Since some consumers may have loyalty to some specific brands, Fortress will be the only distribution channel for them to purchase. The selected products in each category will be reserved by customers on first-come-first-serve basis. 129, 1/F, Mikiki com, the online shopping model of B2B, B2C and C2C has been developed well. Customer-Oriented Services and Products Provided. Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-11pm HK$5,999.00 . Also, from the latest population census conducted by Census and Statistics Department shown, the number of resident at mid-class increased up to 45 % of the overall working population ( refer to appendix 1). 201, L2, Plaza Hollywood Moreover, consumers (have difficulty in) are difficult to distinguish between Fortress and its competitors, since Fortress focus on targeting the mass market and all previous unique marketing strategy were quickly adopted by other market followers. 1st Basement, Home World, Site 12, Whampoa Garden, Hunghom Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am–9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am–9pm d. Technological Environment. Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm What We Do., Fortress Palazzo It is expected that QE2 will depreciate value of US dollars. Moreover, on 3rd May 2011, Census and Statistics Department announced the over-night visitors spent around $6700 HKD on average, whilst non-over-night visitors spend about $1800 HKD on average. This certainly brings a stronger bargaining position in Fortress. 248 Queen’s Road East, Shops G7, G7A & G8, G/F, Sunlight Tower 11, G/F, China Hong Kong City This mainly aims at inducing consumers to alter their life style to the advanced life style through leveraging advanced digital devices and home appliances. Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm 23 Yuk Wah Street, Shop NOS., Fortress Domain Fortress … Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm htm [4]CLP Hong Kong:Old Appliance Recycling Program ttps://www. Founded in 1975, Fortress is today one of the most trusted and recognized brand names in Hong Kong, selling a wide variety of electrical and electronics products. After investigating the current situation and external environment, it is suggested to launch a new promotion campaign that allows Fortress to gain more attention from consumers and succeed in the industry., Fortress Festival Walk Revised Financial and Other Information – Form 10-K; Fourth Quarter 2014 Earnings Release, Fortress Spot Hard to Hold Customer Loyalty Compared with the direct closest competitor- Broadway, Fortress has not launched the membership programme to build up the long term relationship and loyalty with customer in retail outlets, although there is a membership programme for the customer to do online shopping. Thus, many external organizations recognized its outstanding services. In the Social Awareness on the environmental friendly penetrate to the public. Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm 47 – 51 Shan Tung Street, Shop 2 &3 , G/F., Sim City, Chung Kiu Commercial Building It is expected that the Hong Kong economy will grow steadily. Tsim Shat Sui, Hong Kong Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong broadway. Mongkok, Hong Kong We provide the versatility, durability, and protection that allow you to truly Mock The Elements. Hence, it requires consumers to spend time on searching its information internally and externally on the brand’s differences of the home appliance products to deliberate its unfamiliar functions in a familiar product category. 83 Tuen Mun Heung Sze Wui Road, Shop M-45 & 46, L2, MTR Level, V City Fortress eStore is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong S dollar and the number of visitor was 36 millions, around 50% of that was Mainland visitors. 260 King’s Road, Portion of G/F & 1/F, Greenwich Centre b. Your preferred merchants are not on the list? Hours: Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm • Cash vouchers: Fortress Cash Coupons are not redeemable at our e-shop. hkheadline., Fortress Sheung Shui Landmark Fortress Hill, Hong Kong They include “24-month interest free installment” to release consumers’ burden; “Purchase-to-Play” service to plan and install AV products for consumers; “10-days Money Back Guarantee” to strengthen consumers’ confidence towards its products. From the report on rent index in Housing conducted by Rating and Valuation Department, there was also an increasing trend in the housing rent, which increased to around 130, compared with 100 of the index in 1999., Fortress Windsor House 411-412, 4/F, Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre L5-Xsite1, Millennium City 5, apm However, in March 2011, a serious earthquake in Japan has destroyed lots of factories. 70%| 91. The effectiveness is not explosive enough to arouse the attention of the public. quickly replaced in a short period. Hours: Monday-Friday 12:30pm-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm No matter where the shop it locates, it still have lots of potential customers around the shop place. HP 348 G7 Notebook PC . Compared with other electronic appliance companies, Fortress targets mass market, so various electronic appliances at bulk size will be offered. htm [12]Hotpool: poster of DHE SL http://www. 1) Industry Perspective6 3. Furthermore, according to Census and Statistics Department, there are about 30% of people aged between 15 and 34. hotpool. Directed by Stuart Gordon. In this piece of coursework, I will keep a diary of primary and secondary data and analyze them so that it can explain to me the circumstances which Hong Kong. Mongok, Kowloon, Hong Kong Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm Fortress can use the existing channels to promote this campaign. It targets on undifferentiated market to satisfy different customers’ needs and wants. Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm 6) SWOT Analysis . As for First mover advantages, Fortress is the first Hong Kong retailer to offer one-stop shop convenience and a multi-zone in-store retail concept in this industry. Hours: Monday-Saturday 12noon-9pm, Sunday 11am-9pm Mongkok, Hong Kong The mid-class is defined as the resident who earn in the range of $10,000 up to $40,000 in their monthly income in the working population. Many of them attempt to choose the electronic appliance with low electricity usage to save the environment. Shatin, Hong Kong Address: 1/F, 36 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: +852 2592 9822 Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm Daily incl. 3. 3) Market Challenger -- Gome (in 4P points of view)6 3., Fortress Metro City Thus, the channel power is created towards the suppliers, which can enjoy the competitive advantage of this channel partnering, and the setup and operation cost are optimized efficiently., Fortress Tuen Mun Town Plaza Yau Tong, Hong Kong, Fortress Hollywood Plaza nickburcher. 20 Tat Tung Road, Units 107-108, 1/F., Citygate 4) Company Review6 4) External Environment Analysis7 […] 96 Granville Road, Portion Of Shop C, G/F, Hilton Tower 1072-1073, 1/F, Elements Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm http://hk. shtml Group photos Ivan Alen Raine Ting Ting Phoenix Jessica Michael Janet -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong East Point, Hong Kong 1 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong +852 5803 6500 London. Tai Po, Hong Kong, Fortress V City Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-9pm 143-161 Nathan Road, Shop G49 & G50 on G/F and Shop U21-U25 on 1/F, Site B and C, Parklane Shopper’s Boulevard Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm, Fortress Kwong Wah Installment; Fast and Free Delivery; Expert Advice; Exclusive Promotions; Featured Products. 266 likes. Also, Renminbi (RMB) continues to appreciate year by year. Sheung Shui, Hong Kong Also, the professional specific components of a product, such as camera lens, are uncommon to display in Fortress. 2) Market Leading History. fortress. This target segment is derived from the above analysis with supporting figures and facts, thus it is measurable, accessible and actionable. High Inventory Cost of Bulk Unsold Items For the unsold Electronic Appliance, they occupy large storage space, so it leads to higher inventory costs to store them. Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm Starting form. Of this core aspiration of Fortress, professional services and advices provided by Fortress will be offered to customer in order to inculcate them to start “smart living”. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 8 Yan King Rd, Shop UG011 – 013, UG/F, Metro City Phase II Not only is the selection of goods at each store very representative, Fortress is known for excellent customer service, and has earned the loyalty of Hong Kong consumers over the years. Samsung 2019 4K QLED, Q70R. Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon, Hong Kong This is just a sample. tm l [14] SingTao: ??????? 2) Demographical7 4. Tuen Mun, Hong Kong The interaction of the business activities between Mainland Cities and Hong Kong is stronger than ever., The Success Factors of Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, Influence to Hong Kong as an International Logistics Hub. G002-G007, G/F, Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase I 610 Nathan Road, Shop 1-6 On G/F & Shop C On B/F, Hollywood Plaza Hours: Monday-Friday, Sunday 11am-9:30pm, Saturday 11am-10pm After financial budget 2011-2011 released, John Tsang, financial secretary, announced that the government will distribute $6,000 cash to Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above. In fact, they have quite different marketing strategies. Goal & Marketing objective This package is purposed to optimize the inventory spaces and the warehouse management efficiency. For instance, Fortress and other competitors provide the similar electronic appliances and brands. Edinburgh Napier University/SCOPE of City U Hong Kong Taxation LECTURE 1: Salaries tax and salaries tax planning, Double taxation arrangement with Mainland China Outline Salaries tax | |- |Scope of., Fortress Olympian City 2 yahoo. Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-10pm 40%| 4738%| …|  |  |  |  |  |  | 27| Hong Kong| 1,458,520| 2,727,980| 3,673,580| 34., Fortress V CITY (Samsung co-shops) Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:30am-7:30pm, Sunday 10:30am-7pm The quantity in each category should be sold based on the number of products left in the warehouse. By joining this program, staffs can be inculcated with effective customer service, in-depth products knowledge and appropriate management skills. Companies like CLP Power Hong Kong Limited and EPS Company have adopted policies to promote their company products and services. 40%| 2| Indonesia| 897,040| 14,681,580| 32,129,460| 118. For instance, CLP has launched several programs like “Old Appliances Recycling Program” and “Energy Saving Proposal” provided from their professionals; besides, EPS has launched the “EPS iDo” to promote the donation to plant trees in Hong Kong urban districts, ever since the program was launched they have already planted more than 2600 trees. The Perry Company has been producing quality, heavy duty equpiment since 1946 and Fortress Accessories are no exception. New Residential Investment Corp. (NYSE: NRZ) is a publicly traded real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that focuses on investing in, and actively managing, investments primarily related … htm [10] Hong Kong Headline Daily: ?? Make use of social network The popularity of the social network, such as Facebook, can be shown by the statistic report of Facebook in year 2010. Political. Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm, Fortress Mikiki, Fortress Times Square Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm, Fortress Moko Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong Visit Lenovo Hong Kong eShop & find the best laptops, tablets, desktops, data center, workstations suits for all business, home, gaming & student needs. Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm Meet advanced contrast with Direct Full Array 4x. com/cci/cci. Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong And, other detailed findings will be explicated in later parts. Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm http://www. Fortress can make use of this online instant communication platform in order to convey the most updated information to the customers. Meanwhile, consumers can get the refund or exchange if they were unsatisfied with the products. It provides differentiated after-sales services to customers. John Tsang, Financial secretary, estimates that the economy will grow about 4% in 2011. It offers products with similar brands and prices as Fortress does. To further illustrate, the idea is that the target customers will be acknowledged this package through different promotion channels to motive the collective buying behavior on Fortress online shopping website. 70%| 3| UK| 14,937,180| 22,625,300| 28,661,600| 26. hk/fortress/content/ABOUT_US/en/index. Central, Hong Kong Most of the retailers believe that the number of visitors will still increase continuously, and their consumption will definitely positively affect to their profits., Fortress Admiralty Kowloon, Hong Kong By launching this, it is expected to increase the market share by 6% and significantly increases the revenue by 8% in a short time. Of these residents at mid-class level, they mostly completed the secondary school certificates and more (than) a half of them completed post-secondary education. 3) PEST Analysis7 a. Political7 b. Besides, it also manufactures its own products named as “Fortress” brand to target the consumers with high-price sensitive., Fortress Sceneway Garden Hours: Monday-Sunday 12noon-9pm Over the past four decades, FORTRESS has earned the loyalty of Hong Kong consumers and received numerous customer service awards, which further establish its reputable brand image. http://info. Today, the Fortress Credit team consists of approximately 500 professionals and is focused on investing globally, primarily in undervalued assets and distressed and illiquid credit investments. See all. lang=en [5]CnYes. Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm This can be referred to the physiological needs, safety needs and social needs. 198 Junction Rd, Shop S3203-3204, 3/F, Lok Fu Plaza Hence, it is defined as Market Leader. The Success Factors of Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon Presented to The Department of Business Administration 2011-12 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This repost is studying the success factors of Standard Chartered Hong. 20%| 210. Logistics After the end of campaign, Fortress will consolidate all the ordered products and deliver them in a short time, so it lowers the transportation cost, and it fully utilize the logistics resources. com/index. Economic Environment In 2011, Hong Kong economy is believed to be better than last year. Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-10pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-10pm 3) PEST Analysis a. 78-80 Tokwawan Road, Shop 17-19 & 30B, G/F, Honour Building 1) Company Prospect “Inspiring Smart Living” - It was introduced in 2004. Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm cnyes. 4. Fortress’s Credit business was launched in 2002 by Pete Briger. Strengths Selectively distributed retail stores in Hong Kong From the geographical view, the population density is relatively high in Hong Kong; therefore the number of outlets may not need to be widely distributed. Kwai Fong, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong c) Place As for Market factors, the fiance couples would likely own or rent a new house for their new life, so Fortress may promote its campaign through the channels of wedding services as follows. Even though Fortress co-operates MoneyBack (??? ) 8 Long Yat Road, Shop A323-A325, Level 3, Yoho Mall II 3 Lung Poon St, Shop No. Talk to our representative at: 800-961-837. Shop and buy Tablets products, check and compare latest Tablets and Mobile and Communications models, prices at FORTRESS. Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm Fortress (852) 2555 5788: Gome Home Appliances(HK)Ltd (852) 2122 9133: HKIA Store (852) 2123 9000: Life Electric Ltd (852) 2745 3388: Loewe. Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm The investigation of the number of hours spending on the internet conducted by Synovate, a marketing research company, shows the average minutes spending on the internet rose from 136 minutes to 145 minutes, during past 4 years. 1) Geographical view7 4. 041-043, Level 1, Uptown Plaza The prices listed in the online shop may differ from the prices of the same products in Fortress retail stores. Fortress definition: A fortress is a castle or other large strong building, or a well-protected place, which... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Trend of collective buying Youngsters in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong prefer collective buying through the internet rather than purchasing in retail shops. Fortress can take the advantage of the trend to expand the market share in Hong Kong and to promote its products simultaneously. Fortress Investment Group is an American investment management firm based in New York City. Tuen Mun, Hong Kong Hours: Monday-Friday 11:30am-9:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-9:30pm Tsz Wan Shan, Hong Kong For instance, IPad1 has already been implemented in last year, but now IPad2 is introduced in this year. 1) Industry Perspective Being a robust market leader in the electronic retailing market, Fortress develops a wide brand network in the local market. Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon, Hong Kong number: 206095338. Most buyers, especially the beginners and learners, can be satisfied with the sales service. During the past years, Fortress carried out this strategic alliance along with a number of brands, as in HPC and Hissense, to enlarge its market shares and the product category is enhanced more than the other competitors’ one . 602 Reviews ., Fortress Chaiwan APR as low as 1.28%*: HK$0 handling fee: Loan amount up to 8 times of monthly salary or a maximum of HK$1,000,000 (whichever is lower);: Tenor up to 24 months for your selection;: Loan amount will be credited to your designated bank account directly; • If a married couple simultaneously applies for our tax loan, the interest rate will be determined based on the aggregate loan amount. It shows the rent was increasing during the past years. 18 Harcourt Road, Shop 70 – 79 & 91- 97, 2/F, Admiralty Centre, Tower 2 Hours: Monday-Friday 10:30am-7:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10:30am-7pm, Fortress New Town Plaza (Samsung co-shops) Meet the finest picture with Samsung†s colour volume 100% by Quantum Dot. Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-9pm However, this kind of strategy may encourage the consumers to wait until the success of the group formation. Hours: Monday-Friday 12noon-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 11am-9pm Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm Yet, most of electronic components are made by Japan corporations. 0 Executive Summary We are preparing to open a popcorn specialty shop in Hong Kong, the Pop Popcorn Shop. com. John and his illegally pregnant wife are inside but want to escape before birth.
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