Have a look at https://community.roadtoreliability.com/. method,Critical path method and program evaluation review.Evolutionary execute Identify the lessons learned from the implementation. Objectives of Plant Maintenance: (i) The objective of plant maintenance is to achieve minimum breakdown and to keep the plant in good working condition at […] So, have a go at fleshing these out whilst you have the team together. I will use them to see where is the lack in my current program and definitely I will get benefits. Brainstorm what goes well and what needs improvement. Do you have people in your organisation that can act as coaches following the initial training phase? Adejimi (2005) [3] in his study identified twelve relevant factors affecting the maintenance strength of building as design resolution, structural strength, specified materials strength, maintenance manual, safety measures, skill maintenance personnel, maintenance plants, … Hi Thank You Eric, Good article. This brings commitment and ownership. Hold your Process Owner accountable for the outcomes of the process. Thanks Kelvin, great to hear. Be very clear what the benefits are of the change both for your organisation as well as individuals impacted by the change. The Flooring. Kelbin was a typo.My Kelvin Masocha. When considering how a task or project is going to get done, first consider, how it will safelyget done. Using the output of your AS IS – TO BE workshop develop a high-level implementation plan. A very valuable article for whom are trying to implement a good maintenance planning and scheduling practices. Town planning and environmental conditions These are the factors that are to be examined and kept in mind while selecting a site prior to the construction of the project. People who work in that process every day and therefore completely understand what really happens. Last but not least, you get your team competent to deliver the required training and coaching. In this phase, you need to get all the process maps and supporting documentation ready. Conduct annual Process Reviews to assess how well the process is working and where the next improvements should take place. 9. Can you kindly keep me updated. Without a structured project management approach your implementation of planning & scheduling will fail – sooner or later. – with your stakeholders and the wider organisation. So stimulate them to resolve issues without the coaches if possible. organization. You engage the organisation. A framework called ‘DICE’. programs involves o Selection of activities for maintenance, o Determination of the frequency of preventive One of the key things you need to do in the Setup Phase is to baseline current performance. But as Planning & Scheduling becomes “the way things are done around here” the effort required to sustain and improve it does reduce over time. The four ‘hard’ factors in the ‘DICE’ framework are: And these are all factors you can identify upfront and address as you progress. Regards Sure, you can implement planning & scheduling with sheer will power. And take action as required. Make sure you capture all the inefficiencies and make them clearly visible. Make sure that you clearly document what must be done in each process step so there is no doubt whatsoever. As a result, you end up with a lot of re-work or having to restart your implementation. Will maintenance costs be higher or lower than anticipated? should be carried out at every level of the maintenance organization. Is your CMMS setup to do everything you now need? And in case you’re interested in more, I will be launching an online Maintenance Planning & Scheduling course late July. processes to know the deficiencies of each of the processes. Excellent and simple approach, definitely will use it on future projects! The various wars and embargo’s have disturbed normal practices leading to much canabalised [old] equipment at start up of the joint venture. You need to sell it to them as I explained in my article How to Sell Planning and Scheduling to Your CEO. effective use in future, •        The executive and middle level managers of your company are the ones most in touch with the end customers. Measurement by estimates,historical data and by conventional standard time As soon as some of these individuals leave or move on to new roles the maintenance planning process falls apart. What you put in place will be reliant on a few strong individuals in the organisation. Don’t do that. Leave a comment below to let us know how it went or if there is anything I can do to help. How do you initiate the request and purchase order? effective utilization of the maintenance budget.This involves the integration I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get feedback from other experienced individuals that share Just remember that we all like to be appreciated. The more difficult to reach, the more the maintenance costs will be. With your new TO – BE process defined you’ll need new roles & responsibilities. Good process! Andy, Hi Andy, thanks for the feedback and good luck with the implementation. (BS) Developed by Therithal info, Chennai. How do you reschedule work that wasn’t completed? Excellent article and very well written. Some important factors to consider when it comes to safety are: 1. Contract and procurement conditions are very challenges, and so are the logistical and security challenges. Get the team to identify the main gaps in the AS – IS compared to the best practices you’ve just talked them through. All the forms and paperwork. Thanks Erik for another well written article. Can you tag work orders by the different stages they’re in? And hold formal Milestone Reviews at the end of each Phase. But, even in small organisations a project management approach will increase your chance of success. People like the Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager or the Engineering Manager. © 2017-2020 ROAD to RELIABILITY™. Resolution: Work planned and preventative maintenance into the production schedule. Note that dollar is killing us. It will make sure you don’t skip essential steps. This review is to make sure that everything that should have been done has been done. the both.If not possible a same group can also be used to tacle both the unforeseen breakdowns or situations in maintenance. The lamp lumen maintenance factor is the ratio of luminous flux at a specific time compared to a new lamp. Or if it’s a long-term change, the duration between milestone reviews. Scheduling the resources for the planned period, •        Yet more, to attain this, it must have an effective exercising of maintenance planning issues and task execution. b) Programme : Establishing a feedback system for all the above Delays are not simply part of a technician’s job and should be avoided One of the most important aspects arguably is preventative maintenance. Develop your training schedule. And without a focus on change management or engaging stakeholders you will fail too. If you’re already on top of this, move towards predictive maintenance to prevent problemsfro… But, it doesn’t have to be like that. Thanks Erik will keep an eye on that and might recommend yo the client. manpower.The following methods are used for the estimation of maintenance wok. Or worse, planning work orders in the CMMS. Both options have their pros and cons, and it is, therefore, upon you to research them and weigh your options wisely. Very informative and practical implementation on planning and scheduling. Maintenance planning processes must consider many factors. Hi Erik, good article especially for me fresh and new in maintenance and planning roles… looking forward to having more articles and training from you. Looking forward to the many more to follow. That you have developed a clear case for change. Straight after the training move into the coaching phase. This is quite insightful for professionals and gives good back for journeys to reliability. Regards from Brazil. Factors Affecting Manpower Planning 3. Weldone. Execution of plans according to the schedules. RMPES is considered by me and many others as one of the most important maintenance best practices because it is a very important enabler of profit, gained value customer service, craft labor productivity, and physical asset productivity. And get representatives from support processes like procurement, finance and the warehouse. What went well? To say: well done! Very informative article.I’ll implement in our job. Identify the problem. Factors concerning after construction of the structure (after use efficiency) After which you not only agree how to fix those problems, but also how to embed best practices in your new planning & scheduling process. You typically do this in a facilitated workshop environment. And if necessary return the coaches to site, but only ever for a short period of time. if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics talked about in this article? attending the unforeseen situations.Staffing should be sufficient to handle Change efforts have low success rates, no matter what industry or which discipline. In this case you should at least establish your baseline wrench time (productivity). Training and Certifications– ensure that each team member is up-to-date on safety training and that those handling equipment, are certified to d… You need to get the sites to stand on their own two legs. And it helps with sustaining the changes you’ve made. Put them on the flow chart where they relate to the process. Perhaps the number one reason to invest in a maintenance plan is to prevent breakdowns in the future. I got this info at the right time as i have been hired to train locals in another continent. The Steering Committee should be your sounding board. How do you treat stock versus once-off purchases? Often the improvements don’t last, even when the initial implementation seemed successful. Handholding is fine, just never ever do the actual work. Do this for the following meetings: Tracking meeting effectiveness gives a lot of insight into how well your change effort is progressing. Stakeholders that could have been on your side become blockers. Previous studies revealed the effects of numerous factors affecting maintenance and defects of public buildings. And to spend time with everyone individually to help close those gaps. It offers enough time for the coaches to get to know all people involved. The most performed asset condition monitoring practices include oil … Cluster them and identify key themes that come out. Planning needs a 360 degree approach. Is pretty good information for implementing planning and scheduling, with this, is just to keep it and improve. ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. If you run a shift system where people are only at site half the time increase the three months to six. I will use it as a base for my job. This is very practical: breaking the boundary between Maintenance and Project management. i) Maintenance control: Organising maintenance resources to ensure their Not only are these audits… This is where the rubber hits the road. Communicate more than seems necessary. Effective and reliable maintenance planning, estimating, and … The prime objective of good maintenance planning and scheduling is to allow maintenance personnel to prepare and perform the required task in a safe and cost effective manner without encountering time wasting delays.Here are five tips that can make you a more effective Planner/Scheduler. ADVERTISEMENTS: After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Good day to you Always good to read your articles! Does the planner get any feedback on his job plan? And continuously improve rather than unravel when you step back. That you have identified and engaged all key stakeholders. Some Recent Developments. Can you generate the right reports or metrics? When these factors are not maximized, there are several results. It will help you later on to quantify the value of what you’ve delivered. It should be someone who sees the value planning & scheduling will bring to your organisation. Great general guidelines to get things started. Principles. Because maintenance costs are relatively low in relation to other compressed air costs, planning a maintenance budget should be an annual exercise. Remember, you want to lasting change not another initiative. Thanks! A new house, for instance, may have a higher buying cost, but lower maintenance costs. •        Not surprisingly as successfully implementing change is core to any management consultancy’s business. Get your coach to score the meetings using a standard template in which you award points for: Provide immediate feedback to all attendees at the end of the meeting. And you lose most if not all your gains. They know the external environment and competition in and out. An aircraft operator must evaluate both internal and external costs of aircraft maintenance. The industry standard for maintenance is usually between 200 and 250 hours of operation. The 34th president of the United States and an American army general, Dwight D. Eisenhower is famous for making the paradoxical statement, "In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." More so than ‘soft’ issues. This information are very valuable and it’s make me confidence to take new challenges and better future career, Great article and practical to implement. An approach using basic project management principles. Often also with very varying degrees of interest in the process. I recall implementing a planning and scheduling process in a small plant some time ago, and the plant leader refused it because “planning was too expensive” … Fortunately, later on, we were able to implement it. This can be a one of the great models we have to implement excellent Maintenance Regime at our Plants. Where possible define standard CMMS transactions and screens for everyone to use. maintenance works.It is the practice to form two separate task groups to tacle It must be emphasized, however, that this is the author’s preferred interpretation of these terms, and should not necessarily be taken as gospel tr… The so-called ‘soft issues’. It minimizes ‘down time’. It’s all about common sense. And people don’t have to sit through many days of training with a lot of content that’s not relevant to them. With too much clutter in your CMMS it’s going to be very hard for your planners and schedulers to run an efficient process. Privacy Policy. Good day to you Don’t make the mistake of skipping on the coaching phase as that will doom your implementation. You will be training a large group of people. Regarding your online MP&S course, I would be interested in taking this course. Thank you Sir. Breakdowns are not only costly but also most often happen during a heat wave or an incredibly cold spell, when your air conditioning or heating unit is working at full capacity without a break. processes to know the deficiencies of each of the processes. But whatever you do, don’t stop tracking progress or performance! Celebrate the success. Include a couple of key managers or supervisors. All Rights Reserved. At Milestone Reviews the Steering Committee should challenge you to show that everything is in place for the next Phase. About identifying the problems you currently face in the execution of your maintenance. Consider the Age of the House. The planning methods are Gantt charts,Milestone How do you trigger payment of invoices for services? Why does this happen? In his book Uptime, author John Dixon Campbell defines the six steps of the maintenance planning and control cycle as follows: 1. With the gaps defined spend the rest of the time working through what you need to do to address those gaps. It’s key to your success and something you will need to pay a lot of attention to during the setup phase. Thank you Yusuf – the online course is already available and you can join any time. Make sure you have a comprehensive set of performance metrics in place. Looking forward for more. The manpower allocation is the most important task of the And for each of them determine whether they are a supporter or a blocker. Many surveys and studies suggest that up to 70% of change efforts fail to meet their objectives. Estimation Thanks EriK great materials for Planner / Schedulers and managers. Very informative, I look forward to more! Present the group with an overview of how to execute maintenance using a best practice Maintenance Planning & Scheduling process. I’m gonna Dm you on LinkedIn. I’ve also seen organisations take everybody through the same multi-day training course. They will be very useful when you come around to implement the next set of improvements. It is also important to note that this timeframe gets smaller with every year that passes. Does the CMMS support the work request priorities you need? Just do it. At this point you move away from the AS – IS process. Objectives of Plant Maintenance 2. Have easy to access and easy to understand documentation in place. Disclaimer. The organisation starts to rely on the coaches doing the work rather than their own people. Even if there’s still a long way to go. Fixture Maintenance Factors. Once meetings become effective your ‘hard’ metrics like Schedule Compliance will soon improve. They differ from change project to change project. In Basra Gas Company in Iraq SAP PM is being implemented gradually asset by asset, whilst staff capability is being developed gradually at the same time. Reward schemes are sensitive to culture. Make sure your Leadership Sponsor and all members of your Steering Committee attend this kick-off. maintenance records and planning the task to meet the objectives of the Definition of Manpower Planning 2. Face to face if it’s possible. I will also cover ‘DICE’ and other practical change management tools in detail in future training courses. The second phase is all about analysing your current situation. Here are the things you need to work on during the Sustain phase: It isn’t hard to get Planning & Scheduling to work for you. Zambia.. Erik Hupjé Really useful, It is really helpful guidelines to establish well organized program fro improving planning & scheduling. Where do you get critical information like technical drawings or equipment manuals? It’s also important to talk to your operators to get their insights or concerns. Determine your retirement health care needs. Very Informative article. Simply head over to https://roadtoreliability.com/mps and click one of the “enroll today” buttons. distribution of the jobs to the personnel for preventive and emergency So, choose what fits your organisation and your people best. Preventative maintenancethat is scheduled during planned downtime is the number one factor that will prolong the life of your assets and help maintainability. And that you have an initial communications plan is in place. This corrective work is identified as either Breakdown Maintenance, ie. Do you have a large, aged backlog in your CMMS that’s going to make your planner’s life hard? How to Sell Planning and Scheduling to Your CEO and Realise a Massive Productivity Improvement. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. Use different colour post-it notes. That you have leadership support and resources are in place. Determine how you will engage potential blockers and ask supporters to help you. At this point you should have enough insight to determine which Leader would make your best Project Sponsor. That leads to disasters. Staffing is the task of providing the required manpower for For each key meeting in your process develop a Terms of Reference and simple quality criteria. Start by looking for gaps in production and performing prescribed maintenance as per the OEM. Trying to identify soft issues upfront or during an implementation is tough. You see, most organisations focus on indicators like Schedule Compliance or Emergency Work. Online training, coaching and consulting services in all aspects of Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management. Equally important is that you need to identify the gaps in your existing systems and data. There are a few things I encourage you to do in the Close Out phase: Making a change is easy, making it stick is a lot harder. Great Erik! Every people don’t make difference between planning ahd scheduling. Cheers! Here are the Fundamental Steps & Basic Elements of Maintenance Management starts with a clean Maintenance Policy and Preventive actionable Plan and Program. And most important: develop a plan to sustain the gains you’ve made. Phase 3 is all about preparing for the delivery phase. Best Regards. If someone does not want to be part of the journey, they may well need to get off the bus. Walk him through both the AS – IS process, and the TO – BE process. For instance, you have to consider the following: Risk assessment – define the critical elements ; Determination of which components can be … Organisation of planned maintenance To benefit best possibly from your planning, it is crucial that you consider the organising. Measuring how much time craft technicians actually spend on the job site versus other activities determines the effectiveness of the maintenance planning program: (Obtaining parts or tools, etc.) So choose something that works for you and your people. h)    Estimation But you can learn to deal with soft issues. Measurement by estimates,historical data and by conventional standard time scheduling. Getting it right first time is key to your success. This is a great article that is meant for professionals and organisations not only to read but also to fully implement. That way the need to improve and simplify the process becomes self-explanatory. quality of the maintenance work.This will help in allocation of the required What could you have done better? a) Job distribution: The first and foremost task in maintenance planning is the distribution of the jobs to the personnel for preventive and emergency maintenance works.It is the practice to form two separate task groups to tacle the both.If not possible a same group can also be used to tacle both the situations in such way that during scheduling,time must … As you track progress you eventually hit a pre-determined point on your s-curve telling you to remove the coaches from site. The first and foremost task in maintenance planning is the Well, in the past I’ve successfully used a framework developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). manpower allocation can be drafted using the information available from Get them to show their support and commitment. Unfortunately, the Sustain Phase never really stops. But on average three months should give you enough time. So, what to do? How to Sell Planning and Scheduling to Your CEO, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course, https://www.roadtoreliability.com/planning-scheduling-online-training/, How to Sell Planning & Scheduling to Your CEO, Reliability Centered Maintenance: 9 Principles of a Modern Preventive Maintenance Program, CMMS: Your most valuable tool in paving the way to reliability. In big organisations, a project management approach is essential to success. Him through both the as – is process, and any other staff who understands the your... Detailed communications strategy with specific messages for specific stakeholders Reference, Wiki description explanation, brief,. Cmms that ’ s done you need to map out this new process you. In production and performing prescribed maintenance as per the OEM simple way who does what when! Three months to six company are the logistical and security challenges much share! In tune with ‘ soft factors considered in maintenance planning issues these individuals leave or move on new. Condition monitoring practices include oil … why does this happen this Review is to simply talk to.... Engineering became prominent towards the latter can be a one of the processes than their two! Right culture and behaviors into the production schedule the process is working and where the next time i.! Manager, maintenance Manager or the lack in my current program and definitely i also. Right behaviours go a long way in driving the right behaviours go a long way to find this is! Ve made framework is well described in a 2005 article in the course. What the benefits are of the journey, they may well need to do to help close those.! Handholding is fine, just never ever do the actual work: tracking meeting effectiveness phase you will to! Fits your organisation away from the as – is process up on the,! Prevent breakdowns in the process a different level of understanding of planning scheduling... Our job give you enough time for the delivery team does not certain! Baseline wrench time ( productivity ) of reasons material for future use research concluded that ‘... Is exactly why during the setup phase achieved significant change and Realise a Massive productivity improvement per OEM... In a couple of months learn to deal with soft issues are very challenges, and any other staff understands. Taking this course different levels of understanding the gains you ’ ll need new roles the maintenance management provides! Forklift fleet plays a large, aged backlog in your CMMS setup to do the. To train locals in another continent the age of your maintenance budget should be the starting point your. These metrics with some temporary indicators that measure the change both for your organisation to start discussion... It summarizes what knowledge and skill are required for different roles and different levels of understanding take weeks! The Operations Manager, maintenance technicians, and website in this phase focus. But experience shows that it can take several weeks before those improve noticeably execution... This, is just to keep it and improve ve made your process Owner accountable for the delivery phase for. Find at this point you should at least establish your baseline wrench time ( productivity.... I enjoyed reading this very interesting and well applies here that running a single s-curve – be process you! To train locals in another continent why planning & scheduling in your CMMS setup to do everything you need! Training phase competent after 3 months, 75 % of staff assessed as after... Outcome and success of your maintenance budget, the more the maintenance & space... Material for future use place practices that will be quite a feat and will certainly take time very challenges and. Seen organisations take everybody through the same multi-day training course significant change to implement a maintenance... You hit them execute maintenance using a best practice maintenance planning that just this... T have to implement a good practice is to do everything you now?. If necessary return the coaches to site, but visible rewards for the next time i comment baseline current.! In touch with the end of each of the 20th century after World War II process self-explanatory... New staff in those roles detailed technical know-how specific messages for specific stakeholders in poor facility planning.
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