Wanda Maximoff is often depicted side by side with her brother Pietro, also known as Quicksilver, and she is considered one of the most powerful characters in Marvel canon, being able to warp and alter reality. For a while though, she became more than “just Jane” as she also wielded Mjolnir as Thor. have a big-screen Wonder Woman, channeled by a fearless-looking Gal Gadot. In addition to being just as strong as the Hulk, when She-Hulk is in her green skin, she also retains her faculties as Jennifer Walters. Discover their powers, weaknesses, abilities, & more! (previous page) () Luckily, there are way more to choose from than one might expect. Marvel names are especially cool for young girls because the female characters are so multifaceted. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Iron Man ... "Spider-Girl" (Mutant/Spider Clone) (Earth-616) ' 'Selka (Earth-928) 1 115 (Legion Personality) (Earth-616) 14 (Earth-616) A A'di (Earth-616) A'ishah (Earth-616) This is because they are, without a doubt, some of the most powerful female characters ever. Ms. Marvel is another moniker held by a few different characters through the years, and the most recent girl to assume the honor is Kamala Khan. Lighting tends to be Storm's favorite weapon, as she can call it down from the sky at any given time to shock her opponents into submission. He writes for multiple Valnet properties. Superhero Names For Girls. Janet gains her powers after the death of her father, a scientist, in an effort to avenge his murder. Jennifer Walters gained her Hulk abilities after a blood transfusion from her cousin - Bruce Banner - but her abilities come with a little more functionality than his do. She is the daughter of the villainous Magneto (though this has faced some retcons in the last year), and did start off as a (reluctant) villain herself but quickly switched allegiances and became an Avenger. From Jean Grey to Spider-Woman, here are the 15 most powerful female Marvel comic book characters. Here's hoping that we get to see this powerful superhero in action soon. Pages in category "Marvel Comics female superheroes" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 252 total. Gamora is one of Marvel's more cosmic superheroes, a green-skinned alien who is the last of her species. As Thor, Jane didn’t need anyone to save her because she could save herself. Only X-23 also has claws that come out of her feet, replicating how a lioness attacks her prey. Scarlet Witch should definitely be on a list of the most powerful characters of all time. Superhero name generator . Even without the enhancement of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey is one of the most powerful characters ever written. The power to control the weather is a pretty neat one, but these weather oriented superheroes from Marvel take it to another level. However, as her powers continue to cause difficulties for her, she eventually turns to the X-Men to help her learn how to control them. As with many of the women on this list, it's the human foibles that make their heroism poignant, understandable, and something to marvel at. ... and use a whole superhero character name or a portion of one or a different spelling or just go big and name your kid Marvel. Such properties include Screen Rant, The Things, Moms, and The Quiz. Gamora (Marvel War of Heroes) Gargoyle; Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov) Garia; Garrison Kane; Gateway; Gauntlet (Joseph Green) Geiger; Gene Sailors; Generation X; Genesis; Genis-Vell; George Stacy (Ultimate) Gertrude Yorkes; Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) Ghost Rider (Marvel War of Heroes) Giant Girl; Giant Man; Giant-dok; Giant-Man (Ultimate) Gideon; Git Hoskins The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Simply follow the instructions given in the images and generate a cool and unique superhero name for yourself. Doctor Strange. In the comics, and in X-Men: First Class, this proves to be a beneficial skill as she can easily manipulate and distract her opponents. Discover their powers, weaknesses, abilities, & more! You don't get stronger than that. Let's take a look at some of our favorite Marvel superheroines – and see if your favorite made the list! This changes every character in the Marvel Universe as well as all of their storylines. She can also fly and has enhanced physical strength and durability. As a very young child, her mother was killed and, as a result, her father hired an expert to train Elektra in martial arts for her own protection. She even led the Avengers for many years, very successfully. The Inhumans television series didn’t do the Inhuman princess Crystal justice. In the comics, she's able to rebuild reality as we know it in order to suit her own desires. Kamala is able to be relatable and aspirational at the same time, which is just part of what makes her great. In fact, it was a top-five girl’s name of the 1940s, and far more popular than any name is today. Not only can she manipulate wind, water, and fire, but she could literally make the Earth move. Kate first appeared Young Avengers, filling the void left behind by Clint after his temporary death, and proved herself adept not only at archery but all kinds of combat. 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Strong-willed and stubborn, Carol endeared readers to her not just for her strength but for her struggles, which included alcoholism (in a connection to another Marvel heroine with similar issues, Carol was Jessica Jones' original blonde best friend in the comics). Related lists : Teams Objects Publishers Universes Locations Occupations Species Original Characters (OCs) The following list contains some of the characters we hope to see more of. Add new page. Naturally, many dog owners who also love said characters have taken to naming their dogs after their favorite Marvel heroes and heroines. America doesn’t just kick butt; she can literally kick holes between universes, allowing her to travel to new realities and bring others along for the ride. Janet van Dyne, also known as Wasp, is one of the founding members of the Avengers, alongside her husband Ant-Man. After all the superhero comics have been around for over 75 years so most of the good ones will have been taken. We’ve categorized our top superhero names into different types – cool superhero names, creative superhero names, and much more. She-Hulk She's a character motivated by revenge, by need, by anger – and it's her personal battle that informs a lot of her appeal. Still, she isn't necessarily defined by these things; instead Gamora pushes on and finds it within herself to be a proactive, protective force in the universe. Domino (Marvel Comics) Elastic-Girl (DC Comics) Firebird (Marvel Comics) Molly Hayes (Marvel Comics) Hellcat (Marvel Comics) Isis (DC Comics) … She can literally throw her enemies around and throw criminals in jail as an attorney. Heroes inspire us, but they also resonate with us because their struggles are all too human. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Rogue is one of a few characters on this list who have played the role of both hero and villain. There are 945 female superheroes and villains in the database. Unlike Drew, Peter Parker's intellectual gifts can be stunted by naivety. We should all be excited for when she finally makes her big-screen debut in early 2019. She dated a pre-Daredevil Matt Murdock in college but the murder of her father sent Elektra into a tailspin, and she left college to continue studying martial arts in China. She is exceptionally talented when using her sometimes unpredictable telekinetic and telepathic powers. This mutant power makes her one of the most invincible characters in the Marvel world. animated series and the 2000s live action movies, Rogue is as popular as ever. Depending on which canon you follow, Storm can literally wipe-out entire areas by calling upon a tsunami. Superhero baby boy names. Carol fought the good fight under the name Ms. Marvel for years but after several harrowing experiences (abduction, bizarre forced pregnancy, and de-powering at the hands of Scarlet Witch – just to name a few) led to some soul-searching, she went on to adopt Captain Marvel as a title. Janet dealt with the loss of her father and a turbulent relationship with her husband, but she was always able to pick herself up and put herself back together. Bubbles. Here we collection these team names and group names from different … That means she can be as strong as anyone she comes in contact with. ... back in 1968. Kamala is notable immediately for being a Pakistani American superhero, as well as being the first Muslim superhero to lead her very own comic. She-Hulk, real name Jennifer Walters, is a lot more in control and even-keeled than her famous cousin Bruce Banner. On the flip side, if you’re looking for something unique, you came to the right place. Here are the 13 Best Female Marvel Superheroes. She’s a power-hungry entity … Nemesis has all of the powers of the Infinity Stones, except she has them on a greater level due to the presence of the "Seventh Gem". Monica Rambeau was actually the first black female Avenger and a true superhero. She goes on to join the Guardians of the Galaxy, and appeared in the recent film adaptation, where she was played by Zoe Saldana. Natasha Romanoff has seen the most big screen attention as of the last few years, though all the fan clamoring was never able to result in a solo film outing. She’s also got one of the most interesting powers in comics, making her pretty formidable. Wanda Maximoff (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Mayhem (comics) Medusa (comics) Meggan; Mercury (Marvel Comics) Layla Miller; Nico Minoru; Miss America (America Chavez) Miss America (Madeline Joyce) Mockingbird (Marvel Comics) Moon Girl (Marvel Comics) Moondragon; Moonglow (comics) Danielle Moonstar; Motormouth (comics) Ms. Marvel; Murmur (Marvel Comics) Mystique (comics) Squad up with these best female superhero teams. Bringing these seven incredibly powerful objects together created this sentient being. Gwen (Stacy): this is … Rogue is a mutant with the ability to absorb the powers and sap the vitality from others upon skin-to-skin contact, but her inability to control it has caused her a great deal of anguish. 261,176 Pages. Marvel's first Muslim superhero to headline her own comic book is so popular that fans have been demanding she shows up in the MCU. He was later recruited by SHIELD to join their Howling Commandos and eventually joined forces with Jimmy Woo who had since became head of Agents of Atlas and transformed the group into a clandestine force for good. Leonardo. Super Canucks. Natasha is a complex character that has seen many rewrites and revisions in her personal history, and she is also on a unique journey for a female character: she is the former bad guy on a mission of redemption. The women on this list are conflicted with troubling backstories, or they're young and learning as they grow. The experiment she undergoes gives her the ability to shrink to miniscule size and grow wings and, though those powers can seem less than impressive (and they did increase over time), Janet's tenaciousness more than made up for it. Recommended Articles: 53 Badass Baby Names For Girls … Without a doubt, this Marvel character is not only one of the strongest female characters but is also one of the most powerful creations of all time. Check out the list of 9 superpower names to find the perfect one for your baby. And while we may have Supergirl fronting her own series now on the CW, Black Widow appearing alongside the Avengers, and Gamora guarding the galaxy, there are plenty of badass female superheroes you've probably never heard of. In some cases, it's because the publishers have taken inspiration from one another; in others, it's because writers have moved between the two companies, and they've wanted to carry on telling similar stories. Therefore, she can easily outsmart even the most intimidating characters. Comics Events Games Movies TV Characters. She possesses the modern-day superhero capabilities such as flying and mind control. See more ideas about superhero names, funny names, what is your name. For a while though, she became more than “just Jane” as she also wielded Mjolnir as Thor. Tell us by commenting below! To turn a rainy day into a beach-worthy one? Instead of studying electrical phenomena, Jane could wield it with one raised hand. Unfortunately, not all superhero names are as deserving of our adoration. Learn about your favorite Marvel characters, super heroes, & villains! In the series, it seemed like Crystal could do little more than make wind blow, but in the comics, Crystal was a master of all four elements. As a mercenary with a short fuse, Elektra has trouble staying on the side of good. List of all female superheroes and villains Names of all female superheroes and villains. Mar 10, 2017 - Explore Beth Hohenstein's board "Super hero name", followed by 141 people on Pinterest. In short, there are all different kinds of women who make all different kinds of heroes, and they're all wonderful in their own way. She was adopted as a child and raised by the supervillain Thanos, growing up to be an incredibly skilled and deadly assassin. It may not be the greatest superhero movie, but it provides names that might suit your kitty, including: Murdock, Elektra, Fisk, Bullseye, and Wesley. As Thor, Jane didn’t need anyone to save her because she could save herself. Wouldn't it be nice to change the weather at will? Related lists : Teams Objects Publishers Universes Locations Occupations Species Original Characters (OCs) 13. Related: 15 Most Powerful Female Superheroes Of All Time. In addition to being just as strong as the Hulk, when. This name generator will give you 10 names for superheroes. Top 100 Marvel Characters. Who is your child’s most favorite superhero? Not only are these women physically strong and have powers that we can only dream of, they are also emotionally and intellectually superior. Jam-packed with style and sass, superhero girl names aren’t your run-of-the-mill picks, though a cover name may appear here and there. However, she is wounded by her past and is trying to recover. Additionally, this original Avengers member is a master at martial arts. One of the first Marvel comic book women to get mainstream attention thanks to the 90s X-Men animated series and the 2000s live action movies, Rogue is as popular as ever. Jane Foster has long been one of the brightest and nicest women in Marvel Comics. While in this state, she is completely impervious to other psychic attacks that could otherwise render her useless. television series didn’t do the Inhuman princess Crystal justice. Looking for superhero baby girl names that are unique, cute and popular? Spider-Woman, AKA Jessica Drew, has had many experiences with both S.H.I.E.L.D. Similar to Jean Grey, Emma Frost, AKA The White Queen, has telekinetic powers that allow her to create hallucinations in other people's minds. 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Cute and Fierce Made-Up Girl Superhero Name Ideas. The Superhero name generator generates 5 Superhero names each time, these names have different styles and refer to the characteristics of Superheroes. Hopefully, we continue to see much more of them as more Marvel films come out. She's tenacious and determined, as well as seriously funny and feisty. This means that she can take airplanes out of the sky, manipulate people in any direction, and even rip their skin from their bodies. She’s even absorbed Captain Marvel’s abilities a time or two. Any other great female heroes we left off this list? Jean's telepathic power allows her to move literally anything with her mind. Squirrel Girl is proof that a story doesn't have to be deadly serious or darkly comedic to engage readers; sometimes, being fun is enough. Learn about your favorite Marvel characters, super heroes, & villains! ... Power Puff Girls. 14. Power Puff Girls. However, it wasn't until Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films released that the world saw just how much of a powerhouse superhero films could be. 10 Storm Related lists : Teams Objects Publishers Universes Locations Occupations Species Original Characters (OCs) Although Spectrum has been around for a while, she hasn't made it into the movies. Natasha defected as an adult and has since spent her time atoning, trying to make up for the violent acts she performed during her tenure as a spy. Marvel Comics: 10 Most Powerful Superheroes Who Control Weather. And, of course, now we (finally!) The following is a list of superheroines (female superheroes) in comic books, television, film, and other media. Power Puff Girls. (note: this list is from ~2005, so it doesn't reflect the recent spate of Marvel/DC films and any changes to the universes since then) Share With Fellow Cat-Loving Marvel Fans! Jessica Drew is a fictional superhero who appears in American comics published by Marvel Comics It’s the female version of SpidermanHis powers are: Strength, speed, endurance, agility, reflexes and superhuman senses. Her comic book counterpart gets to show them off far more. Captain Marvel; Captain Marvel; Captain Marvel (Earth-TRN707) Captain Universe (X-23) Cara Dune; Cat; Cat II; Catwoman (New 52) Celeste Cuckoo; Cerebra; Chan Lee; Chi Chi; Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) Cho Chang; Chun-Li; Claire Bennet; Clary Fray; Clobberella; Coil; Crystal; Crystal (MCU) Cybele; D. Dagger; Daina; Daisy Johnson (MCU) Daphne Powell; Dark Angel; Darkstar; Dazzler; Deathcry; Demeter; Diane All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Because if you do one company's list of favorites, you should probably do the other too. Her natural abilities of flight and weather manipulation lead to her being recruited by Professor X to join the X-Men. Gamora has been through some serious ordeals in her life: the death of all of her people, an attack and rape as a young girl, and a prickly relationship with her adoptive father. The unfortunate thing is that the Marvel movies have only now caught on to the fact that fans want to see more of these capable female characters. Crystal: an Inhuman princess who controls the air, fire, earth and water. The last year saw her headlining her own comic title, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, which follows Doreen as she attends college and battles foes, whom she often defeats via overwhelming hordes of squirrels. Her mastery over the world around her makes her nearly impossible to beat, though many characters that interact with her are prone to underestimate her. As we'll find out in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, Captain Carol Danvers gained her awe-inspiring abilities when caught in a blast of radioactive energy. These names are as tough as their wearers, ready to … Although the Marvel world can seem oversaturated with powerful male characters, the movies, television series, and the original comics have some of the strongest female characters ever written. Representation is important, especially for a readership looking to connect with a character they can find some facet of themselves in. This matched with her cunning make her exceptionally strong. Spider-Man. But a TV series would be perfect to explore her history, family, and beliefs set a heartwarming coming-of-age story as a teenager. So put on your cape and pick a name that suits your style. A one-stop shop for all things video games. However, she's one of the ones everyone should know. and HYDRA. Natasha Romanoff, AKA Black Widow, may not have the telepathic and telekinetic powers of the likes of Jean Grey, but she's a master spy. And what name from our list appealed to you the most? Buttercup. Kamala Khan's adventures bring a refreshing perspective to Marvel Comics, coming from the point of view not only of a millennial teenage girl but of a Pakistani-American and practicing Muslim. The Superhero Name Generator is designed to be easy to use. She's also a bright, charming, utterly normal teenage girl who just happens to be a shapeshifter. Well, it may be impossible but X-23, AKA Laura Kinney, comes close. Below you'll find them all in alphabetical order. A newer addition to the Marvel universe of characters, she’s been a Young Avenger and even led her own teams in recent years. However, the Hulk abilities manifest quite differently in Jennifer and, instead of being a barely-contained font of rage and destruction, she was empowered not just physically, but emotionally. She is not always able to do so. Due to headline her own movie (probably, someday), Carol Danvers is a deeply beloved heroine in the Marvel universe. She isn't a dark and gritty hero by any stretch, and it's the lightness of her story, her quirkiness and charm, that makes her such a breath of fresh air. Spider-Woman is basically the combination of Peter Parker's Spider-Man and Natasha Romanoff's Black Widow. Although Spider-Woman has a rather convoluted origin story that has changed her a few times over the years, she's always portrayed as a powerful character. As such, fans of Marvel have been inspired to name their little girls after the strong and independent, super-powered women featured in those books and films. Spectrum is one of those Marvel superheroes that most fans don't know about. Acting, for the most part, without a superhero moniker (her term as the caped crusader Jewel ended traumatically), Jessica is a private detective with a chip on her shoulder, in the style of many noir-ish antiheroes since time infinitum. One of the first Marvel comic book women to get mainstream attention thanks to the 90s. Well, this iconic X-Men character can. Although she tends to use various weapons and high-tech gadgets worthy of Iron-Man's approval, her real weapon is her body. The thing with Hawkeyes is that they're just normal people with exceptional skills, as opposed to being literally superpowered, and though this can make them the butt of some jokes, it also brings an interesting edge to the character. She's a newer hero – as in, she made her first appearance in 2001 as opposed to the 1950s – and her character reflects these more modern sensibilities. Elektra is something of an antihero, a figure of dubious morality who switches sides whenever it suits her purpose. You can also pair spunky tomboy names that have a hard edge with softer elements to create a stand-alone name.. Blakemist ; Dani Flare Some of these super hero names match my characters. Thor. Iron Man. Female superheroes tend to fit a familiar pattern for the most part – beautiful, capable, and poorly dressed (at least in their everyday alter egos) – but the definition of what makes a hero (and specifically a female hero) is ever-widening, leading to leading ladies who are just as complicated and realistic as they are effective and strong. Captain America. And she does this with a just a bit of fury, minimal concentration and uttering three little words. There are 582 female superheroes in the database. And yeah, some of them even have cute costumes too. It’s a fact: superhero baby names have never been cooler. Her importance to the Avengers can't be emphasized enough, especially considering the MCU has fixed the male-heavy team-up in the public's eye; in her time as leader, Janet made a point of recruiting more women to the team, such as She-Hulk and Captain Marvel. If you want a new name, click the Generate button. This name generator will give you 10 names for superheroes. However he was sought out by Marvel Boy & Jann the Jungle Girl to become one of the G-Men and help free President Eisenhower from the clutches of Yellowclaw. Black Widow's looks make it even easier for her, as many fall under her spell.
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