Thanks in advance . Author information: (1)Imaging and Computer Vision, Siemens Corporate Technology, Princeton, NJ, USA. I have a random forest model, it has 92% of accuracy and I have generated some adversarial examples. 5.3 The Transferability of C&W Attack. robustness trade-off for models on the Pareto frontier, e.g., AlexNet is the most robust network while the model with the highest accuracy (NASNet) is most prone to adversarial attacks. 2. – The networks of a same family, e.g., VGG, Inception Nets, ResNets, and DenseNets, share similar robustness properties. Accurate and Robust Video Saliency Detection via Self-Paced Diffusion ... Next, the long-term common consistency (e.g., appearance models/movement patterns) of the salient foregrounds could be explicitly revealed via similarity analysis accordingly. Finite element simulation of the conventional spinning 2.1. in the test and model images, which not only increases the time to process a test image, but also decreases the scala-bility of the system. model robustness via our disclosed accuracy-robustness Pareto frontier. In practice, this approach highlighted a lack of robustness in the model, as the algorithm produced unrealistically biased triggering structures in several situations. Statistically, robustness can be be at odds with accuracy when no assumptions are made on the data distri-bution (Tsipras et al., 2019). The robustness of hydrological model parameter values in flood predictions is a known area of concern, but there is a lack of a comprehensive approach to the han-dling of model parameter robustness, model simulation uncertainty and multiobjec-tive model calibration when … Figure 3. I am assuming that by model performance you mean its speed. We take a closer look at this phenomenon and first show that real image datasets are actually separated. When building forecasting models in Excel robustness is more important than accuracy. Correlation between architecture density and adversarial accuracy: Densely connected pattern can benefit the network robustness. So it seems like robust models, despite being less accurate on the source task, are actually better for transfer learning purposes. Zheng Y(1), Tek H(2), Funka-Lea G(2). We further boost the detection accuracy via long-term information guided saliency diffusion in a self-paced manner. LS-DYNA simulation models, both large and small, frequently suffer from undetected modeling errors that can cause runs to die prematurely. There are already more than 2'000 papers on this topic, but it is still unclear which approaches really work and which only lead to overestimated robustness.We start from benchmarking the \(\ell_\infty\)- and \(\ell_2\)-robustness since these are the most studied settings in the literature. We conduct extensive experiments on four different datasets, including CIFAR-10, MNIST, STL-10, and Tiny ImageNet, with several representative neural networks. The prediction accuracy has been the long-lasting and sole standard for comparing the performance of different image classification models, including the ImageNet competition. In addition, increasing the network capacity may provide a better trade-off between standard accuracy of an adversarially trained model and its adversarial robustness [41]. Overall, we have seen that adversarially robust models, although being less accurate on the source task than standard-trained models, can improve transfer learning on a wide range of downstream tasks. 3AUGMIX AUGMIX is a data augmentation technique which improves model robustness and uncertainty esti-mates, and slots in easily to existing training pipelines. Architecture studies under computational budget: Under small computational budget, adding convolution operations to direct edges is more effective to improve model robustness. Stack Exchange Network . model robustness via our disclosed accuracy-robustness Pareto frontier. Runs that die prematurely squander … We can see that expected shape of an overfit model where test accuracy increases to a point and then begins to decrease again. Rethinking Model Scaling for Convolutional Neural Networks The above paper was published in 2019 at the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). While the robustness of a model increases, the standard classification accuracy declines. I’m not so sure what you mean by “robust”. This phenomenon is suggested to be an inherent trade-off. This suggests that network ar-chitecture has a larger impact on robustness than model size. We also extend from OAT to OATS, that enables a joint in-situ trade-off among robustness, accuracy, and the computational budget. Figure 2. I am doing a forecast using robust exponential smoothing methods and to determine / measure the forecast accuracy I want to use robust measurements as well. The methodology is the foundation of our entry to the NeurIPS 2018 Adversarial Vision Challenge where we won first place out of 1,995 submissions, surpassing the runner-up approach by 11.41 % in terms of mean ℓ 2 perturbation distance. Ensuring Stable, Robust, and Accurate LS-DYNA Models August 31, 2006 | by Suri Bala LS-DYNA Bytes. This was questioned by [49], whose theoretical examples implied that a both accurate and robust classifier might exist, given that classifier has sufficiently large model capacity (perhaps much larger than standard classifiers). Despite a large literature devoted to improving the robust-ness of deep-learning models, many fundamental questions remain unresolved. In statistics, the term robust or robustness refers to the strength of a statistical model, tests, and procedures according to the specific conditions of the statistical analysis a study hopes to achieve.Given that these conditions of a study are met, the models can be verified to be true through the use of mathematical proofs. Robust and accurate coronary artery centerline extraction in CTA by combining model-driven and data-driven approaches. In our paper, we study this phenomenon in more detail. One of the most important questions is how to trade off adversarial robustness against natural accuracy. Line Plots of Accuracy on Train and Test Datasets While Training Showing an Overfit. Indeed, the linear relation between ImageNet accuracy and transfer performance observed in prior work (see our discussion above) doesn’t seem to hold when the robustness parameter is varied. On this basis, the prediction accuracy and robustness of the new model are compared with the prediction model based on energy method. A figure is created showing line plots of the model accuracy on the train and test sets. This has led … Our approaches meanwhile cost only one model and no re-training. But how can I actually measure the robustness of this model? Finally, the effects of material parameters on the initiation of flange wrinkling are analyzed by the new model. accuracy on non-adversarial images (Raghunathan et al.,2019). policy optimized for clean accuracy, achieves state-of-the-art robustness on the CIFAR-10-C [17] benchmark. ple a DNN model with state-of-the-art standard accuracy on MNIST for strong adversarial robustness. Experimental results show that OAT/OATS achieve similar or even superior performance, when compared to traditional dedicatedly trained robust models. (2)Imaging and Computer Vision, Siemens Corporate Technology, Princeton, NJ, USA. On the ImageNet challenge, with a 66M parameter calculation load, EfficientNet reached 84.4% accuracy and took its place among the state-of-the-art.. EfficientNet can be considered a group of convolutional neural network models. Moreover, unreli-able features increase the total number of features present 1This work asperformed while Gusta vo Carneiro at the Uni er-sity of Toronto. Probabilistic Model for Robust Affine and Non-Rigid Point Set Matching Abstract: In this work, we propose a combinative strategy based on regression and clustering for solving point set matching problems under a Bayesian framework, in which the regression estimates the transformation from the model to the scene- and the clustering establishes the correspondence between two point sets. Abstract. – The networks of a same family , e.g., VGG, Inception Nets, ResNets, and DenseNets, share similar robustness properties. achieve robust accuracy no higher than ~ 47 % under white-box attacks, our method achieves robust accuracy as high as ~ 57 % in the same setting. Our results reveal previously unknown phenomena that exist … Note that model performance, in scientific terms, could refer to its quality as well, and in this case accuracy would be one way to measure performance. Accurate and robust models of code As a frst step to address these challenges, we propose a novel method that combines three key components, illustrated in Figure . Sometimes even minor model changes can introduce stability issues indicating a lack of robustness. 1 – as we show, all of these contribute to achieving accurate and robust models of code. They showed that the proposed neuron alignment technique can efficiently find a model with improved robustness and accuracy, which is missed by existing methods. Therefore, the required large network capacity by adver- between robustness and accuracy over 18 different ImageNet models, this paper investigates how training data affect the accuracy and robustness of deep neural networks. robustness definition: 1. the quality of being strong, and healthy or unlikely to break or fail: 2. the quality of being…. Likewise, we fit the Pareto frontier and still observe a similar log-linear scaling law. As I am not really familiar with robust . They are however seldom evaluated at a given time over a wide domain of use. ing accuracy based robustness estimation: (1) it provides a uniformed evaluation to models with dif-ferent structures and parameter scales; (2) it over-performs conventional accuracy based robustness estimation and provides a more reliable evaluation that is invariant to different test settings; (3) it can be fast generated without considerable testing cost.
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