Nerite snails — Neritina Natalensis — are a marine snail found in tide pools and in areas where freshwater sources rush down to the sea, so their habitat is anywhere from extremely saline, to brackish, to freshwater. In less mature aquariums, high quality dry foods with high plant content can be sparingly fed daily. Very small, tiny snails but work very hard to clean up your aquarium. The door (operculum) is solid, semi circular and covered with small lumps. They can eat many types of food and algae including Phytoplankton, Diatoms Algae, Film/Slime Algae, Black Beard Algae and Green/Brown Spot Algae which are very tough on glass and hard to remove by hand. Aperture has 1-2 teeth at the side. A Black Racer Nerite Snail has small grooves on its shell, running alongside the aperture completely back. Note: There are some reports that Ramshorn snails (guide about this snail) and Siamese Algae eaters will eat Black beard algae. pH: 6.5 – 8.0, although its lifespan will generally be longer in alkaline pH. Neritina pulligera tank mates should not include any aggressive invertebrates or fish because the snails may get eaten. - Aquatic Arts. What do I feed nerite snails? Some nerite snails are initially finicky about eating dry foods, but most will come to accept them, especially with foods that are high in spirulina or other plant content. Average Purchase Size: .5 - 1 inches (1.3 – 2.5 cm). Relative water hardness for Horned Nerite Snails should be in the range of 6-12dH. This makes Nerite Snails a smart choice if you want to add a snail population to your tank. They can be identified by their distinct black and gold stripes running from a point at it's shells tail. The Tiger nerite snail is not very different from the Zebra nerite only that their orange color is richer. They are suitable for planted aquarium because they are small and can take care of the algae problem. Their strong shell allows them to withstand large waves. this snail has a solid, smooth shell, which is a uniform black colour. Shop all fish goldfish, betta & more online Do not reproduce and breed in the freshwater environment. The Nerite is a species of small freshwater snail that grows to just over an inch in diameter as an adult, making the Nerite snail with betta fish a perfect space companion. They do well in freshwater and brackish water. It inhabits fresh and brackish water areas and cannot reproduce in freshwater. Neritina species are also known as Nerita / Nerite Snail. translation missing: en.products.notify_form.description: Notify me when this product is available: Black Nerite Snail | Special Flat Rate Shipping from Aquarium Plants Factory®, Overnight 1-2 Days Shipping at Special Low Rates available at checkout. Horned Nerite Snails are hardy species and are able to withstand captivity fluctuations. Easy to control. Control the algae, fish food waste, and any decompose materials such as the dead body of fish, snail or dead plants. They are one of the biggest Nerite Snail, even compare to Zebra or Tiger Snail. Zebra nerites are eaceful, small and efficient, and are an excellent choice for algae control in a broad range of tanks. Because of this adaptability, the Nerite is a very popular freshwater snail. Do not feed the snails anything during this time, keep them hungry. Temperature: 71.6° - 87.8° F (22° - 28° C). This snail does not grow very large, and the coloration is brown to black. The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium 18,025 views 19:57 It comes from Neritidae family, the majority of its species are perrywinkles. 1,544 1.5K. The shell is is usually dark grey / black which helps it to camouflage and avoid predators. It can live for upwards of 4 years, so it is relatively long-lived among its relatives. Collections: Freshwater Livestock, Holiday Deals, Sale, Category: Clearance, Freshwater, Livestock, Sale, Snail, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, We offer the Highest Quality Aquarium Plants that grow with ❤️  in California. Every snail has a unique shell pattern variation and it makes them even more interesting to watch. Shop Black Friday Deals here, *Shop Early and Please Expect A Delay with Shipping Carrier Due To Holiday Season & COVID-19*, I Agree with the Terms & Conditions [View Terms]. Though it inhabits freshwater habitats as an adult, its fry require brackish or marine water to survive, so it will not proliferate in a freshwater aquarium and it is not known to have been bred commercially or otherwise. Max Size ~1" Horned Nerite Snails can grow up to 1" but are often found at a maximum size of 3/4". The opening (aperture) is thick and white, except for a black line around the outer edge. Requires very little feeding in a well-established aquarium containing algae, biofilm, or decaying plant matter. Get the best deals on Nerite Snails when you shop the largest online selection at They look like a dark piece of aged wood with repeating “grains” that work their way back across the shell. Nerita atramentosa, common name the black nerite, is a medium-sized sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Neritidae, the nerites.. They have thick black and yellow stripes, but along one stripe is a series of dark “horns”. Black Nerite Snail is commonly known as Black Racer / Racing Snail. The aperture large and semicircular. Horned Nerite Snails require pH between about 6.5 and 8. Black Racer Nerite Snails' shells are a gleaming ebony that add a sophisticated beauty to your aquarium while also serving some very useful purposes. It has rounded shell with dark orange vertical stripes (which color may vary up to light brown) and dark brown or black stripes on a to… They do well in freshwater and brackish water. Fresh from our farm! Its shell size is about 2.5 cm. Tiger nerite snail has a dark amber color with small black markings (the patterns resemble tiger stripes) that form encircling stripes. However, older or eroded individuals may be white at the peak of the shell. While most of the species inhabit seashore brackish waters, some of them live in streams and rivers. By Joe, 3 years ago on Freshwater Invertebrates. The Midnight Black Nerite Snail (Vittina jovis) is a very rare nerite species that is native to the Philippines and is known for its jet black shell that sometimes also has flecks of bright orange coloration. What do I feed nerite snails? Black Racer Nerite Snail at PetSmart. Since there are several types of Nerite Snails its not possible to describe these snails as being any one color, but the range of Nerites have colors including: nearly black, dark brown, dark green, olive green, tan, golden and reddish brown. PH range 7.5-8 Hardness:5-15 Dkh Temperature: 65-85 Life Span: 1-2 years Size: .75” Diet: Herbivore Habitat: Fully aquatic. Nerite snail can only eat dead black beard algae. There has been some confusion over the taxonomy of the genus Nerita in the Pacific region; however, Nerita atramentosa and Nerita melanotragus are now recognised as separate species (the two have often been considered to be the same species). The Diet of Nerite Snails. ... Are black racer nerite snails nocturnal. A member of the Netiradae family, the Nerite snail is hardy, roundish, and has variable markings. If it is kept in acidic water, it is more prone to experience shell erosion.
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