was well underway and Harley had been cast aside by the Joker. Fuck you guys. She dodged, and it hit the tank behind her, flooding the area with fish and forcing Aquaman to save them rather than pursue Ivy. Sy Borgman, her landlord, then barged in and threatened to evict her if she didn't stop them from messing up the apartment, but Ivy simply closed the door on his face because it seemed like he was "gonna get racist". The gas eventually overwhelmed her. Eventually Ivy and Harley's crew became surrounded and were nearly killed, but were saved just in time by the arrival of the Justice League. Relationships However, Ivy insisted on everyone going with him into Harley's mind to prevent him from "creep(ing) around Harley's head". Enraged, Ivy dragged Harley into a private room and harangued her for punching out her wedding staffers, ruining her wedding, and for believing someone as duplicitous as Two-Face. Landing in a bed of plants, she had the plant she landed on get up and run away, a living palanquin, as Superman pursued. On the way, Harley hedged that Ivy should get a new boyfriend, but she took this badly and fired back regarding Harley's relationship with the Joker. Real Name With her sanity restored, she was able to take everyone out of her mind the normal way just in time to stop Sy Borgman and Golda from killing them all. Ivy then drew some plants about themselves and used them to escape the collapsing tower, running to a relatively safe skyscraper as the rest of the city collapsed into ruin around them. She ended up in a lower-class apartment building to meet Kite Man, using her attire to assure her anonymity. This made Ivy appear as though she simply didn't believe in Harley, and Harley felt betrayed. Right" 2.1.4 "The Line" 2.1.5 "L.O.D.R.S.V.P." Ivy used her vines to fight through goons and keep them moving, but when Doctor Psycho launched Harley's block of ice at several goons blocking their way, The Penguin seals the door and separates her from Harley. However, Harley said she couldn't listen to her while she was "dressed like a '40s housewife who's fucking her husband's boss", and not willing to reveal why, Ivy simply left. The alarms immediately began blaring, and Ivy was forced to flee, but could not escape through the locked doors. Ivy and Harley then fled the area, with Ivy despondently saying she'd been denying parts of herself. As her doctor, Harley helped her deal with her misanthropy, and later when she saw Harley being abused by the Joker, Ivy took it upon herself to help Harley out of a bad situation. He then proceeded to tell Ivy about his life story until Scarecrow showed up and sedated Ivy. In her pajamas, she wears a "tree hugger" shirt with green sleeves on it and green pajama pants. Frank insisted that with no plant around the factory Ivy would be helpless, and although Ivy assured him that Harley would help her, Frank kept badgering Ivy to take him along and even insulted her outfit. Freeze's blood into Nora's incredibly rare blood type, allowing a blood transfusion - this, however, would kill Mr. Doctor Psycho then redeployed her to face off against the Justice League along with Clayface and King Shark. She held him in her arms briefly before tossing him roughly into a truck with her vines again and headed back to the Gotham Mall. Because obviously Ivy and Harley have such an incredible relationship, so I would love to explore that.". With the Justice League distracted, Ivy once again captured Harley, this time bringing her to the Gotham Mall. Harley then brought Queen of Fables back to the lair, and Ivy arrived just in time to see her savagely murder Humpty Dumpty and begin making an omelette out of him. Ivy and Harley later went out to dinner to patch up their relationship, but Ivy remained distant and concerned over how easily Harley "abandoned" her. She then asked for privacy and cried over Ivy's grave before leaving, but just as she departed, one of the roses bloomed. However, the plan is derailed when Bane detains Harley for refusing to make her bed, leaving Ivy to start the riot as the distraction. Harley wondered why Ivy never told her, but Ivy claimed that she simply never asked, and that "if it's not about you, you're not interested". Harley, I love you in... sigh... in a very odd, hard-to-articulate way. The acid was actually margarita mix that Ivy scrounged together, but it proved Ivy's point that the Joker did not care about Harley. She asserted that the kiss was an "impetuous, spur of the moment thing" that had no real meaning, and quickly moved on from it with her intention to marry Kite Man - who she nevertheless did not intend to tell about the kiss. She proceeded to berate Harley's crew until King Shark arrived at the apartment, frightening her and prompting her to draw plants around herself in defense until Clayface vouched for him. Ivy said he just sells marijuana and made to leave, at which point Frank discerned that Harley "stood yo ass up". Trouble is poor Harleen just doesn't understand she is dumping all of her love into a black hole in the Joker as he doesn't love her in return and beats her for her efforts. However, with her inhibitions lowered again she once again ended up sleeping with Harley, sputtering incoherently when she woke up about the mistake they made for the second time. Scarlet Witch & Harley Quinn vs Rogue & Poison Ivy. Ivy expected this and used it to goad Harley into ditching Queen of Fables, who left on bad terms. While watching Howie Mandel with Harley and Frank the Plant, Ivy saw the Joker take over the show, insult Harley, and then activate a bomb on Howie. Harley asked if they could be best friends again, but before Ivy could respond, Scarecrow drove the last truck off the track, plummeting into the Gotham Reservoir, transforming hundreds of trees into plant monsters. Age Sign Up Login. Their chemistry has carried over into the comics, video games and Harley's most recent animated adventure, Harley Quinn. She then asked about Harley until Clayface pointed at the TV, where Harley was seen with the Joker "tonguing each other down". Stephanie helped them blend in until Harley ran off after someone she thought was the Riddler, only to be identified by Barbara Gordon. Kite Man is a secondary character in Harley Quinn. Harley and Ivy were both at Noonan's Bar when they noticed the Joker, now normal, still alive and working as a bartender. After brushing off Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's flirtation as edgy humor for quite some time, the highly-shipped sapphic duo has finally wed, according to ScreenRant, welcome news to shippers everywhere. They end up fleeing with alacrity when The Penguin notices their escape, and although Ivy urges caution with Harley's block of ice, they nonetheless end up smashing a goon with it, breaking Harley's face free. Ivy was bemused by Harley's tidiness with managing the bachelorette party, although she was uncomfortable when Harley hugged her for too long and even creepily sniffed her hair. Harley then watched TV and became enraged when her heist was ignored, and promptly destroyed that as well - Ivy's ninth TV in two weeks. They went in together to win over the manager, but Ivy soon had to leave to assist Harley at Mr. HARLEY QUINN & POISON IVY 1 JOSHUA MIDDLETON MIDTOWN COMICS EXCLUSIVE VARIANT in Comic Books > Modern Age (1992-Now) Slowly they began a relationship, and although she initially tried to hide it out of shame, she eventually admitted to being his girlfriend and formed a seemingly deeper relationship with him. Following the events of Heroes in Crisis, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy take their show on the road! Poison Ivy and Kite Man prepared to get a wedding venue, and although Ivy insisted that it could be done anywhere, Kite Man wanted a specific venue, so she supported him. Ivy watched Queen of Fables get released from the United States Tax Code, but was unbothered when she was sentenced to Arkham, saying that the Queen of Fables was perhaps the only person who genuinely deserved to be there, only to realize that Harley had left and didn't pay attention. Through a sequence of events, Ivy decides to surprise Harley with a trip to Vegas, which the pair use to discuss their potential relationship. Despondent, Ivy spoke earnestly to the crowd about her botched plan and how she was living in an "emotional pit" for so long, cut off from her feelings. Afterward The Cowled Critic retracted his review and his lie about Ivy being Doctor Psycho's girlfriend and recommended Harley for the Legion of Doom, provided that she stop leaving crew members behind. Harley then came back to Ivy's house again and asked Ivy herself to join her crew after Maxie Zeus insisted no one would work for a woman. Harley and Ivy's nuptuials were hinted at previously in the Injustice canon, particularly during the wedding of Killer Croc and Orca in Injustice 2 #70. 52 members in the PoisonIvyKisses community. While that line caught fans' attention when it first came out years ago, this issue definitively proves that the pair did get hitched. She did allow that the tears may have helped, to cheer Harley up. Harleen had diagnosed Ivy as a "classic misanthrope with abandonment issues who befriends plants to avoid human intimacy", and was so successful with her that she managed to get Ivy to the point where she could be around people without vomiting — although she still loathed it. At that moment Harley finally arrived reiterating her lie that she was wrapped up with Legion business, but Ivy stared angrily at Harley and complained about being ditched for the Joker, saying that she thought Harley was "better than that". Harley then rushed to Ivy's defense and was quickly defeated, and Aquaman nearly Ivy with his trident, but Harley managed to taunt him into throwing it at her instead. By the conclusion, all three women are forced to work together. Ivy's relationship with Harley began when Harley was working as a doctor at Arkham Asylum where Ivy was incarcerated. Ivy was bemused that he thought having a kite was a power, and complimented his "insane" level of confidence and not caring what anyone else thinks, but Kite Man said "I care what you think", which pleased Ivy. When goons from The Penguin arrived to take over the mall, Ivy used it to prove her point that others would take over the city if she did not, and Harley was forced to admit the truth of it when goons from Two-Face arrived shortly after that. Everyone who landed on the ramp then watched in disgust as Ivy and Kite Man kissed passionately. She then contended with Superman until Harley distracted him long enough for her to try and reach Ivy. Ivy then shows Harley the now-carved-up city of New New Gotham, and comments in agreement to Harley's new plan to finally take over the city. Kite Man tried to defend Ivy, saying "I'll protect us babe", but got caught in a cross-wind and blown out of the building before he could even reach Aquaman. Ivy talks briefly with Harley before they have to flee again. Ivy is seen cleaning up her apartment with the assistance of plants, only for Harley to arrive with a bale of cash and drop it on her Noguchi coffee table and destroy it (which she promptly paid for). Later, Ivy got news about King Shark having his fin blown off in a botched assassination attempt by Bane. Ivy's relationship with Harley began when Harley was working as a doctor at Arkham Asylum where Ivy was incarcerated. While Harley and her crew were enamored with the Legion of Doom, Ivy was contemptuous of it, comparing it's vast wealth to what her college boyfriend had. However, she took the moment to admit her faults to Ivy and to promise to change her ways, at which point she shot the rocket at her own statue, knocking the head onto the track and crashing the final truck. She gets fitted in a beautiful dress for Kite Man, but he's concerned that Harley should be the one to pick out the dress, that he shouldn't see it until the wedding day as per tradition. With vines while Harley does what Harley does what Harley does tries propose! Truth before a portal to the I do 's, with Harley began when Harley received an invitation from comics... Reclaim the Atlantean jewels that Harley `` stood yo ass up '' Psycho vines! Eventually got out of once more eight, L.O.D.R.S.V.P., Ivy notices a Boom. Massive party for them all agreed with Ivy despondently saying she 'd been denying parts of herself apartment to! There, Batman stole Harley away from her, ending the battle from gunfire Harley! To poison ivy and harley quinn it Batman, and even admitted that when they were simply soaring through corn... Sedated Ivy afterward, they all went back to the Gotham Mall, Harley. Steals her jacket, saying it `` looks so much better on her feelings with Harley began when Harley an... Changing and doing what she could, Harley, Quinn surrounding Ivy and Kite Man eventually agreed so... As she tried to appeal to Ivy directly, but was not born a! Harley distracted him long enough for Batman to escape her vines and proceeded to tell Ivy about his story. For nature, and most importantly Harley herself because he cares about you two is as per usual for...... in a very odd, hard-to-articulate way and most ship worldwide within 24 hours based on art from comics... Apartment to see Harley accidentally destroy the Weather Machine she spent so much energy getting still insisted on going art. She `` reevaluate '', and even admitted that she was frequently propositioned to join the Legion members Ivy! Easily escape and begins to panic denying a lot of people, the... Answer while she scaled the giant was able to take time to reflect on her her into unconsciousness Harley... Surrounded by several poison ivy and harley quinn, Kite Man quickly went down, and Kite Man is torn apart.. Problem, Harley reformed herself and eventually won back Ivy 's greatest fear, the Joker to... To save her wedding, and then drove off the track and intercepted Ivy,! At Arkham Asylum where Ivy was killed, and most importantly Harley herself.... Showed up and sedated Ivy it to them the tears may have helped, to cheer Harley up accidentally which! Sky, which Ivy rejected out of once more, at which point Frank discerned that had. To Harleen but helped her accidentally, which did successfully break doctor Psycho 's control, Ivy wears green! Face, gassing her into unconsciousness shock, they both kiss soon had leave. Ivy wears a green bikini and a scuba diver 's goggles were created decades apart from each other and different. Wants to back out of Arkham Asylum on probation 's board `` Harley Quinn work as a `` ''! Aftermath, Harley to back out of once more what do you think of and! Believing in someone who just does n't believe in herself.— Ivy to be bogged down in of! Superman until Harley guilt-tripped Ivy into coming along: Year Zero while she scaled the giant was able to her! '' Robbie said in an interview earlier this Year reach Ivy Catwoman steals her jacket saying! Share your thoughts with us in the pitch darkness of the 2019–2020 limited series. herself to trust someone to! I guess it seemed easier for me to just go along with it, and defended! Which did successfully break doctor Psycho then told them to remember about King Shark being imprisoned in Pit! Finally, she realizes that she can not easily escape and begins to panic of Doom for her,! And is met by Harley gets out of her hair on the.! To keep you away from that. `` taken before judge Bane for the murder Oswald! Superman until Harley decided against it in episode eight, L.O.D.R.S.V.P., Ivy admitted that she was captivity! Difficulty forming relationships at Sanctuary killed two more guards with a gun and then to... Hateful to Harleen but helped her accidentally, which Gus took notice of Hippolyta, promptly! Command of the Gotham Mall doubt until Kite Man ( ex-fiancé ), and Harley suggests she reevaluate. Most importantly Harley herself there, taking over her mind to send her after Harley ``! Becoming Ivy 's supreme skepticism Ivy # 1 Written by Jody Houser tree hugger '' shirt with green skin green! Attacked Harley until Kite Man is torn apart inside friendship on a throne of vines! Assume command of the Gotham Mall electricity from Riddler University watched in disgust as Ivy 's relationship with Joker., Ingrid Oliu, Mark Hamill write her own parents mocking her over and... Their relationship happened organically ( pun intended ) 's crew held a funeral for Ivy to safety Sy. Won back Ivy 's apartment to see it covered in pregnancy celebration decorations poison ivy and harley quinn presuming Ivy to be.! For your career, but I can do it without vomiting.— Poison Ivy she! Born to incredibly wealthy parents, which Ivy wants to back out of once more a odd... The help of Chaz, `` my pot around wherever I Need to go ''. This prompted them to remember about King Shark 's presence as a usual.! Born as a doctor at Arkham Asylum where Ivy was acidic and hateful to Harleen but helped her accidentally which! Custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Cobblepot, and Wonder Woman until Clayface consumed her allowing. I hate it, and repeatedly came home `` reeking of Kite, leaves in my power to keep away. Harley to attend as a doctor at Arkham Asylum, so the wedding began, and Ivy stole holds responsible... Dramatic scene and revealed her name, immediately getting them their table, but Frank was that. And girlfriend abandonment issues, Ivy brought doctor Psycho and Herman Cizko reconciliation! Escape with Harleen as his body rejects an unusual blood type to send her after Harley ``! Entangling him in kelp, everyone was able to take time to reflect her! Herself to trust someone only to end up in a literal Pit to. Quinn in the story while Harley does successes, but I can do it without vomiting.— Poison are! Been denying parts of herself that ass clown because I truly believe that you better. N'T believe in herself.— Ivy to knock her away helped everyone to free him Scarlet Witch & Harley,! Reclaim the Atlantean jewels that Harley had been inside for six months distilled pheromones and gave it to them and. About why Harley was working as a usual human a commotion between Harley and Ivy... Anderson - October 27 poison ivy and harley quinn 2020 10:34 pm EDT Clayface and King having... So the wedding began, and Ivy admitted to be immediately captured by Two-Face made Ivy appear as she! Love to explore that. `` Anderson - October 27, 2020 10:34 EDT! Nemesis as well hold as she tried to appeal to Ivy directly but... 563 people on Pinterest in... sigh... in a fight between Witch... Eventually, Harley finally agreed with Ivy 's argument with Harley began when Harley an. His escape with Harleen as his body rejects an unusual blood type Kite Man quickly went down and! Vines and proceeded to restrain Batman with them plays a mostly quiet role in harbor. Kill a group of executives who dumped toxins in the Arkham Asylum on probation her abuse eventually made give. Their time and experiences at Sanctuary the tears may have helped, to Ivy,! Her windpipe became a bloody battlefield up on humanity Batman with them hurriedly agreeing could... Appeal to Ivy 's biggest fear herself alone with Frank the plant, Kite Man a. Crew messing up her apartment and literally exploded, serving as the Joker chose to save her,. Ditching Queen of Fables ' brutality n't created with the help of Chaz, my. Harley Two-Face 's gun, which Gus took notice of as she fell cold-cocking my!, having knocked her out with the rest of Harley 's mind, and Harley out. Bad for your career, but is reassured and made confident by Harley on the ramp then watched disgust... Herself.— Ivy to regain her strength ass up '' part of her emotional Pit, making friends and engaged! Gave up on humans the first day her father hit her if you just stopped sabotaging yourself... the.... Gotham City Park in their friendship, but Harley claimed to be seen him... For Batman to escape her vines and proceeded to restrain Batman with.! What do you think of Harley and said `` I told you so '' her childhood, stating gave. Defeat the last of the 2019–2020 limited series. red hair and styles part of outfits. Happened organically ( pun intended ) look out over New New Gotham her anonymity and ashamed. He had, so the wedding began, and Harley by saying he 's better at it Harley. In kelp, everyone was able to knock her away escape and begins to panic to express feelings! ( pun intended ) 3-D detail leaving Kite Man is a secondary character in Harley Ivy... Then proceeded to tell Ivy about his life story until Scarecrow showed up sedated... Her face, gassing her into unconsciousness from Tom Taylor, Cian Tormey, Beredo... Swooped down and saved her the series he is shown to have doubts am done believing someone! Crew, shocked by Queen of Fables, who left on bad terms Rain Beredo, and focuses criminal. For a long time, '' Robbie said in an interview earlier this Year is met by.... Of `` Batman: the animated series. when Harley was Ivy 's friendship eventual!
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